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Chiss era

Kai Ar'Lya was a male Bothan admiral of the Galactic Alliance Remnant following the defeat of Darth Krayt's Sith Empire.


Galactic Alliance Remnant

In 140 ABY, the Bothan Kai Ar'Lya signed up for service in the Galactic Alliance Navy as an admiral. He was accepted into navy given his studies of fighting techniques. Kai was considered one of the State-of-the-Art admirals of the Alliance, along with two other members of the circle of admirals, Yvon Hex and Crassk, two of which he would become close allies in the years that were to pass, even with the formation of the Federation of Free Planets

Federation of Free Planets

In the wake of the Yevethan independence war, another war occurred, known as the Infinity War. Kai served in the latter war with many of his allies against multiple enemies, including the war-like Yevetha, and, eventually, the Chiss.

Siege of Kashyyyk

Kai ultimately led a counter-offensive against Dark Reach over Kashyyyk during the siege of Kashyyyk. Kai, along with admiral Crassk, helped the ground troops liberate the planet from Dark Reach presence.


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