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New Republic? Bah! Filthy aliens.
—Jorell Lathfer

Jorell Lathfer was a male Human captain who was previously in the service to the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, and would later serve in the same role in the Galactic Empire. Fueled by his desire for power in the aftermath of the Battle of Jakku, Lathfer joined with Grand Admiral Gerear Hilnew in the creation of a new Imperial faction in the Unknown Regions.


Early life

Jorell was born in 35 BBY to Dalbrun Lathfer and Celara Lathfer, both of whom were shopkeepers killed during the Battle of Coruscant by the Droid Army of the Confederacy. In his later years he would sire two daughters, Jaccan and Kalelill, who were both killed when they were serving onboard the first Death Star.

Career in the Empire

During the last stages of the Galactic Civil War he served as a captain of a Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, the Oblivion. He would often be posted on the very edges of Imperial space due to his lack of respect for those he saw as inferior.

Post-Battle of Jakku

After the Battle of Jakku, Jorell took his new found freedom and crew to the world of Korrus. Lathfer and his ship received a holo-transmission from the Allegiance-class battlecruiser Calamity. When he arrived over Korrus, he met with Grand Admiral Gerear Hilnew, Lathfer was one of many ship commanders who had been called there in order to hear Hilnew speak. During the meeting of the officers, a fleet belonging to the New Republic began their attack on the gathering, led by the famous Admiral Gial Ackbar. The resulting battle led to the deaths of many senior officers and even that of Hilnew who was in fact killed by Jorell in order to consolidate his own powerbase. Leaving the battle about the Calamity and with the rest of his new fleet in tow, Jorell Lathfer, now Supreme Commander, used classified Imperial records in order to loot Imperial bases and hidden weapons caches on their way to the Unknown Regions.

Personality and traits

Jorell Lathfer's disdain for alien species initially stemmed from the many residents of his home world of Coruscant, and how often they would harass him or his family. His initial hatred for aliens was later reinforced when his parents were killed by the Geonosian produced droids, servants of the Neimoidians and a Kaleesh warlord. Despite the death of his daughters, Lathfer is willing to work with aliens for a time when necessary. Likewise, he has taken to learning the languages of them in hopes of better understanding them, in order to better kill them.

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