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Kai Ohdul was a Dark Jedi.


Powers and abilities

Kai Ohdul was naturally skilled with lightsaber combat, but had little skill with the force. The only force technique he could use was illusion, which he mainly used to change his appearance. his skill with illusion was so great that he was able to maintain an illusionary form of a Swamp Slug non-stop for years. Despite his lack of skill with the force, he had an unnaturally strong connection to the Living Force. Because of this, he couldn't willingly kill any living thing.


Both of his arms were severely burned by lava while obtaining a lava crystal for his lightsabers. Because of that, both of his hands and forearms are cybernetic.


Kai wielded two lightsabers with hilts crafted from the wood from a Gimer Bush with a Rancor tooth in the pommel of each saber. Because of the medicinal power of Gimer juice, he would often chew on his lightsabers while meditating. Despite being made of wood, both of his lightsabers contained a Lava crystal, though neither of his lightsabers were ever affected by the lava that dripped from the blades. He chose wood and Rancor tooth to craft his lightsabers because he prefered to use natural material over man-made components.

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