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The Kage insurgency referred to various conflicts between the Kage species and the Imperial occupants of Quarzite. The Kage clans ambushed Imperial patrols and assaulted outposts located throughout Quarzite's subterranean for several years, though their "primitive" weaponry (often in the form of electroswords, arrow-based projectile weapons, and vibroblades) often saw defeat in most of these operations. In an attempt to prevent reinforcements from reaching the subterranean layer (the only habitable part of the planet), Kage warriors began destroying the pressurized elevators that were required for transit between orbit and Quarzite's caverns; they were successful in most demolitions, forcing the Imperials to begin using ships that were specially designed to withstand Quarzite's surface's immense pressure in order to reach the subterranean layer without the need of the elevators. Eventually, the Kage warrior clans were defeated and the Kage species largely submitted to the Imperial occupation. Most members of the Belugan species - the other inhabitants of Quarzite - accepted the Imperial occupation, and even supported Imperial forces with Belugan soldiers of the Quarzite Security Force.

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