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Kenteric Adari was a Jedi Guardian who fought during the Mandalorian Wars during the era of the Old Republic, where he followed the up and coming Jedi Knight Revan into battle against the marauding Mandalorian clans along with many other Jedi, a group many would refer to as the Revanchists. completing his trials a few short years ago, he was swayed by the words of Revan, and he too swayed his own Padawan into following them in their fights against the Mandalorians. Both he and his Padawan were present during the final battle, where they witnessed the defeat of Mandalore the Ultimate at the hands of Revan. He and his Padawan would follow Revan and his friend Malak during their investigations into the Sith influence on the Mandalorians that had caused the war in the first place. While they did not accompany them to Lehon, when Revan and Malak returned as Dark Lords of the Sith, they pledged their allegiances to them and were taken in as Dark Jedi.

During the course of the conflict, known as both the Jedi Civil War and the Old Sith War, they would fight against the Republic they had once strived to protect and the order they had once served. While Kenteric felt uneasy many times about this utter betrayal of his old beliefs, he saw his apprentice, Deng Felian, fully embrace the Dark side of the Force, a fact which concerned him greatly. After the final confrontation, Kenteric redeemed himself by turning on his Sith compatriots and saving a squadron of Republic soldiers being led by a young Padawan whose master had been killed during the Attack on Dantooine. He attempted to return his apprentice back to the Light, but realized that he was too far gone, embracing the Dark side to the point where he named himself a Dark Lord of the Sith. Adari had no choice but to engage his former Padawan, and after a lengthy duel, struck him down, an event which would influence many of his decisions later on in his career and life as a Jedi.

After the war and his return to the Light, Kenteric would refuse to take on another Padawan, seeing it as his fault for his former student's fall to the Dark side. He did however, use his experiences to warn others of the temptations of the Dark Side and the dangers it possessed. He would later sire several children, but never marry as per the Jedi's restriction on marriage. It is because of these children that he is related to later Jedi Knights, Dolvanal Adari, a Jedi Guardian who fought in the Great Galactic War and later during the Cold War, and Ruto Adari, a Jedi Knight who fought during the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War.

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