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Kalee was an Outer Rim planet inhabited by the Kaleesh. It was constantly engulfed in war and famine. Its neighboring planets was Huk.



A Kaleesh town with a temple at the center.

Kalee's landscape consisted of tropical forests, beaches, mossy cliffs, and harsh deserts. The Kaleesh's building design was very temple-like and strong.


The main inhabitants of Kalee were the Kaleesh. The Kaleesh were an intelligent reptilian hunter-warrior species. The planet also had many ferocious creatures such as the mumuu and the karrabakk.

Government and sociology

The Kaleesh were almost always led by a warlord, because they were always at war with someone. The most notable and longest war fought by the Kaleesh was the Huk War. The Huk War was fought between Kalee's Kaleesh and Huk's Yam'rii. It was a constant fight that was finally stopped by Qymaen jai Sheelal almost 200 years after it started.

Famous people from Kalee

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