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Keny'essa'nuruodo, also known by his core name Nyessan, was a male Chiss officer of Royal Intelligence in the Golden Empire. On his mother's side, he was a biological member of the influential Nuruodo family; on his father's side, he was the nephew of Keny'ata'thrian, Royal Intelligence's director.

Nyessan was born on Naporar in 129 ABY, and was eight years old when the planet was attacked by the Golden Empire during the Conquest of the Chiss Ascendancy. Like many Chiss, he was raised in an environment resentful of the conquest, particularly due to the influence of his Nuruodo family members. However, his father's brother had begun a successful career in the Empire's Armada before transferring to Royal Intelligence. Nyessan's parents supported the Chiss Rebellion, and some of his cousins were killed when the Empire put down the insurrection.

After the Vagaari War, however, a minority of Chiss reassessed their opposition to the Empire. Keny'alo'rosan, Nyessan's father, gradually renewed somewhat tepid contact with his brother, who inspired the teenage Nyessan to consider a career on the Empire's behalf. After attending the High College of Government on Yin, he joined Royal Intelligence directly.

Nyessan served during the Nightmare War, and was among the analysts who prepared an intelligence profile on Killiks and the Utegetu Nebula in preparation for Eskol Kaartinen, Te`net Organi, and Chindal's mission there. By 158 ABY, Nyessan was serving aboard the Sith Star. In that year, he met and began dating the Chiss Centurion Vos'elk'eetash.

Nyessan and Selkee got along well, and found they shared similar personal and professional goals. In late 159 ABY, Nyessan returned to Naporar to seek his family's permission to marry Selkee. The Nuruodo were uneasy with the match, given Selkee's closeness and obvious loyalty to the Empire, but finally conceded. Keny'ata'thrian was able to secure his nephew a brief audience with Rin Sakaros, who also consented to the union. Nyessan and Selkee took a cruise for the 160 ABY New Year Fete, and Selkee accepted his marriage proposal.

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