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How wonderful...yet another flying droid to blast to pieces...hold on...[static]
—A Jet trooper shortly before being killed by a jump droid[src]

Jump droids were an essential part of the Confederacy of Independent Systems droid army[1] and the Galactic Droid Empire droid army. They were basically just B2 super battle droids with Screamer jet packs.[2]

Their uses included destroying clone commandos[3] and destroying flying aircraft vehicles, such as the Galactic Republic LAAT/i or the Wookiee Catamaran. They were the CIS's response to the growing threat of jet troopers. The jump droid was in the same line as the popular air battle droid,[4] but it was far more advanced. Their armament consisted of a wrist blaster for basic hits and a MiniMag PTL missile launcher[5] for use in destroying LAAT/i's and other Republic aircraft.

They were first deployed on Geonosis as a test run, and gave the Confederacy positive thoughts on their abilities. Thus, they were sent anywhere jet troopers were detected, including Rhen Var, Yorn Skot, and Ruhe. After Darth Vader shut down the command signal of all the battle droids, most of the jump droids were deactivated. However, some were taken by the Empire for research on the dark trooper project. Others joined the Galactic Droid Empire and were cut off from the central signal, thus not being deactivated. Aligning with the GDE, they conquered several planets and served only for them until the New CIS/GDE Wars ended.


The Jump droids are designed to be the only flying droids in the Confederacy. However, we are also working on an air battle droid.
—Wat Tambor[src]

Another Baktoid design released by the Techno Union, it received the backup of Wat Tambor. It borrowed the Screamer jet packs from Aratech and the MiniMag PTL missile launchers from the Geonosians. Taking schematics from the original B2 super battle droids, Baktoid put in superior knowledge of jetpacks of all types, maneuvering skills, and overheating limits in the droid's brain.

There were only two visible weaknesses of the Jump droid. The first, the most obvious, was their Screamer jet pack. It was not shielded or armored with steel. If shot at a high altitude, the jet trooper would fall down to the surface and be destroyed in the impact. The next, less visible weakness, was the droid's chest. Unlike most B2 models, the chest directly connected to the droid's brain. If a direct hit on the chest occurred, the droid would explode in mid-air.



Sir, we've a picked up a new group of signals—clone troopers with jetpacks.
—A Jump droid[src]

Jump droids on Geonosis.

Jump droids were unleashed at first on the planet Geonosis during the Battle of Geonosis. They were assigned to cover the droid starfighters in battle and take out several Jedi starfighters. They succeeded in destroying a Jedi starfighter with famous Jedi pilot Rana.[6] They took out several other Jedi until a squad of them were destroyed by Jet troopers.[7]

Reassigned to hunt down the Jet troopers during the battle, they killed 33 of them. As they neared the SPHA-Ts,[8] they spotted a group of jet troopers, but were unable to destroy them due to the large firepower of the AT-TEs. They destroyed one turret on an AT-TE before being completely destroyed by the jet troopers. This proved devastating for the Confederacy. Several upgrades were made to the Jump droids in the aftermath, with information on Jet troopers and their weaknesses.

Icy planet

We must act quickly before the Republic destroys us!
—A Confederate officer[src]

On the icy planet of Rhen Var, jump droids were assigned to destroy the jet troopers, as always. Although they took out most of them, the battle proved a strong loss for the Confederacy due to the AT-XTs[9] in the battle. Four jump droids were destroyed, but twelve jet troopers were killed in the battle.

Mission to Yorn Skot

Jump droids! They must be the pickup.
—H.O.P.E. Squad commander[src]
Jump droids

Jump droids on Yorn Skot.

Migzar was one of the first to show the new droids off. After Confederate forces, along with General Grievous captured Ugnaught slaves during the Mission to Yorn Skot,[10] Migzar and the slaves were transported to Yorn Skot, where jump droids were assigned to protect the prison and the Jedi prisoner Treetower.

However, H.O.P.E. Squad,[11] a team of High Orbit Precision Entry clone commandos was assigned to rescue Treetower and intercept the prisoners. The jump droids, in spite of being unfamiliar to clone commandos, quickly adapted and killed three of the four commandos. The fourth, however, destroyed the jump droids. Before more reinforcements could arrive, Treetower and the Ugnaught slaves were safe aboard a Republic cruiser, Cruiser 8.[12]

Last mission

Jet trooper

A Clone jet trooper in Phase II armor.

Protect Dooku! We must protect Dooku!
—A Confederate officer[src]

Directly after the Yorn Skot incident, several jump droids went to Ruhe to destroy the jet troopers discovered there. Lead by a new Sith general, Darth Tyler, under the direct command of Dooku, they killed all their targets by infiltrating the gunship the clones were in, destroying its engines, and blowing up the gunship's main reactor. Although most of the jet troopers evacuated before the gunship was destroyed, the pilot and three troopers were killed in the violent explosion, while the survivors were taken out by the jump droids.

Galactic Droid Empire

All hail Lord Tyler!
—A jump droid[src]

After this, the jump droids followed Tyler everywhere he went for he was always victorious. After seeing the loss at Coruscant, they followed Tyler to Agon Nine and became part of the Galactic Droid Empire. They were pleased with the new government, and Tyler cut them off from the central control signal. Although the jump droids were not super battle droids, they were considered to be such, and joined the SBDs part of the GDE. Their super battle droid representative, AT6-3, signed the Declaration of a Droid Empire, and the Empire became official.

Agon Minor

I hate fighting on forest planets.
—A jump droid[src]

Considered the most important battle the GDE was in besides the Battle of Cyrillia, the Battle of Agon Minor was devastating to the Rebel Alliance. When the Rebel Alliance attacked with several ships and Bothan spies, the jump droids were sent in to counterattack the Bothans that had jetpacks. Several Bothans were killed in the process, while only seven jump droids were destroyed. It was a victory for the GDE.


Attack their forward command center, quickly!
—Darth Tyler to the jump droids[src]

Under the command of Tyler, they conquered several worlds. However, when the GDE engaged the New CIS at Cyrillia, the battle ended in a draw, and ultimately the merging of the two Separatist-based governments.

Under the name of the New CIS/GDE

We shall create a...Jump droideka, in honor of our brave jump droids!

Now the New CIS/GDE, they helped build the Confederate Death Star and won even more battles. Troyb personally admired the droids and even tried to make an experimental jump droideka, which was designed to be a droideka that could fold and unfold its legs while using a jetpack. It had four arms instead of two, and could generate a shield twice as powerful as its predecessor. However, due to Geonosian Industries losing the data, the experimental design failed, and instead the GI made the B4 proto-droid.


Maybe they could fly… you know, like the Confederacy's jump droids!
—An Imperial officer working on the Dark Trooper project[src]

The jump droids did not directly inspire the jet troopers, but they did inspire several Imperials to create the top-secret dark trooper[13] project. They also advertised the use of Screamer jet packs.

Behind the Scenes

Jump droids are based on the canon Jump droids.

Most of the small elements of this story (Screamer jet packs, for example) are also taken from canon.

Some of the images are by Solus.


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