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Golden Age of the Republic

Kanil Gula was a female Rodian bounty hunter and affiliate of the Dark Moon syndicate during the first few incidents of the Seswenna Security Crisis. Along with siblings, Baula and Ullin Gula, the trio were members of the Bounty Hunter's Guild. They were hired by Avar Zranik, the CEO of Eriadu Interstellar Enterprises, to abduct Senator Hanik Regueny and financier Catiene Gallien from Qina. A firefight ensued between the bounty hunters and Governmental Investigative Network agents, led by Evening Delwynn. The bounty hunters escaped with Regueny to Eriadu, where Regueny was found dead. Later, the trio ambushed Delwynn and her team aboard the Mally, while attempting to transfer custody of Gallien to Eloban Slorfit on Thyferra. All three Rodians were killed in the firefight.


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