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I heard you only have two choices in the Force. Light or dark. I'm here to give you a third.
—Kavor Cavus

Kavor Cavus was a Human male Dark Jedi that founded the Cavus Conclave, deticated to the pursuit of utilizing the Force to its full potential, until he was killed in 207 BBY by a Jedi force tasked to bringing him to justice for killing numerous Jedi in the years preceding his work as the Conclave's first leader in 221 BBY. After his death, his adopted son, Hator Cavus, took over the Conclave to continue pursuing his dreams of a non-aligned Force movement. Kavor was best remembered for his ability to survive numberous ambushes set up by the Jedi, and his work on Bonadan rescuing and protection Force-sensistive orphans in danger of being used to help the ganglord in the planet's slums.

Though he ruled the Conclave for but a few short years, his legacy as father figure and protector of orphans forever colored the Conclave's views. While he was killed by the Jedi on Hesperus, his actions saved the Conclave from imminent destruction, and allowed it to grow to become a major Force-sensitive organization unaligned to either side of the Force, which it viewed as a single entity unaffilated with the light or dark side. His teachings would later become the inspiration of the Conclave to destroy the Jedi and the Sith, and "purify" the Force of their teachings.


Early life

Little of Kavor Cavus' early life was known to those who knew him best. Many believe he was born on Corellia in 258 BBY, but little else except those details was known. What was known was that Kavor was an orphan, discovered by the Jedi Order aboard a refugee shuttle from the Corellia sector to Coruscant, leading many of the Jedi to believe his parents were killed or simply abandoned him during transit. Why remained unknown, but the Jedi discovered a Force-sensitive child, an per their own traditions, took him in to train him as a Jedi. As a young boy, Kavor was keenly interested in learning more of the mysteries of the Force, and why the Jedi were so eager to prevent others of dabbling in the darker paths its provided.

His interest did not go unnoticed, and many times was he instructed by his master to avoid falling to the dark side, something Kavor took as an insult to his intelligence and ability to choose his own destiny. Kavor secretly studied the dark side of the force, though not to the point of falling to its promises of power and personal gain. To Kavor, there was no light or dark side to the force, by a single entity define by two groups in different lights, both of which kavor believed to be simply to manipulate the opinions of others. In 238 BBY, Kavor was knighted by the Jedi Order after completing his trials, though his declined the opprotunity to take an apprentice of his own, seeking to further his knowledge in the ways of the Force.

Enemy of the Jedi

As he scoured the galaxy for Sith holocrons and Jedi artifacts, it didn't take long for the Jedi to notice his strange behavior and increasingly aggressive actions. He refused to cease his studying of the dark side, and refused to acknowledge the fact that he was drawing closer and closer to the dark side. In 236 BBY, things finally came to a head when three of his fellow Jedi concluded that Kavor was losing his way, and attempted to bring him in to the Jedi Council to face charges of having fallen to the dark side. While studying a number of artifacts on Taanab, Kavor was cornered by the trio of Jedi, and ordered to surrender himself to them. As was his habit, he reacted aggressively, and when the group saw that he would not cooperate, fighting broke out. Being the better skilled swordsman, Kavor killed his fellow Jedi, and knowing the punishment for the murders, he fled the planet, stealing a small ship and killing a number of civilians that got in his way.

Once in orbit, Kaor fled to Telos where he sought to hide out for a while. For two years the Jedi relentlessly searched the galaxy for him, immediately tracking him down to Telos and sending a task force to find him and bring him to Coruscant to face justice. He was pinned down in a hanger bay where his ship was located, and the force of seven Jedi knights attempted to make their move to capture him. However, Kavor faked his death by falling out of the bay, and appearently to his death. He quickly grabbed hold of a maintainance shaft, and climbed in while the Jedi scoured the surface for his body. Wasting no time, Kavor stole yet another ship, and fled as far away from the core as he could, landing on Bonadan in 234 BBY.

Papa Kavor

As far away from "civilized" life as he could get, Kavor took up residence in the slums of Bonadan. Fighting off gangs simply to survive, Kavor found no solstice in his new home, unable to continue the research of the force he so longed for, and surrounded by savages as far as he was concerned. However, one faithful evening, Kavor witnessed a fight between numerous thugs and a small boy trying to fend for his life. Rushing out to save the little boy, Kavor killed the thugs and rescued the child. Sensing the Force in the child, Kavor asked the boy his name. When the boy stated he had no name, and that his mother having been killed long ago, he himself almost kidnapped by the thugs to pay off a debt, Kavor decided to adopt the boy, and named him Hatar.

Kavor soon came to realise that there were a number of Force-sensitive orphans on Bonadan, and made it his new goal to rescue these children from the hard life outside, and give them a new life with him. In 227 BBY, Kavor scrapped together enough credits to build a small orphanage for Force-sensitive children. There, he trained them in the ways of the Force, and even trained them how to use swords since they had no access to lightsabers like himself. Over the years, Kavor discovered forty-seven orphans with the Force, and had been known to them affectionately as "Papa Kavor". By 222 BBY, Kavor's new home would be tracked down once again by the Jedi.

Escaping Bonadan

Kavor Cavus: Why can't you just leave me alone?
Master Y'lith: Because your a murderer!


It appears...I'm not as I thought I was.
—Kavor's last words to Hatar


Nephthys: You gave your time, your energy, and your life for us. Children living in the slums. Why?
Kavor Cavus: Becuase I never wanted you to feel the pain and loniness I did at your age then. No child deserves that.

Following his death, Kavor's actions in launching the Jedi vessel into deep space so as to prevent the Jedi Order from tracking the ship back to Hesperus, saved the entire Conclave from attracting the attention of the organization. Though it cost him his life, Kavor saved the people whom he viewed as his children, and expressed his joy and relief that his action was a success. The Conclave gave him a proper funeral, and saved his remains, transforming them into holy objects used to carry out the organization's religious ceremonies. To the Conclave, Kavor never died, and of that belief is true. Kavor's force ghost appeared to any member of the order needing guidance during times of distress, and he would never abandon those whom he deemed crucial to the survival of the conclave.

Personality and traits

My children, my children. Whatever will I do?
—Kavor Cavus

Kavor's personality was shaped by his wishes to protect those whom he viewed as himself, and his desire to avoid the long-lasting dispute of the light side versus the dark side, which led to many conflicts. As an orphan, Kavor knew what it was like to be abandoned, and did not wish to see others abandoned as well. This was the main motivating factor that led to his desire to adopt the Force-sensitive children he found on Bonadan. Called "Papa Kavor" by the members of the Conclave, Kavor was a fatherly figure, wishing to be the father he never knew, and show those without a friend that some good could be found in others. He was reliable and dependable, but not without reproach.

In his youth, Kavor was quick to anger and offensive, often finding reasons to start a fight with others due to his difficulty in understanding the reason why they said certain things. He was overprotective of his studying of the dark side of the force, and when he was ultimately called upon to answer for his deeds, reacted violently, killed three of his fellow Jedi in 236 BBY. As he grew older, he soon began to view things in a different light, understanding the effect the dark side had on him. Wishing to never return to that state again, Kavor abandoned his attempts to take a hold of the dark side in all its forms, and focus on attaining knowledge of that which was easily understandable and controllable.

Often a lucky man, having escaped three seperate Jedi encounters and overwhelming odds when fighting gangs, Kavor was often aloof to danger, and took risks regularly. This ultimately resulted in his death, when his luck finally ran out as he was killed by an explosion triggered to kill a Jedi master and the autopilot on the Jedi ship. In the end, one could say that he was bi-polar, though others may have simply viewed that he was just erratic, and didn't react well under intense pressure from those whom he trusted. Regardless, while this did not excuse his actions in killing old friends and innocent civilians, Kavor always sought to pull through a matter whenever possible, and remedy any situation he found himself in.

Skills and abilities


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