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Kando Dralshy'a was born on Althir during the Mandalorian Wars. The Sith attacked his home and killed his parents when he was young, and he had to fend for himself. He would come to join the Mandalorian Avengers, and Clan Ordo.


Early life

Kando Dralshy'a was born on the Mandalorian world of Althir in 3,966 BBY. He was raised in a small farming community by his parents, Falyn and Tunner Dralshy'a. His father, Tunner, taught him how to fight, and how to work at a young age. The planet of Althir was out of the way of the Mandalorian Wars although many Mandalorians from Althir joined the cause, Tunner wasn't going to leave his wife and son. Kando was raised on Althir until he was seven, which was the outbreak of the Jedi Civil War. Trying to provoke the Republic and the Jedi into acting, the Sith attacked Althir in their way into the Core Systems. The trick didn't work however, since the Republic dispised the Mandalorians.

The Sith bombed several areas of the planet, including the farm community where Tunner and his family lived. Their home was destroyed, resulting in the death of Tunner, and Falyn. Kando rushed to the garage, and took the landspeeder to the nearest settlement. There he found the remains of the town, and a man, Redik Theda, greiving over the Sith's attack. Redik took Kando in, and they fled to Mandalore with no other choice under scrutiny from the Sith.

On Mandalore, Redik rebuilt what life he had left, and taught Kando his trade. Redik made his life by fixing machinery of all types, and passed it on to Kando. However, he didn't take to it as Redik had hoped. Kando would tamper with a lot of machines, resulting in their demise either by explosion or shorting out. He instantly took a liking to demolition work, even at a young age. Redik had his hands full with raising Kando, but they made a fair life for themselves.

Military career

When Kando turned eighteen, he decided that he didn't want to stay in one place, especially with Redik. Tension had grown between them, and they grew apart. Finally, Kando left Redik and joined what was the start of a Mandalorian Militry movement. They had become accused of 'war crimes' of late, and the Mandalorian needed to combat what Republic forces were sent after them.

He was assigned to a Lieutenant by the name of Hark'rn and tasked with scouting the near-by systems for Republic forces. After several months, they found a listening post in the Outer Rim, and they reported back to their Commander. He ordered them to destroy the post, and return to Mandalorian space. Hark'rn ordered his ship to enter the system, and prepare for a drop. He took his platoon, which Kando was assigned to, and went to the planet surface.

There, they made their way to the listening post, and decided to infiltrate it. Kando disagreed, saying they could just plant a bomb on the reactor, and destroy the whole station in one move, instead of searching the entire base. Hark'rn agreed, and they stormed the reactors. Once there, Kando demonstrated his potential, and set a few charges on the fragile reactors.

The Mandalorians fell back under fire, and destroyed the base from a safe distance. Kando was congratulated, and they returned to the cruiser. With the mission completed, the Mandalorians returned to the sector. The demolition prowess was recognized by Kando's superiors, and his future missions were based on that skill.

I'm not to fond of shooting. My preference is blowing crap up. Little bang bangs never match up to that sweet sound.
—Kando on his likes

He stayed in the military completing many vital missions for the Mandalorian Military, but on mission went awry, leading to his desertion. A Mando by the name of Drask Fahar accompanied him to a mission of destroying a Republic Cruiser invading nearby systems to the Mandalorians. On the ship was Kando, Drask, his brother, and three other Mandos. The mission ended with Drask's brother giving his life to get Kando and the others out. Drask blamed Kando, for he was leading the mission. After the mission ended, the two engaged in a heated conversation which led to a bloody fight.

Kando never showed it, but he did partially blame himself for Drask's brother's death. Consumed by shame Kando left Mandalore, and entered a life of mercenary work.

Life as a mercenary

Kando went to various planets such as Nar Shaddaa, Bespin, and Corellia on his travels. His first destination was Corellia where he worked for an anonymous employer. He did work for them for almost a year, and began to find seedy information about them- info they didn't want him to see. His contacts helped him with this, and eventually, Kando was hunted and captured by his previous employer. They tortured him, but when they let their guard down, Kando overpowered his captors, and escaped. With destruction as a fetish, he couldn't resist destroying their base of operations. he planted a bomb within their headquarters, and fled. It was not recorded whether or not his employer was killed, but he did not stay to find out.

Needing to start fresh, Kando embarked to Nar Shaddaa, where did work for the remnants of the Exchange for over a year. He was tasked with guarding the officials of the Exchange and any of their assets that might have been threatened. For the longest time, Kando did not get to exercise his favorite skill, and became bored of regular mercenary work. No longer interested with the Exchange, Kando left Nar Shaddaa, and found more promising work.

He ended up with a band of pirates out of Bespin who were former Tibbana miners. They had worked on the large, floating platforms that harvested the Tibbana gas, but they went on strike, leading to their desertion. The work they needed done was perfect for Kando. Fed up with the Bespin Officials, they wanted to destroy the platforms. However, Kando only blew up one, since the Republic presence was imminent. A cruiser was on it's way, and Kando didn't want to be caught by the Republic.

Stealing a small cargo ship from the pirates, he fled from the System, knowing the Republic would become a threat. At this point in his life, he wanted to return to Mandalorian society, and decided to go back to Mandalore.

Return to Mandalore

Upon his return, Kando found the Mandalorians under the Reign of a new Mand'alor, and his army of Mandalorian Commandos. They seemed to follow his every whim without question even though he gave them no choice but to fight. It appeared he wanted to challenge the galaxy once again. In Keldabe, Kando ran into Drask, who now did not hold any contempt towards him. Instead, he tried to recruit Kando into joining the uniform army of black and red Neo-Crusaders. Kando, not throwing away his curiosity, accepted the offer to learn more about what was going on. Drask reported back to his commander, and Kando was taken to a training base off-world.

He was surprised to know the base was on his home planet of Althir, but he kept his feelings to himself. During his vigorous training, Kando listened for anything hinting towards what was happening. The information was scarce, but he overheard two commanders talking about a resistance on Mandalore that had been put down. Kando now knew that he wasn't the only one who disagreed with the new Mand'alor's ways. Fed up with the deception, Kando escaped the base, and returned to the ruins of the home where he was raised.

Grieving over what to do, Kando sat before the blackened rubbled of his home, trying to plan his next move. His delving into the past was disrupted by the approaching speeders of the Commandos. When they stopped, Kando met a foe he hadn't expected. The Commandos dismounted the speeders, led by a hooded figure. It was only when it drew a blood red lightsaber, that he knew who was behind it all. The Sith. Kando knew they were here to kill him, and drew his weapon on his foes.

With a firefight breaking out, he took cover behind the ruins of his home, trying to fend off the Commandos. They used a flanking technique, but Kando was prepared. He tossed grenades into the crowd of Commandos, and took out most of them. Now the Sith Acolyte moved in, lightsaber ready. Kando found the vibroblade his father had owned, and used it to fight the Sith. The fight lasted for several minutes, each of them countering the other. Not even the Force could save the Sith, and Kando brutally finished him off.

Being a Mandalorian, he had pride from defeating a strong opponent. Feeling he needed a trophy, he found one in the Sith's lightsaber. Kando tested his capablilties with the weapon, and took a liking to it. However, he mostly hung it from his belt as a show-piece.

Knowing he would be chased, Kando found an old cargo ship used by a shipping company in the ruins of the settlement. He took it back to Mandalore, actually going to visit Redik this time. Instead of attracting attention in Keldabe, he landed near Redik's homestead. He was greeted by an aged Redik, his wife, and their young son. At first Redik did not welcome Kando, but he soon tolerated his presence. Inside their home, they share information on the current events, and thought about what should be done. None of them knew how many resisted the Commandos and their Sith Masters, but Kando was intent on fighting them.

If noone stands for our honor, than that makes us no better than the aruetiise.
—Kando to his family
  • Aruetiise means 'outsider' in Mando'a.

Accepted into Clan Ordo

The family couldn't outright fight the army, but they decided to do something. Kando went into Keldabe to investigate on what was happening there, when he found that it had been garrisoned by the Commandos. They saw Kando, and identified him as an enemy, and engaged in a fight with him. He ran, overpowered by them. He took cover in an alley blocked by a wall on the other end. Now trapped, he hoped they wouldn't find him. But with a large enough force, he couldn't escape. They tossed a grenade into the alley, forcing him down it. Kando got caught in the blast, and it sent him into the wall, throwing his weapon over the wall at the end of the alley.

When he recovered, a squad of Commandos stood over him. Kando employed the tactics of his trophy lightsaber, and caught the Commandos off guard. In the close quarters area, they were no match for his weapon, even though he could not deflect bullets. With the Commandos temporarily defeated, he needed a way out. Kando blew his way out of the alley and to the other side. There he came face to face with more Mandalorians, but they weren't Commandos. Their leader introduced himself as Atin Ordo. He told Kando how they were the Mandalorian Avengers, and that they were dedicated to defeating the Commandos and the Sith Legion.

A'tin however was hostile towards Kando at first when he saw Kando wielded a lightsaber. He explained how he took it off the dead body of a Sith he killed, and how it was actually a good weapon that not only the 'saber jockeys' could use. After a brief conversation, A'tin explained the urgency of their mission, and Kando made the choice to join A'tin and his Mandalorian Avengers. After the second battle of Keldabe, Kando was accepted into Clan Ordo, and became an important member during the battles to come.

Personality and traits

Kando was a gruff individual who hid most of his feelings, especially from his brothers in Clan Ordo. He took enjoyment in battle, mostly when it involved blowing things up. But aside from his lust for battle, he enoyed tormenting his friends. He had a crooked disposition on making people hate him. His attitude led to most members of Clan Ordo disliking him.

Kando: You know you can't hate me...
Atin: Look, I've had enough of your smart alec remarks, so if you want to live, then shut up, Vod.
Kando: Ha, Ha. You know you still love me, brother...
Atin: Ugh...
―Kando teasing his brother Atin.


The equipment used by Kando consisted of an assortment of grenades, demo charges, and satchel charges. He used a blaster carbine as a primary weapon. On one occasion, he used Jaster Parjir's shiper rifle, but he did not have it as a main weapon. Kando was called upon by his clan to destroy any targets that needed to be dealt with. His armor was built to suit his speciality. His helmet was Crusader Era, and was equipped with a flip-down blast shield to protect the area of his helmet's visor where his eyes would be. It could also be used as an infrared scanner. As a rare style, his chest plate was from a suit of Neo-Crusader armor, which wasn't common to see. The shin guards where connected to the knee plates, protecting his shins from shrapnel.


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