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Kent Star was a Human Jedi Master born in 3,699 BBY on Coruscant and taken to the Jedi Temple within a year of being born. Eleven years later, Karbacca selected Kent to be his apprentice. Although Kent could not speak Shyriiwook, his master could understand and write in Basic as well as communicate telepathically. He eventually learned Shyriiwook as well as the other skills of the Jedi, working as a master-apprentice team for seven years. Then, when Star was eighteen years old—in 3,681 BBY—the Sith Empire attacked the Republic, starting the Great Galactic War.

Due to the need for new Jedi and Karbacca's assurance that he was ready enough, Kent was promoted to Jedi Knight. He and his master fought together in the war on the front lines until 3,661 BBY, when Kent found a youngling whom he wanted to train: the female Nautolan Ne-Rei Dis. He took her as his apprentice and left his master to train her. While they both missed each other, they both accepted it was for the best.

He trained Ne-Rei for seven years, and when she was nineteen, Star believed she was ready. With no sight of the end of the war near, the Council knighted her due to the continuous need for Jedi, Star's belief and the fact that they also considered her skilled. With her knighting, he attained the rank of Jedi Master. He fought alone for one year, but in 3,653 BBY, the Sith attacked Coruscant. He fought the Sith in the Jedi Temple and was trapped inside a collapsed room. He was able to cut his way out but came across a Sith while making his way towards the exit. The pair fought each other, and though he was able to cut off his opponent's leg, Star was killed.


Early lifeEdit

Baby luke

Kent Star is taken to the Jedi temple as a baby.

Kent Star was born on Coruscant in 3,699 BBY. He was identified as being Force-sensitive within the first few months of his life and was taken to the Jedi Temple before he was even one year old. He trained there as a Jedi youngling until he was eleven years old. In 3,688 BBY he was taken to be the apprentice of the Wookiee Jedi Karbacca.

At first Kent was concerned, because he did not speak the Wookiee language, Shyriiwook, but his master understood and could write Basic and could communicate telepathically. His master taught him Shyriiwook as well as the other Jedi skills and Kent was able to understand it by the time he was knighted. In 3,681 BBY, seven years after he was taken as an apprentice, the Sith Empire attacked the Republic. Due to the sudden need for new Jedi to help lead the armies, and because Karbacca vouched for his apprentice, the Jedi Council knighted him.

Great Galactic War and Jedi MasterEdit

Ne-Rei is almost a perfect Jedi. If I had to pick her greatest flaw, it would be that she is perhaps a bit too eager to learn the powers of the Force, but that is hardly a great flaw.
—Kent Star
Nautolan Sith2

Ne-Rei Dis, Kent Star's apprentice.

Even though they were no longer master and apprentice, Kent and Karbacca continued to serve together. They fought on the front lines against the Sith Empire in battle after battle, leading the Republic soldiers. The engaged in conflict in the Outer Rim Territories for twenty years, until 3,661 BBY. Then, Kent Star found a youngling he would take as an apprentice: the female Nautolan Ne-Rei Dis.

They trained together for seven years, developing a father-daughter relationship. He thought of her as the ideal Jedi, almost perfect. She was knighted in 3,654 BBY, at only nineteen, due to three factors: the continual need for more Jedi in the war, Kent Star's word that she was ready and the fact that the Jedi council were impressed by her skills. Kent claimed it was because of her advanced skills, but she claimed it was due to his teaching skills. He was granted the title Jedi Master as well, then they separated to go their own ways in the war, intending to meet each other again soon, but they would never see each other again.


Now you will die Jedi, here at your home ground, which we have now taken. The Sith will rule the galaxy!
Darth Vesanus as Kent dies.

The Sith attack the Jedi temple.

In the first months of 3,653 BBY Kent received news that Atok Mar, a revered Jedi and master of Karbacca, had died. Saddened, he knew his master would be devastated and planned to visit the Wookiee. However, he returned to the Jedi Temple first, and was staying there temporarily when the Sith Empire attacked Coruscant. A group of Sith sacked the Jedi temple. Kent survived the slaughter, partly due to the fact that he had been stuck in a collapsed room until he could use his lightsaber to cut a way out. As he attempted to escape, he came across a young Sith. The pair dueled, and the Sith was able to knock Kent's lightsaber away before stabbing the Jedi. As the Sith walked away, Kent used his last strength to use Saber throw to cut the Sith's leg off.


Kent Star's body was recovered by the Jedi and burned in the traditional way. He was missed, especially by his master and his apprentice. His death brought Karbacca even closer to the Force, but it drove Ne-Rei almost immediately to the dark side and would be a key factor in her eventual fall.

He was remembered as a Jedi Master among the many who died during the Great Galactic War, and though he would never become a Jedi known by all, his name was still recorded in the Jedi archives.

Personality and traitsEdit

Kent Star was considered humble, caring and a follower of the Jedi ways. While he was not considered exceptionally skilled at anything, he was well average in almost everything and was considered a well rounded Jedi, able to take on any basic mission. He was always willing to help others, due greatly to his master who valued compassion and other virtues highly.

He attempted to impart these same things on, not only his apprentice, but on every Jedi youngling and Padawan. He found it hard to train Ne-Rei because he, like many Jedi, attempted to train like his master, and only realized how to train as himself when his apprentice passed the trails. He wanted to take a second apprentice after a short break, but he did not live to do so.

He wore while and brown ceremonial robes, as the representation of his light intentions and ways.





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Karbacca was Kent Star's Jedi Master. He was a well known Jedi of the time, and was liked by all. Kent was nervous when he found out that his Master was to be a Wookiee, as he could not speak Shyriiwook, but Karbacca could understand and write Basic. Also, Kent learned that his Master could speak telepathically to him, and that he could answer the same way. His Master taught him Shyriiwook, along with his other Jedi skills, though the language was the one of the few things he did not teach Ne-Rei Dis, purely because he did not view it as important to her own training. After Kent left Karbacca to train Ne-Rei, he never saw him again. Although he had planned to see him after the death of Karbacca's Master, the sacking of Coruscant prevented them from ever seeing each other again.

Ne-Rei DisEdit

Nautolan Sith

Ne-Rei Dis.

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Ne-Rei Dis was the apprentice of Kent Star. Even though she was a Nautolan, they developed a father-daughter relationship, rubbing against the boundaries of the Jedi code. He tried to teach like Karbacca taught, as did many Jedi with their first Padawans. It was further complicated because Ne-Rei was an advanced student, so much so that Kent considered her the greatest Jedi of her age. He only really understood how to be himself as a teacher when he was approached by the Jedi Council, asking if she was ready to take her trials. He had full confidence in her, and said she was. Due to that, the need for more Jedi in the war, and because she had impressed the Council she was Knighted at only nineteen. After she was thus elevated, she and Kent went their separate ways. Although he planned to see her again, and intended to take another apprentice, he was not able to, as he died the next year during the Sacking of Coruscant. His death brought Ne-Rei to the dark side almost immediately and it was a key factor in her eventual fall.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Kent Star had the average abilities of a Jedi. He could use the Force to enhance his physical abilities such as leaping, strength, and endurance. He also used telekinesis often, employing Force push and Jedi mind trick on missions as well. He also developed the ability to throw his lightsaber and use the Force to keep it running.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kent Star was created by SavageOpress1138 as a Jedi for Darth Vesanus to kill. He later expanded the Jedi to be Darth Nereis' master. Even later, he decided that Karbacca would be Kent's master, helping to tie up loose ends.

Kent Star's name was derived from the names Kento and Starkiller. Kento Marek was the source for Kent's given name and Starkiller was the source of his last name, both characters appeared in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. He is physically portrayed by Starkiller.