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Johan Fel was a Human male Triumvir and Chief of State of the Galactic Federation Triumvirate, later becoming the Emperor of the Dark Empire. He sided with the One Sith Order to create the Dark Empire, in an effort to make it the dominant galactic government. He succeeded, but in the process, split up the Triumvirate into the Empire and into the Alliance of Free Worlds, which was a Galactic Alliance-based government backed by the New Jedi Order.


Triumvir activity

Fel was born on Bastion at some point before 247 ABY, a descendant of Roan Fel and member of the Fel dynasty. He became a politician in the Triumvirate, and rose to the rank of Triumvir–one of the three leaders of the government. He was voted as Chief of State, the overall leader, in 250 ABY. Around that time, he began to read old Imperial records, learning about the Galactic Empire of Emperor Palpatine. He became obsessed with it, deeming it superior than the Fel Empire and the Imperial Remnant that followed. Fel began to make a plan to get himself the title of Galactic Emperor and resurrect the Empire.

Rise to prominence

In 251 ABY, he began plotting a coup to overthrow the other two Triumviri, and the Galactic Senate. He also made contact with Darth Mellik, a member of the One Sith Order which was defeated during the Second Imperial Civil War over a century ago and was in exile. Using the capture of Mellik by the smuggler Shavan Solo to make it arrive on Coruscant, Fel let the Sith kill the other two Triumviri and so remained the only governor of the Triumvirate.[1]

However, agents of the Intelligence found out about his plan and prepared the Triumvirate for the event. The coup failed, and Fel was forced to flee to the One Sith, who were preparing in the Unknown Regions for an invasion of the galaxy. As he found out, they had conquered Kamino and began to make a dark army.

The Civil War

After negotiating with them, Fel was crowned the new Galactic Emperor. He reached out to the Empire-in-exile citizens in the Triumvirate, telling them the time has come to reclaim their position as the dominant galactic government. Much of the Triumvirate Military joined, as most of it was former Imperial. After they arrived in the Unknown Regions, he declared the merging of the One Sith and the Empire to be the new Dark Empire, named after the old state of the reborn Palpatine. From Kamino, in 252 ABY, their invasion began, marking the beginning of the Triumvirate Civil War.

Personality and traits

Johan Fel was described to be ambitious, a part of his personality that grew upon achieving the position of Chief of State of the Triumvirate. He was also a hardcore supporter of the Empire, destroying the Triumvirate in order to get the Empire resurrected as a sovereign state.



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Emperor of the Dark Empire
251 ABY
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