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Kelas Kair was a planet located far beyond the Outer Rim Territories, deep into the Unknown Regions. Large temples, erected by the Sith, dotted the landscape, raising above the mist filled swamps and jungles that made up the geography of this relatively unknown planet. The planet was first colonized by the Rataka of the Infinite Empire, who using their advanced technology quickly subjugated the primitive beasts and wildlife of the planet. Using the slave labor of the creatures, the Infinite Empire constructed a large factory, known as the Star Temple, that fueled itself from the energy of the planet using the same technology integrated into the Star Forge, into a large crater in the surface of the planet that had been created after a particular deadly meteor storm. However, shortly after the completion of the factory, the Rataka lost their hold over the planet, as they could not tame the beasts and people of the planet, even with the use of their technology.

Several centuries after the fall of the Infinite Empire, the Sith arrived on Kelas Kair. The ancient Sith built large stone temples across the landscape to show their power, prestige, and right to rule over the planet. Around that time, the leader of the Sith named Zera Mallaron, began a crusade to unite the Sith on Kelas Kair under her rule. Eventually, after much bloodshed and death, this was accomplished, and Zera began to rebuild the shattered infrastructure of the planet. After the war and rebuilding was completed, Zera began to make plans to expand her rule to other neighboring planets. But before her plans could be enacted, she passed away, and a second civil war was fought to determine her successor. Shalek Dracus

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