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Passion is the fire which drives Zeltrons. But for Jedi, passion is the fire which can burn away all that we are.
—Jyuria Song

Jyuria Song was a female Zeltron Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars and early years of the Galactic Empire. She often struggled with her nature as a member of what was widely considered by the galaxy to be the hedonistic Zeltron species and her desire to control her emotions as demanded of a Jedi by the Jedi Code.


Early life (42 BBY–29 BBY)

Jyuria Song was discovered on Zeltros by the Dark Woman when she was only five weeks old. The Dark Woman described Jyuria's mother as "a party girl who knew she wasn't ready to raise a child. Especially not one gifted with the Force." This being the case, the wandering Jedi was able to convince Jyuria's mother that her child would be best off in the care of the Jedi Order. After dropping the child off at the Jedi Temple the Dark Woman returned to her work.


Jyuria's childhood in the temple was a happy one. She would one day describe her first memory as that of the face of master T'ra Saa smiling down on her as she lay in her crib.

At age eight Jyuria reached the age where she could be placed in a Jedi Initiate Clan. By luck of the draw she became a member of the Clawmouse Clan.

It was only a few months letter she met a strange new addition to the ranks of the Jedi; Anakin Skywalker. Sensing the human boy's loneliness she reached out to him and eventually befriended him.

Adolescence (29 BBY–22 BBY)

Growing up the place we most often saw Zeltron women was wearing bikinis in ads for Corellian ale. That is one of the reasons Jyuria tries so hard to cultivate modesty as a virtue.
Xiaan Amersu

At the age of thirteen, Jyuria was selected by the aging Duros Jedi Tolan Hing to become his Padawan after taking third place in that year's Jedi Temple Apprentice Tournament. Hing held the title of Master of Lightsabers at the Jedi Temple and was the Order's leading expert on the construction of lightsabers. Hing had not taken a Padawan for many years but claimed he sensed not just "a potentially fine Jedi" in the young Zeltron but also a budding Jedi Artisan as well.

Duel on Byss

In 28 BBY Jyuria and Hing pursued the powerful Anzat dark side adept Heket Fahll into the Deep Core to recover a Sith holocron made by Darth Traya that darksider had stolen from a Jedi archeological dig on Dantooine. In the process they rediscovered Byss, a place whose location had been lost to the Republic for 30,000 years.

Pursuing Fahll into some ruins the Anzat managed to separate the pair and tried to finish off Jyuria first. Engaging in her first real lightsaber duel Jyuria managed to hold her own for a time. But the wily Anzat eventually managed to disarm her forcing Jyuria to flee deeper into the ruins to save her own life.

Darth Traya's holocron.

By chance she stumbled across the makeshift camp Fahll had made in the ruins. Searching for a weapon and knowing that the dark Jedi was certainly only minutes behind her, Jyuria found the holocron she and Hing had been searching for among Fahll's belongings. The sheer amount of dark side power emanating from the device made the young Zeltron feel physically ill. Before she could dwell on what to do, Jyuria experiencing a sudden flash of warning and instinctively knew that Fahll was catching up to her. Pocketing the holocron she fled even deeper into the ruins.

What seemed like an eternity later Jyuria sensed she'd lost her pursuer and stopped to catch her breath for a moment. Curious she pulled out the holocron to examine it. To her shock the device suddenly came to life and Jyuria found herself staring at the grim visage of Darth Traya. Though normally only accessible to very powerful and experienced darksiders, Darth Traya, however, had designed her holocron to be able to be activated by anyone with sufficient potential in the Force. Thus allowing her to find and corrupt potential students while they were at a more vulnerable stage of development.

The remnant of the ancient Sith Lord tried to tempt the frighted Padawan but Jyuria fought down her fear and shouted her rejection to the holocron. The image of Darth Treya dismissed the Padawan's courage saying "I know Zeltrons. When you decide to accept your nature as a being of passion you will seek me out again," before vanishing.

While she had won a great moral victory, Jyuria's shout drew Fahll to her forcing the Jedi to flee again. Fahll eventually herded Jyuria into a corner in the ruins and was about to strike her down with her own lightsaber when Hing arrived and challenged the Dark Jedi to fight him. Dismissing Jyuria Fahll leapt at the Jedi Master wielding both blades.

Fahll's skill with lightsabers caught Hing off guard and he quickly found himself on the defense. Spotting an opening Fahll tried to slice the Jedi in two at the waist but Hing leaped back at the last moment, saving his life but falling prone on his back. Fahll laughed and prepared to drive the two lightsabers into her fallen foe's chest.

But then Hing used telekinesis to fling his own lightsaber away. This puzzled Fahll enough to make her hesitate for a moment and to whip around. Jyuria had practiced this maneuver with her master and was ready to grab the weapon, activate it and execute the saber throw technique. The plan worked perfectly and Fahll had just enough time to assume a look of shock before she was beheaded.

With Fahll slain the two Jedi carefully secured the holocron, recovered Jyuria's lightsaber and headed back to the Jedi Temple. Shame over her defeat in combat, losing her lightsaber and the fear she'd felt in the presence of Fahll and Traya cast a cloud over this victory for Jyuria. If Hing sensed something amiss with his Padawan he said nothing. For it had long been his practice for his students to come to him with their problems only when they were ready.

Mission to Tatooine

Tatooine? It's a soulless rock with filled with nothing but lowlifes and sand. It's debatable which is worse.
—Anakin Skywalker

In 24 BBY, Jyuria and her master, accompanied by A'Sharad Hett, traveled to Tatooine in search of a Black Sun operative suspected of carrying out the bombing of Murron Plaza on Nubia.

Jyuria became separated from Hing and Hett while pursuing the Vollick bomber across the wasteland. She took shelter from the sun in a large cave in Begger's Canyon only to quickly discover it was home to a hungry canyon krayt dragon. The dragon attempted to make a meal of the young Jedi but she was able to defeat it by using telekinesis to blind it with sand and then driving her lightsaber into its head.

Rescue on Alderaan

While conducting Bail Organa to a peace conference on his homeworld, the Senator received word that his wife, Breha Organa, had been kidnapped. The senator asked for their discrete aid in saving his wife while he worked to keep the peace negotiations from falling apart.

Against agents of Black Sun

Jyuria and Hing were dispatched to Chandrila in 23 BBY to protect up-and-coming senator Mon Mothma from assassins sent by Black Sun end her support for a major Republic-wide anti-crime bill.

Investigation on Chad

In 23 BBY, Jyuria and Hing were dispatched to Chad to investigate acts of sabotage aboard the massive arks which served as home to the planet's minority human population. During the investigation the ran across rookie Altisian Jedi Callista Masana who was also investigating the sabotage as well as checking on her relatives who were ark dwellers.

Battle of Geonosis

This is just the beginning!
—Count Dooku

In 22 BBY, Jyuria and Hing were members of the Geonosis Strike Team who went to Geonosis to rescue fellow Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker as well as Senator Padme Amidala. Assigned to the space team, Jyuria pleaded with her master to be allowed to join the team that would be attacking the arena directly in order to personally aid in rescuing Skywalker, whom she considered a friend. Hing would not be moved, however, and still uncharacteristically seething Jyuria reluctantly obeyed.

Under the leadership of Adi Gallia and the Dark Woman the space strike team battled droid fighters in the asteroid belt above Geonosis. Jyuria proved herself a capable fighter pilot in the battle but did suffer a fractured wrist due to a lucky shot from a droid fighter.

Adult life (22 BBY—)

Clone Wars

Jyuria had strong misgivings about Jedi serving as military leaders and strongly considered invoking the Right of Denial in order to stay out of the fighting. However, her master convinced her that she should trust the judgement of the Council in the matter.

Battle of Thule

One month after the Battle of Genonsis Jyuria and her master were among the Jedi who took part in the Battle of Thule.

Death from the darkness

Barely two months into the Clone Wars Jyuria was dealt one of the most painful blows of her life when Asajj Ventress succeeded in assassinating Master Hing at Cloud City. A'Sharad Hett was assigned to Jyuria as her new master. Though this was mostly to watch over her during the grieving process as Hing had already recommended her for Knighthood shortly before his death.


Jyuria Song, by the right of the Council, by the will of the Force, I dub thee, Jedi...Knight of the Republic.
—Yoda 22 BBY

Jyuria was awarded Knighthood a five months after the Battle of Geonosis.

Targeted by Aurra Sing

Upon learning of Jyuria's connection to her former master, the assassin Aurra Sing chose as her next target. The game of cat and mouse between the pair would stretch from Corellia to The Wheel to the final confrontation on Arkania.

Clash with the Coven

Under the leadership of master Luminara Unduli, Jyuria was a member of an impromptu strike force that also consisted of fellow knight Bultar Swan and padawans Barriss Offee and Ahsoka Tano who clashed with the Dark Side Coven aboard the wreckage of the ancient Sith warship Undying in the asteroid field that had once been Malachor V.

Jyuria fought a tense battle against Toraleah Kaname in which she suffered a painful wound to her left side from the Nightsister's lightwhip.

After the battle the Jedi learned that the Coven was attempting to salvage Darth Scion's holocron. This was part of a wide ranging effort by Dooku to gather holocrons of ancient Sith Lords, with those of the Sith Triumvirate being of special interest to his master; Darth Sidious.

Battle Royal on Felucia

The second encounter between Jyuria and the Coven would happen on the wild jungle world of Felucia.

Order 66

The time has come. Execute Order 66."
It will be done, my lord.

—Palpatine and Vargus, 19 BBY[src]

Jyuria survived Order 66 thanks to being on an undercover missing on the Outer Rim world of Phaeda at the time. The disturbance in the Force caused by the deaths of so many Jedi hit Jyuria especially hard due to her natural empathic abilities. The impact of those deaths caused her to physically collapse and Jyuria feared she might die or go mad from the sense of loss that assaulted her. However, she managed to endure the event and while still shaken began figuring out how to get back to the Temple. But before she was able to flee Phaeda the clone squad she'd been in command of caught up with her and she was forced to kill the very troops she'd once led and come to care for.

Jyuria was on her way back to Coruscant in a stolen fighter when she heard Yoda's order to go into hiding. Ditching her fighter she decided to flee to her homeworld of Zeltros thinking that her birth world's long history of overcoming invasions would help keep her safe. While slowly working her way to Zeltros, Jyuria was constantly looking for information on or a way to contact other Jedi survivors.

About a month after Order 66 she made contact with her friend and fellow Knight Bultar Swan who invited her to the Conclave on Kessel. Though desperate to be with fellow Jedi again Jyuria chose to heed Yoda's orders but asked that Swan contact her later on Zeltros.

Shortly afterwords Imperial Holovision reported that a group of Jedi "insurgents" had been killed on Kessel by Darth Vader. Bulter Swan and another of Jyuria's friends, Sia-Lan Wezz, were among the fatalities.

A Jedi alone

Firefight on Zeltros

Light amidst the darkness

Having escaped from the Inquisitorius on Zeltros, Jyuria accepted Laris Rai's offer to join the crew of the Fortunate Sun as assistant engineer.

Personality and traits

The racy reputation of Zeltrons was a cloud that Jyuria felt hung over her despite the best efforts of her fellow Jedi to convince her otherwise. This caused her to at times overcompensate and be "more Jedi than a Jedi" as some would put it. At the same time Jyuria tired to embrace the best aspects of her people while conforming to the Jedi Code. She deliberately made part of the hilt of her lightsaber "the color of the sky on Zeltros" and even tried to learn to play the Zeltron lute during her teenage years. Despite her best efforts, however, Jyuria's skill with the instrument remained modest at best.

Powers and abilities

I have a bad feeling about this.
—Jyuria Song after being alerted to danger by her Force Sense ability.

Though strong in the Force, Jyuria had few abilities of an offensive nature. Her greatest ability actually lay in an especially powerful knack for using Force Sense. This power's ability to sense danger was common among Jedi, but Jyuria's talent for it was exceptionally sharp and the extra moments of warning this gave her saved her life and those of her allies on many occasions.

Another part of her skill in Force Sense was Jyuria's ability to enhance her natural empathic powers with Force Empathy. While the ability to greater understand the emotional states of others was often helpful, it could also affect Jyuria herself if she was around large numbers of people feeling negative emotions. For example, the rather grim air around the Jedi Temple during the Clone Wars made keeping depression away a daily challenge for Jyuria. Feeling the deaths of thousands of Jedi during Order 66 left her with powerful mental scars after almost overwhelming her mind. To deal with this, Jyuria often used the Moving Meditation technique to relax her mind as well as gain practice in fixing and maintaining lightsabers.

Additionally, Jyuria was able to use Force Speed, Battlemind and Force Valor which allowed her to "buff" herself or her allies during combat. She was also proficient in the use of Mind Trick and Telekinesis. After going into exile long hours spent in meditation eventually allowed Jyuria to learn Force Stealth in order to better mask her presence in the Force from other Force-users. However, since it was a technique she learned on her own she struggled to master it and did not consider it a fully reliable defense.


Jyuria's lightsaber.

Built when she was eighteen as part of her Jedi Trials, Jyuria poured everything she'd learned as the padawan of the Jedi Temple's Master of Lightsabers into her weapon's design. The pommel cap included a backup power cell and increase the weapon's potential in battle Jyuria chose an Adegan lens as its focusing lens. She also waterproofed her lightsaber using specifications created by Kit Fisto.

Lightsaber training

Jyuria was a master practitioner of the Shien style of Form V. She disdained the use of the reverse grip when practicing Shien seeing it as needlessly flashy. Barrier of Blades was one of her signature moves.

While she mastered the style as part of her path to Knighthood, Jyuria dreamed of someday being acknowledged as not simply a master of Shien but the master of Shien. This goal was not unlike how many in the Order regarded Obi-Wan Kenobi as the most skilled living practitioner of Soresu.

In addition to Soresu, Jyuria also mastered the styles of Niman and Makashi.

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