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Jonac Lecersen was a Human Grand Admiral. He was also the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, the Director of the Joint Chiefs of Defense and the Senatorial Representative for the Jedi Council. He was commander of a significant portion of the Galactic Alliance Defense Force in his own Army/Navy combination. His sister was Aeriellia Lecersen, the head of the Galactic Alliance Intelligence Agency. Jonac's mother was the Chief Executive Officer of the Kuat Drive Yards, one of the galaxy's most important shipyards, and his father was CEO of the Fondor Shipyards. His flagship, Maelstrom was the largest ship ever built by the Kuat Drive Yards, larger than the Executor-class and the Eclipse. He had a multitude of weapons, including his preferred weapon, a gold double-bladed lightsaber, as well as black and white bladed lightsabers and a cerulean lightsaber whip.


Early life

Jonac Lecersen, along with his twin sister Aeriellia, was born on Kuat some time after the Second Galactic Civil War. At a very young age, Jedi Master Kyp Durrron came and took both children to the Jedi Temple to be trained as a Jedi. While there, Jonac became good friends with Chihiro Hyuuga a young girl from Corellia, and he also fell in love with Mia Corlon, a young woman from Yaga Minor. After completing his Mastership trials alongside his sister and best friend, Chihiro, the three young friends were asked by Luke Skywalker to each have a seat on the Jedi High Council. The three accepted, and within three years, after Luke had retired, Jonac became the Grand Master of the New Jedi Order. He, along with Chihiro, Aeriellia and, two other members on the council, Jaina Solo-Fel and Ben Skywalker, were often asked to advise the Chief of State, Johanna Adolfus, on many political items throughout her term as Chief of State.

Later years

Later in his life, Jonac attempted to train another Padawan. This girl, by the name of Kiska Bauer, was Jonac's first apprentice in fifteen years. He was determined to make her apprenticeship an excellent one. He took her on every mission that he went on, including the retaking of Thyferra from the hands of the Empire. However, once they returned to Coruscant, Jonac began sending Kiska out on her own missions, including to arrest a Senator that Jonac believed was a spy for the Sith. With the successful capture of the Senator, Jonac promoted his Padawan to Jedi Knight.

Capture and betrayal

Jonac was once again called upon to do some bait work. He, Aeriellia, and Chihiro took Chihiro's flagship, Colossus, to the Nal Hutta system, where the ship was boarded by soldiers and Sith Lords led by Mia Corlon, under the new title of Darth Vectadia. Jonac led the two girls in an assault against the landing craft, but was shot in the back by a stun ray and captured. His sister and his best friend then dueled Jonac's captors, but were defeated and allowed to leave the shuttle they had been fighting on.

Powers and abilities

Jonac was one of the only Jedi that used the Force power Force lightning. His lightning was known to be many colors, including blue, green, and purple.


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