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Chiss era
We shall be put no more down as a disgrace, we are a superior race, my fellow Yevetha. We shall take revenge on our lost brothers against that filthy group!
—Kai Spaar about Gar Stazi's remnant group.

Kai Spaar was a male Yevetha of the Yevethan Protectorate and member of the Spaar clan. Kai was founder and member of the Yevethan Protectorate, the independent government founded in 141 ABY in the Koornacht Cluster on the planet N'zoth. Kai Spaar became the naval commander of the Yevethan Warfleet and led a streak of victories throughout the Koornacht Cluster in their conquest to recapture their former planets.

Kai Spaar eventually became involved with the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances and the Fel Empire, continuing a severed relation with both sides. Kai continued his expansion to several unowned worlds near the Koornacht cluster, including Galantos and Doornik-628E. Follow his conquest for Galantos, he met with Admiral Gar Stazi to discuss his withdrawal or eventual surrender. Following the failing of these negotiations, a battle erupted, and Gar's vessels were ultimately destroyed by the overwhelming Yevethan vessels.


Recovering the Yevetha

After decades of decline, Kai Spaar, member of the Spaar clan, led a personal campaign in restoring the Yevetha to their former glory, including restoring the Yevethan government of 16 ABY, the Duskhan League. Kai had the support of many of the Yevethans, with only a few of the Yevetha opposing him, rather viewing themselves in control of N'zoth.

Kai started a campaign to dispose of any Yevethan which was considered to be false. His followers gladly joined him in this process, the process was however rigged. Many of his followers would set traps for anyone who opposed Kai's leadership, slowly disposing the remainder of those which sought to take control of N'zoth.

Kai was nearly exposed by one of his rivals which survived the attempt on his life. Unfortunately for his rival, Kai would plead in defense of himself, stating he was not aware of his followers' actions against him. The same evening, he was killed by Kai's followers in an upgraded D-type trifoil starfighter which destroyed his apartment.

Founding a central government

Through decieval and lies, Kai would eventually achieve the position of leader of N'zoth. Kai founded the Yevethan Protectorate, the central government established on the planet shortly afterwards. The government was based on the former Duskhan League, sharing many policies and the same ideals. Kai Spaar would however one central clan to be leader of the government, unlike his predecessor many decades ago, Nil Spaar. Kai would appoint the Spaar clan, his own clan, as the leading clan of the Yevethan Protectorate.

Naval commander

The Spaar clan would make many governmental decisions, with Kai executing many naval ones. His right hand, the Yevethan Aar Tiirr was appointed as commander of the Yevethan Army, the Yevethan ground force. Even though the Spaar clan was appointed as head of government, Kai was the de-facto leader of the government.

Kai Spaar started to prepare the Yevethan Warfleet to start a campaign in the Koornacht cluster and recapture it's former planets that had been lost in the Yuuzhan Vong War. A part of the Koornacht cluster was abandoned following the Second Imperial Civil War, but a small portion remained in control of the Galactic Alliance Remnant, which Kai targetted to recapture.

War for the Koornacht Cluster


Kai initiated the campaign to regain their territory concerning the Koornacht Cluster, attacking the planet, targetting ILC-803 first. The Galactic Alliance Remnant, which was barely prepared, initially lost the battle, though with small casualities in comparison to the Yevethan Protectorate. Kai initiated the plan to update the Yevethan navy, while keeping the Galactic Alliance Remnant at bay, which had been conversing with other allies.


Numerous months passed as Kai Spaar was updating his naval forces, having as goal to conquer all of they formerly owned of the Koornacht Cluster and beyond. Finally, in 142 ABY, the first new prototype Yevethan vessel was commissioned, the Pride of N'zoth, a massive starship nearing the size of an Executor-class Super Star Destroyer.

The ship first saw action during the battle of Doornik-628E, when it was tested against Galactic Alliance Remnant forces which had been defending the planet. The Galactic Alliance forces were terrified of the vessel, with some even going into immediate retreat, and abandoning their ranks among the Alliance. The vessel eventually smashed through the enemy's defenses, achieving a victory for the Yevethan Protectorate.

Kai, realizing the ship was too expensive, held the ship for himself, and had admiral Vin Fuur design a new vessel, with almost the same strength, but much smaller and less roomy. The new ships, which were supposed to be called Intimidator-class destroyers, would be almost the same strength, and would serve as the first ship of the re-established Yevethan navy.

Infinity war


Kai Spaar led the naval forces of the Yevethan Empire into conflict with the Federation of Free Planets over the planet Kashyyyk, joining their Dark Reach ally, Darth Cyrus and his Sith remnant. Kai however only joined the battle later, but the result of the battle was a defeat.


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