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The Kendov do'Iilah, Echani for "Warriors of the Moon", was the primary religious order of the Echani Covenant. A female-exclusive order of Force wielding warriors, an initiate of the Kendov do'Iilah was known as an Enchantress.

Once considered to be the spiritual center for the Echani people, the influence of the Kendov do'Iilah waned significantly by the wars waged by Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma. Following the outbreak of the Mandalorian Wars, the Kendov do'Iilah nearly saw its extinction as the monasteries and Enchantresses were annihilated by the Mandalorians during the Bombardment of Eshan. Following the turmoil caused by the death of the legendary Echani High Protector-turned-senator, Eli Yusanis, the Kendov do'Iilah collapsed entirely.

In the thousands of years that followed, the Kendov do'Iilah were reconstituted in 430 ABY and served as part of the Font of Divinity, the spiritual branch of the Echani Covenant's governmental branch. In addition to being the Echani people's spiritual center concerning their values in relation with the Force, the Kendov do'Iilah also served as preservers of the Echani's spiritual heritage and identity, and served as a protection against spiritual corruption.

Such responsibilities became instituted after the reunification of the Echani and the Thyrsians, the latter of whom's spiritual beliefs had once been twisted by the Sith, and resulted in the Thyrsian Sun Guards transformation into a Sith cult.

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