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The Jedi Order will continue forever. Why do I think that? Because I believe Jedi like Karbacca will always appear.
—Kent Star

Karbacca was a Wookiee Jedi Master born in 3,714 BBY. At the age of two years, he was identified as Force-sensitive and taken by the Jedi for training. He trained for ten years before being apprenticed to Jedi Master Atok Mar. The pair trained for nine years with Karbacca being knighted when he was twenty-one. He helped out at the Temple and went on the occasional mission for five years until he took Kent Star as his apprentice. They trained together for seven years. When Kent was nineteen, the Great Galactic War broke out and he was knighted. He and Karbacca continued to work together for twenty years, but in 3,671 BBY, Kent took Ne-Rei Dis as an apprentice. Karbacca continued to fight the Sith Empire but worked alone from then on.

Karbacca was devastated to hear that his master, Atok Mar, had been killed by Sith forces in 3,653 BBY but was even more horrified when, later in that year, the Sith Empire led by Darth Malgus sacked Coruscant and destroyed the Jedi Temple. Even worse, his apprentice, Kent Star, was among the dead from the assault. Karbacca, along with the rest of the Jedi, returned to Tython, where he stayed for just under fifteen years until the Jedi and Republic forces were successful in destroying the Sith Empire.

He was once again saddened to hear that Kent's apprentice, Ne-Rei, was lost and presumed dead. Yet, he did not let these events affect him and began taking missions again, continuing in his old fashion for five years. Then, in 3,633 BBY, he was sent on a mission to help monks on Tatooine. There, he was attacked and killed during a duel with Darth Ximus, though he himself did not know the identity of his attacker. His spirit was present during Ximus' death sixteen years later on Korriban.


Early lifeEdit

Karbacca was born in 3,714 BBY on Kashyyyk. At age two, he was taken to the Jedi Temple to be trained, learning at an average pace. At first, he thought it might be a challenge to communicate, after a while he could understand and write Basic but could only speak Shyriiwook because of his species' vocal structure. Most of the Jedi understood the language to some extent, though, and it proved to be only a minor problem. When he was twelve, he was taken as a Padawan learner to Atok Mar, in part because the man could understand Shyriiwook fluently. He trained with his master for many years, going on many missions. In 3,693 BBY, Karbacca passed the trials and became a Jedi Knight.

Jedi Master and Great Galactic WarEdit


Karbacca during the Great Galactic War.

Karbacca stayed mostly at the Jedi Temple for the next five years, occasionally going on missions before taking Kent Star as his apprentice, going on many missions with him. At first, Karbacca tried to imitate his master's style of teaching, but after three or four missions, he began to realize that he had to be himself. He started to understand why there was a separate process for becoming a Jedi Master if they chose that path, for knights still had much to learn.

They worked as a master-apprentice team for seven years until the Sith empire attacked, catching the Republic off-guard. Kent was knighted, but the Human and Wookiee still worked as a team on missions. They fought side-by-side against their enemies for twenty years, when Kent finally found a youngling he wanted to take as an apprentice: Ne-Rei Dis, a female Nautolan. Even thought Karbacca was sad to leave his apprentice behind, he knew that this sacrifice was part of the Jedi way.

For eight more years, Karbacca continued to fight the Sith alone. He devoted as much effort as he had before, but it proved to be futile. In 3,653 BBY, Karbacca received word that his master, Atok Mar, had been killed in combat. Karbacca was grief-stricken, but he was once more devastated when he heard of the Sacking of Coruscant. Matters were made worse for him when he discovered that his apprentice was one of the Jedi that had been killed.

Karbacca went with the rest of the Jedi to Tython and remained there for almost fifteen years. After the Jedi and Republic forces destroyed the Sith empire, Karbacca returned to his old life as a Jedi. He was much sadder, however, for he had lost his master and apprentice during the war, and Kent's apprentice, Ne-Rei Dis, had also been lost and presumed dead during one of the final battles.



Karbacca duels the Sith

In 3,633 BBY, Karbacca traveled to Tatooine to help some monks solve a dispute between two moisture farmers. The first farmer claimed the second had stolen goods from him, but the he had denied it. Karbacca used the Force to sense that the first man's claim was the truth, successfully completed the mission, but the monks insisted that he stay the night.

While he was at the monks' monastery, an unknown Human Sith attacked him. He tried to redeem the Sith and gave him a chance to surrender, but the latter did not give in, and the two fought. They dueled inside the monastery, on the roof, and outside in the sand, but Karbacca could not win. He began to tire as the morning came. With a heavy blow, the Sith knocked his lightsaber away. As Karbacca lay disarmed, the Sith used the dark side of the Force to collapse the monastery on the Wookiee, killing him.


Karbacca's death would come as a great shock to the Jedi. His body would be recovered, though crushed and with few undamaged bones, and he would be cremated. Many Jedi Knights remembered the times they'd talked with the Wookiee, and many youngling's were sad that their big friend was gone.

Karbacca's spirit was present at the death of his killer. He was said to have been seen nodding in agreement with the Sith's death.

Personality and traitsEdit

Karbacca, like many of his species, had a light side and a dark side. For the most part, he stayed away from his dark side, following the Jedi code and living the life of a Jedi. He was considered kind, understanding, and a good person to talk to if you had problems. While he was living at the Jedi Temple as a Jedi Knight, many younglings were told to ask Karbacca for advice, help, or even if they just wanted someone to talk too. The Wookiee Jedi was always ready to talk, but more importantly, to listen. Even though he only spoke Shiriwook, Karbacca understood Basic and could either talk telepathically or could write in Basic to communicate to non-Shiriwook speakers. Many Jedi understood some Shiriwook anyway, though, and he could then speak personally to them.

Occasionally, his darker side would show. This only happened at times of great stress or pain for Karbacca, such as when he learned of his master's death. When this happened, he became violent, dangerous, and irrational. As soon as he began to regain control, he would calm himself down and feel even more pain for what he had done. As time went on, Karbacca was able to control this more and would rarely go into a mindless frenzy.


Atok MarEdit

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Atok Mar

Atok Mar was Karbacca's master. They worked together better than many master-apprentice teams and rarely had large arguments. Seeing how many teams did not have the luxury of a "perfect pair," Karbacca appreciated his master all the more. Although against the Jedi Code, they shared a bond of trust, friendship, and even a father-son love. Although the Wookiee grew to tower over the Human, he would look up to his master for the rest of his life. When Karbacca heard that his master had been killed, he almost fell to the dark side in sadness and rage, but regained control only by thinking about what his master would have wanted.

Kent StarEdit

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Kent Star

Kent Star was Karbacca's only apprentice. At first, Karbacca believed that he and Kent should be the same master-apprentice team as he and Atok had been before beginning to discover that this was entirely wrong, and that he had to let himself be the master and Kent be the apprentice. As straightforward as he knew it sounded, he believed it was easier said than done. As they trained, they were able to find out who and what they were and began to form a bond similar to that of Karbacca and Atok, but with Karbacca as the father figure and Kent as the son. Even after Kent became a Jedi Knight, they worked together against the Sith empire, fighting side-by-side for years. Though sad to leave his apprentice behind, Karbacca was also happy when Kent took Ne-Rei Dis as his apprentice, ensuring that his master's knowledge would continue to be passed on. He was grief-stricken when he heard of Kent's death, and the pain was all the worse because of the sacking of Coruscant.

Ne-Rei DisEdit

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Ne-Rei Dis

Ne-Rei Dis was Kent Star's apprentice. She and Karbacca met only once or twice, but he thought of her as a "granddaughter" nonetheless. He heard much about her talents and skills from Kent, and he believed she would one day make a great Jedi. He was sad when he heard that she was lost and presumed dead during the battles when the Jedi and Republic destroyed the Sith empire. He never learned that she had, in fact, turned to the dark side and left with the same Sith that had killed both his master and apprentice.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Karbacca was not among the most powerful Jedi. His lightsaber skills were above average, though not enough to be considered great. He could use the Force to push, pull, grip, persuade, as well as empower his body to leap higher, be stronger, and other such abilities. Rather than for physical abilities, he was known among the Jedi because they considered him one of the wisest of the Order at the time.

Behind the scenesEdit

Karbacca was created by SavageOpress1138 to be the first Jedi killed by Darth Ximus. Later, he decided to make him the apprentice and master of two Jedi killed by Darth Vesanus, helping Savage tie up loose ends.