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Kaan Fun-We (53 BBY to 1 BBY) was a Jedi Master during the waning days of the Old Republic and a long time survivor of The Great Jedi Purge.


Early life Edit

Kaan was born on Alderaan in 53 BBY to a wealthy and well educated family. He lived with them for about 2 years before being taken by Jedi Master Mara Frewreste to the Jedi Temple for training. By the age of 5 he was excelling in his Clan, second only to Sera Mai. At the age of 10 he befriended younger Jedi Cess Shollal before being taken as a Padawan by the very same Jedi who brought him to the Temple, Mara Frewreste.

Jedi PadawanEdit

During his years as Master Frewreste's padawan, Kaan grew wise beyond his years, no doubt due to his elderly master. He was taught to fight only when there were no other options and learned to love democracy

Kaan's Master trained him in Ataru, the fourth form of lightsaber combat. However Kaan disliked this form so during his stays at the Temple he was permitted to be taught in the elegant and precise form of Makashi by Count Dooku. This evolved Kaan into a master duelist, which unbeknownst to him would be very useful in the following years.

In 37 BBY Kaan and his master were sent to the near destroyed planet of Ruusan to investigate strange reports of a force wielder who had been seen lurking in the remains of the lightsaber crystal caves. When the two reached the cavernous planet Frewrest went alone into the caves. When she didn't return Kaan went into the caves to investigate, he found her cloak and robes in one position on the ground, as if the body were still in them. They had been riddled with blaster bolts and there were blaster scarring on the walls. His master's body was nowhere to be seen.

When Kaan returned to the temple with this news the Jedi Council briefly assigned him to another Master, however within a year they made him a Jedi Knight.

He took 12 year old Cess Shollal as his Padawan.

The Clone Wars Edit

Kaan and Cess had not fought at the Battle of Geonosis, as they were on a different planet negotiating a small scale civil war. But they were soon recalled and given command of a Clone Army and sent to battle the Confederacy of Independent Systems on Adari. Several times they were switched around with other Jedi Generals, before they departed for Adari towards the beginning of 21 BBY, Kaan organized for Cess to be knighted on their return.

After a surprise attack by the Confederacy and a strategic and low casualty retreat the Jedi were confronted by Count Dooku as their ship was taking off. Dooku killed Cess with a powerful blast of force lightning, while Kaan then bested the Sith lord in a duel, injuring his legs and wrists, but not severing them.

When Kaan returned the Council appointed him a Jedi Master due to the conditions of Cess's death and the incredibly successful retreat. At the same time they appointed him a new apprentice, the 14 year old Aria Iri-Nan. Kaan rarely served as a General from then on, sitting on the Council of First Knowledge. He was also a member of the Old Guard, those considered likely to sit on the Jedi Council.