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What could possibly be worse than death? A life devoid of compassion.
—Kalza Duras explaining the effects of the Dark Side to her Padawan Silvelto Nivir

Kalza Duras, or Kalza'Duras, was a Jedi Knight during the Hutt War. She was a Rutian Twi'Lek who grew up on the lower levels of Coruscant, doing odd jobs until she was finally invited to the Jedi Temple. Training under renowned Jedi Master Nuka Methoataske, she completed her training and moved onto a life as a Jedi Consular and librarian, serving as a diplomat, Jedi Librarian and on the sub-council of the Alderaanian Monastery. She was personally responsible for compiling a library on Alderaan, the fourth ever Jedi Library constructed. A renowned Jedi Healer and Diplomat, she served in many missions during the war, always aiming to further her horizons as a Jedi. She was also an instructor, training four padawans to knighthood in her life.


Early Life

Kalza was born to Nadal'Duras and Talina'Duras, an accountant and slave-dancer respectively twelve thousand years before the Battle of Yavin aboard the private Hutt vessel the 'Huttese Star'. The owner of the vessel and her parents' slaver Gorodko the Hutt, who restricted the birth of children to his propety. Fearing the baby's safety, her parents made the fateful decision to jettison her from the ship to Coruscant.

The young Kalza grew up in the slums of Coruscant, constantly avoiding slavers and common thugs in the lower levels who were after her for her rare skin tone. At the tender age of seven, a Jedi Knight discovered her as a force-sensitive and began to hastily train her in the ways of the Force. With a minimal education aged seventeen, she went in search of the Jedi - beginning a fateful journey to Ossus as the Jedi Temple on Coruscant had recently been destroyed.


When Kalza arrived at the temple, she was immediately assigned a master, Nuka Methoataske, a leading Jedi Instructor and master of the time. They trained together, the Master instructing Kalza in the ways of the Force, the lightsaber form Niman,


Personality and traits


Nuka Methoataske

Nuke was Kalza's ex-master and a powerful Jedi Master. She was emotionally devoid, and this made her harder to interact with than most masters. When she was killed in a Battle over Denon, Kalza was deeply saddened and attended her funeral.

Jerek Odres

Jerek Odres was a male human Jedi Knight who served alongside Kalza in the Great Temple of Ossus. Kalza and him trained together briefly, within which they had a short duel in which they proved to be equals, although both seemingly held back. Kalza believed Jerek to be arrogant and disliked his tendency to instruct too much.

Huang Karasu

Jedi Master Huang Karasu was the Sephi Blademaster of the Jedi Order during the Hutt War. He tutored Kalza in the lightsaber form he personally invented, Trakata.

Seamus Moidin

Seamus Moidin was the Master of Alderaan during the Hutt War. He sat on the Jedi High Council. Kalza sat on his personally appointed council on Alderaan, and she often was concerned about his unorthodox teaching methods and conflicting emotions.

Link Nono

Link Nono was a Jedi Knight a few years younger than Kalza. He is a fellow Jedi Healer and Consular, but Kalza often feared for his stature as he too had a lot of emotional turmoil. Kalza finally stopped talking to him for his own good when he confessed he was in love with her.

Knel'lan "Purple Rayne"

Kalza'Duras met Knel'lan on the planet Coruscant at a local diner. They shared a Rycrit Stew meal together and quickly became friends. Kalza almost saw through Knel'lan's acting skills. However Kalza didn't seem to know it was her when Knel'lan switched to her secret identity.

Talents and abilities

Lightsaber training

Kalza was a highly skilled mastery of Form VI: Niman, which she used sparingly when forced into lightsaber combat at all. She was also the second ever practitioner of the recently developed form Trakáta, taught by Jedi Master and Blademaster Huang Karasu - the Sephi who developed the Form, himself. She never used her lightsaber unless absolutely necessary, preferring diplomatic solutions over physical ones.


She wore simple clothes - cloth robes, or other garments such as this. Also, she possessed a sword, one which she crafted herself with the help of a local blacksmith. It was inscribed with her name, and she held it dear to her heart as her most precious possession. She also utilized a single, orange-bladed lightsaber that she constructed herself.

Force powers

Known Force Abilities

  • Telekinesis
  • Force Speed
  • Force Jump
  • Force Push
  • Force Pull
  • Force Heal (Signature Ability)
  • Neutralize Toxin
  • Force Speed
  • Floating Meditation
  • Life Sense
  • Force Valor
  • Force Stun
  • Jedi Mind Trick
  • Battle Precognition
  • Force Whirlwind
  • Levitation
  • Empathy
  • Force Throw
  • Force Deflection
  • Force Shield

Other abilities

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