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Kegei was a Keaarglr language. While it originally literally referred to the inhabitants of the Kego region, it expanded to become a collective term for all separate Keaarglrei languages and dialects. To most Basic speakers, it sounded like monkey-like chattering, growls, and brays.

List of Common Kegei WordsEdit

  • Aanoa - prey animal
  • -al - plural modifier
  • Aneea - predatory animal
  • Breeak - dirquwn tree
  • Brookoa - qunmunol tree
  • -ei - suffix indicating one that is of
  • Eniameneine - any native of Eniam, especially of the Drijoken, Keaarglr, or Eniamo species.
  • Gaeekleea - war
  • Gakrraw - battle
  • Grrrowo - sign of annoyance
  • Grrrawlee - scuffle
  • Ooila - collective term for tree
  • Rrreeak - exclamation indicating surprise

Notable non-native speakers of KegeiEdit


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