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Golden Age of the Republic

No, I really don't hate my life. I'd just never wish it upon anybody. No one deserves what my father did.
Awa Moonflower[src]

Jinn Moonflower was a Human male who served as Senator from the Seswenna sector from 740 BBY until his retirement 715 BBY. He was succeeded by his daughter, Awa. Jinn Moonflower was a shrewd politican, brash and heavy-handed in his dealings. He was a rough individual, and abused his daughter verbally and physically. He aligned himself with the Rimward faction in the Senate, and brokered a tacit peace with the xenophobic Human population of Eriadu. Moonfloewr died unceremoniously on Seswenna, but his legacy haunted his daughter through the early portion of her career. It was not until 707 BBY that she finally began to work through her emotional and mental anguish. Even to her death, she was haunted by her father and his brutal actions.



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