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Kavez Massass was a planet of jungles and forests located in the Unknown Regions, a member system of the Golden Empire and the neighbor of Queen's Garden. The entire planet was a gift from Queen Rin Sakaros to her Massassi warriors.


Kavez Massass was a heavily forested world. Parts of the planet were warmer and tropical, producing jungles and rain forests, while others were more temperate, with deciduous forests. Open plains on the planet were rare, though they did exist. A few oceans divided the large continents of the world, which were further fractured by a number of major rivers.

Though mountains existed on Kavez Massass, the only major range was at the south pole of the planet. Consuming close to five percent of the planet's entire surface, it gave birth to two rivers, running north on opposite sides of the planet.

Society and culture

Kavez Massass's only sentient occupants were the Massassi, who built an oligarchic society for themselves, with Massassi who had military experience holding senior leadership positions. As with all systems in the Golden Empire, the Massassi elected one of their number to serve as Tribune to the Queen. Rin herself also appointed a Consul to govern the world on her behalf.

Despite being masters of their own world, the Massassi retained their belief in the divinity of the Sith, and thus considered both Rin and her brother Tariun divine. They were one of the many traditions that collectively made up the Cult of Rin, and built a temple on Kavez Massass to honor their patroness.

Kavez Massass was the sole basic training site for members of the seventeen Massassi Cohorts of the Royal Army. It was also one of three worlds under Royal travel restrictions, along with Queen's Garden and Quadia; aside from Massassi, only those with the personal permission of the Sovereign could visit the world.

The Massassi were led by a Consul appointed by the Sovereign, though the Consul was always himself a Massassi.


The history of Kavez Massass, like the entire Kartok system, was mostly unknown and theoretical based on geological evidence; it was completely unoccupied by sentient species until the arrival of explorers from the Golden Empire in 98 ABY. Though Rin Sakaros noted the existence of the system, she was unable to enact any long-term plans for it, as the Empire went to war with the Tetrarchy of Mezlagob less than two years later. The conquest of the Tetrarchy and the ensuing reorganization of its systems into Royal member worlds consumed much of the leadership's focus, and the Massassi soldiers that had long been the backbone of the Armada were needed to train a wealth of new species in service to the Empire.

However, after a first generation of new enlisted and officers had been trained and served for a few years, Rin sought a way to reward the unwavering fidelity of her Massassi soldiers, and began to look anew at the uninhabited systems she had discovered. Returning to what would become the Kartok system, she offered the stunned Massassi either of the system's terrestrial planets as a homeworld in 116 ABY. Though they tried to protest, Rin was immovable, and at length the Massassi selected the more jungle-like world as their own. It was renamed "Kavez Massass", which meant "world of the Massassi" in the Massassi language.

The Massassi built stone and steel cities in the jungles and forests of their new planet, and began to rebuild a stable society for themselves. However, they did not forget the debt they felt was owed to Rin, and Massassi children were encouraged to serve in the Armada upon reaching maturity. Enlisted and officer training facilities for the seventeen Massassi Cohorts were located on Kavez Massass.

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