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A black-bearded dwarf, Kadann was the Supreme Prophet who led the Prophets of the Dark Side. Kadann drank a strange tea brewed from the fungus-infested bark of an Endorian tree, which is rumored to allow him to see into the future. He was also a collector of the galaxy's finest artifacts, which he displayed throughout halls of the Uniformed Darkness. Many were claimed to be trophies taken from enemies defeated in battle. Kadann was approached by Darth Sidious shortly before the Jedi Purge was initiated, and Kadann was asked to join the Empire to serve as a seer.

When Kadann predicted that the Empire would be shaken if it allowed the Battle of Endor to take place, Palpatine dismissed him and his prophecies. Kadann gathered the other Prophets and fled Coruscant, taking up residence on the Uniformed Darkness. He was later responsible for the prophecy that whoever wears the Glove of Darth Vader will be the next Emperor of the galaxy, which was contained in a series of four-line, non-rhyming verses.

The leaders of the remnants of the Empire strove to obtain his blessing to make their rulership of the galaxy legitimate. When none of the pretenders to the throne met with his approval, Kadann tried to take control of the Empire for himself. He went so far as to have Tricolus assassinated. However, he was hunted down by Imperial Grand Admiral Makati after Order 44 (Kadann had embarrassed him years before). Exacting his own revenge, Makati fired a fleet's worth of turbolasers at the Uniformed Darkness, destroying it and killing Kadann in the process.

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