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I couldn't have wished for a better master. Wise, powerful and above all, kind-hearted
Doryn Kol

Kendari was a legendary Jedi Master who served the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars and other wars against the Trade Federation. He died in 11 BBY at the hands of his infamous rival, Darth Aggath.


Early life

Young, you certainly are my Padawan. But powerful, you will become, by my guidance.
—Master Yoda
Kendari was born on Alderaan to a poor family. He was discovered by Yoda who took him as his Jedi apprentice. He was trained by Yoda for several years until his ascendance to Jedi Knight. Kendari became a legendary Jedi warrior in the years that followed

Jedi Knight Kendari


Kendari had a long and aspiring career. In the prime of his life, Kendari achieved the rank of Jedi Master, earning him a place on the Jedi High Council. He discovered a young Togruta named Doryn Kol on Raxus Prime and quickly sensed that he was quite strong in the Force. He took the young Togruta as his Padawan and groomed him to be a Jedi Knight.

While scouting for Dark Jedi rogues on Tatooine, Master Kendari and his padawan encounter Darth Aggath, an extremely powerful and dangerous Sith Lord, who is supposed to have died 4,000 years ago. Doryn and Kendari engage in a duel but are defeated as Aggath makes his escape. Kendari spents the rest of his life trying to hunt down Aggath and bring him to justice, without any success.


Following the destruction of the Jedi Order and the Republic, Kendari spents the last moments of his life in finding Aggath and eventually, against his wishes, destroy him. Kendari was never able to do that, as he his eventually killed by his old rival.

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