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This article is about Smashbro1996's Jolee Bindo. You may be looking for other versions of Jolee Bindo.
The Sith have to be stopped—captured, or killed, if necessary. But we can't lower ourselves to their level—we can't bring ourselves to kill Sith in cold blood. If that was how the Jedi Order operated, then we'd risk becoming the Sith… in all but name.
—Jolee Bindo, to Revan

Jolee Bindo was a Human male Jedi Knight who undertook missions in the Mid Rim, took part in the Great Sith War and went into a self-imposed exile on Kashyyyk, afterwards.

Near the end of the Jedi Civil War, he aided Revan in his struggle against Darth Malak and was awarded the Cross of Glory for his role in the Galactic Republic's victory over the Sith Empire.

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