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Kamino was the homeworld of the Kaminoans. After the conclusion of the Clone Wars, the rogue Jedi Nathaniel Kenobi and his two younglings, Ada Fey'lya and Udo Rand came to halt the production of clone troopers.

During their stay at Kamino, Nathaniel met his future wife, Abigaile Jade. Emperor Palpatine found out that the Kaminoans had rebelled and sent a taskforce of fifty-two Star Destroyers and Interdictors to eliminate the threat. This became the Battle of Kamino. The rebel clones and Kaminoans left the planet and fled to a system near the planet Toola.

As a result of the battle, Kamino was razed and barely habitable. All Kaminoan and clone life on the planet was then subjected to harsh slavery and the animals to medical facilities, that would subject them to plagues and drug tests.


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