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…if you do not understand the philosophies of the Force, then you have no business wielding it.―Jhon Cordatus[src]

Jhon Cordatus was a male Human Jedi Master who served as the Grand Master and a member of the Jedi High Council in the New Jedi Order. He was born on Tython in 957 ABY and became the Padawan of Jedi Knight Jayda Hal. After a number of years, Cordatus was promoted to Jedi Knight after training in the ways of a Jedi Guardian, despite his stronger proficiency for the reception and interpretation of visions and dreams.

In 981 ABY, Cordatus was part of a Jedi team that assisted Imperial forces in rescuing the princess of Ondos, a planet that had been involved in a decade-long feud with the nearby world of Ardos. Cordatus was able to rescue the princess from her Ardosian captors, but he inadvertently triggered an explosion that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians and a war between the two Imperial worlds.

After a year-long exile for his actions, Cordatus chose to become a Jedi Sage and studied under Sage Master Errand Khoss. He was elevated to the level of Jedi Master and taught a number of classes in the Sage Halls of Empress Teta before becoming one of the leaders of the Sage Halls. Khoss later died and was succeeded by Bratak Dar, who later disappeared in Imperial space. Cordatus interpreted visions and disturbances in the Force to mean that the Sith had returned and assumed control of the Empire, and, when he was proven correct and Dar did not return, was elected to the High Council and became Sage Master.

Cordatus served as a High Council member for a number of years. In 1,011 ABY, he received a vision that the Sith were finally preparing to launch a war against the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi, allowing the Council and the Galactic Congress to prepare for war. After the resignation of Chief of State Valafar Lamartine, Cordatus became interim Chief of State of the Alliance, an office he held until a new Chief of State was elected. Following the bombing of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and the departure of Grand Master Lecchamemnon, Cordatus became Grand Master of the Jedi.


Early life and training

Indeed, my own shortcomings once directed me down a path much different than the one I have found myself leading today.―Jhon Cordatus, as Sage Master, reflects on his childhood[src]

Jhon Cordatus was born on Tython in 957 ABY. His father and mother were both nineteen year old Padawans when he was born. From the time he was a boy, Cordatus showed an ability to receive and interpret visions and dreams from the Force, which allowed him to predict the possible outcome of events and see things that were happening in the present. He also had an interest in the powers and philosophies of the Force, although he was less talented in lightsaber combat.[1]

His parents hoped that he would become a Jedi Sage, but Cordatus wanted to serve under a Jedi Guardian who could teach him to be a warrior in the art of lightsaber combat. It was his goal to use his abilities with visions in battle against enemies of the New Jedi Order and the Galactic Alliance. The Jedi High Council had some reservations about granting this request, as they were concerned about an eleven year old boy having strong desires to learn the ways of combat, but they agreed to allow him to do so. He was assigned to Jedi Knight Jayda Hal, a Zabrak Jedi who took a more moderate and less-combat oriented approach than Cordatus had wanted but who nonetheless possessed strong skills with a lightsaber.[1]

Contention SWGTCG

Jayda Hal instructs Cordatus.

Cordatus trained with Master Hal for a number of years, during which time he learned to hone his skills with a lightsaber. He later reflected that her most important teaching was that a Jedi's strength came through the character and convictions with which they used a lightsaber, not through physical and combat strength alone. After many years together, he felt he had learned this lesson well, though in truth he did not yet fully grasp or understand the concept.[1]

In 977 ABY, when he was twenty years old, Master Hal agreed that Cordatus was ready to face the Jedi Trials. He doubted if he was ready, but he faced the Trials after she reassured him that he was. Cordatus passed the Jedi Trials and became a Jedi Knight, and he felt proud that Master Hal and his parents had put their faith into him at that point.[1]

Mission to Ardos

My success in finding the princess bred in me two of the worst qualities that can befall anyone: over-confidence and pride, the most damning of all the sins.―Cordatus reflects on the mission to Ardos[src]

Four years later, the Jedi were called upon to help resolve tensions between two planets, Ardos and Ondos, within the Empire, which was still allied with the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi at that time. The two worlds had been faced with deteriorating relations for the previous ten years, and Ardos captured the princess of Ondos and held her hostage in exchange for a number of demands. One such demand was the disestablishment of the Ondos planetary militia, which the Ardosians believed was planning to attack Ardos. As the Imperial government had been unable to resolve the matter, it requested that a small group of Jedi assist Imperial forces in solving the situation.[1]

The Jedi and the Alliance were hesitant to involve themselves in the internal military affairs of the Empire, but they nonetheless agreed to assist in an Imperial-led operation aimed at rescuing the kidnapped royal. Cordatus volunteered to be a member of the strike time, hoping to use his combat skills against real opponents.[1]

Art of Movement

Cordatus rescues the Princess of Ondos.

When the team arrived on Ardos, they infiltrated the compound in the middle of the night. They were discovered during the infiltration, leading to a firefight between the Ardosians and the strike force. Cordatus and the Jedi moved to the front lines of the team, thereby protecting the Imperial forces, before they split up to complete separate objectives. Jhon was tasked with locating the hostage, and he fought his way to where she was being held and ultimately rescued her.[1]

As Cordatus would later claim, his success in finding the princess led him to become over-confident and prideful during the remainder of the mission. As he was fleeing with the princess, he threw his lightsaber at a group of Ardosian soldiers with the intention of having it boomerang back to him, but the blade also hit the facility's power generator that stood behind the soldiers. This sparked a meltdown in the facility, forcing the team and the Ardosians to evacuate. Because of the short meltdown time, however, there was not enough time to warn the nearby population. Although the team and their rescued target were safe, the ensuing explosion killed hundreds of civilians and injured thousands more.[1]

The result of the incident was an Ardosian declaration of war against Ondos, as Ardos believed it was a deliberate attack meant to create mass destruction on Ardos. The war that followed claimed the life of the Princess of Ondos when an Ardosian soldier slit her throat. The Imperial military ultimately intervened and ended the conflict.[1]

Becoming a Jedi Sage

When my exile ended, I finally forced myself out of the self-punishing daze I had been in for far too long. I knew, deep down the whole time, that such thoughts would only bring me closer to the darkness that brought me there to begin with, so I had to turn away.―Cordatus reflects on his self-punishment[src]

As a punishment for his actions on Ardos, the Jedi Council placed Cordatus under arrest. He began feeling guilt and sorrow for his actions, and he could detect the disturbances in the Force for every death that occurred as a result of the war. The High Council considered permanently exiling him from the New Jedi Order, which he felt they would have been right to do, but instead he was exiled for only one year and sent to work in a Jedi mine.[1]

During his exile, he went through a period of self-doubt and self-pity, and he considered leaving the Jedi entirely. He felt he had failed in learning Jayda Hal’s instruction about how a Jedi’s strength came through the strength of character and conviction rather than combat prowess alone, a painful lesson for him. His exile ended after one year, and he chose to return to the New Jedi Order, realizing that his self-punishment would only lead him towards the dark side of the Force. Cordatus came to believe that a Jedi’s life was one continuous mistake with which they could learn and grow from. To that end, he chose to leave the path of a Jedi Guardian and become a seer, a prophet, and a Sage, which his parents had hoped for him to begin with.[1]

In order to hone his abilities to see and interpret visions and dreams, Cordatus began training in the Sage Halls on Empress Teta under Errand Khoss, a High Council member and the Sage Master of the New Jedi Order. He was able to learn how to channel his relatively untapped abilities into more detailed and accurate interpretations of visions and dreams. Khoss also suggested that Cordatus train in the Hall of Healing as a Jedi healer, which Cordatus accepted; he believed saving lives after causing the end of so many would help him forgive himself for the suffering on Ardos and Ondos, which it ultimately did.[1]

Form Zero

Cordatus as a Jedi Master.

In 994 ABY, Cordatus was elevated to the level of Jedi Master and became a teacher in the Sage Halls. Khoss felt that the new Jedi Master had a talent for teaching, and the Sage Master believed that Cordatus’ self-forgiveness and self-transformation on Ardos made Cordatus a good choice for working under him in the administration of the temple. Cordatus continued to teach classes and occasionally trained students one-on-one, all while overseeing a number of healing trainees in the Hall of Healers.[1]

Election to the Council

I accepted the calling with a sense of humility, respecting the two great Jedi who had come before me and all the Jedi who served before them.―Cordatus speaks about his election to the Jedi High Council[src]

Five years after Cordatus’ elevation to Jedi Master, Khoss became ill and passed away from natural causes. When the Councilor knew he would die, he requested that the High Council choose Cordatus as his successor, despite his short tenure as a Master. Because the Council was wary about Cordatus due to the events on Ardos, they instead chose Master Bratak Dar to become the next Sage Master and Jedi High Council member. Cordatus respected that decision as he felt that Dar was a capable Jedi, and he understood the Council’s reservations about the Ardosian incident.[1]

Cordatus continued to work in the Sage Halls under Dar until 1,002 ABY, when Dar was sent on an assignment into Imperial territory to assist Imperial forces in a sensitive operation. However, Dar never reported back, and he was not heard from by the Jedi High Council again once his previously routine correspondences had ceased. The Jedi investigated his disappearance but they could not reach a conclusion about what had happened.[1]


Cordatus lived and taught in the Sage Halls of Empress Teta.

Shortly after Dar’s disappearance, Cordatus began having visions and dreams that were stronger than he had felt before, to the point where he could not initially interpret them. He also felt a shift in the Force that created a number of other disturbances, none of which the Jedi could understand at first. Cordatus withdrew from his teachings in order to study his visions, and he ultimately realized that the Sith had returned for the first time in nearly nine hundred years and had taken control of the Empire.[1]

He reported his interpretations of the visions and disturbances in the Force to the High Council, along with his belief that Dar had been killed by the Sith in Imperial territory. The Order’s Prime Envoy, a High Council member and a member of the Galactic Congress, reported Cordatus’ findings to the Galactic Congress. The Chief of State ordered a covert operation into Imperial territory, where the operatives confirmed these findings.[1]

Due to his successful interpretation of the events, the High Council elected Cordatus to succeed Dar as Sage Master and Councilor. He took over the administration of the Sage Halls of Empress Teta, overseeing all training and matters related to seers, prophets, and Sages, as well as the Hall of Healing. He also became the chief interpreter of visions and dreams in the New Jedi Order.[1]

Training a Padawan

I sometimes talk to the Force. It's very kind, you see. Whenever something makes me angry or unhappy, the Force quickly makes bad things happen to it. I don't even have to do anything. Is that normal for someone like me?Andraste upon first meeting Cordatus on Corellia[src]

Cordatus served on the Council for a number of years following his appointment. During that time, he was sent by the Jedi Council to an orphanage in the slums of Corellia, where the Council had asked him to meet a young girl who lived there. Upon his arrival, Cordatus was told that the girl, Andraste, had been involved in incidents with other children at the orphanage.[3]

When he met Andraste, she was under the impression that he would call her crazy, as she had been labelled as such by those at the orphanage. The Sage Master felt her sensitivity to the Force, recognizing that the incidents she had been involved in were as a result of the Force manifesting itself within her. Despite sensing that she had an uncertain and clouded future, he chose to offer to bring her to Empress Teta to be trained as a Jedi. She was hesitant at first, but he was able to convince her, using her affection for flowers to tell her about the rich environment surrounding the Sage Halls where she would be able to live.[3]

Andraste traveled with Cordatus to Empress Teta, where she was accepted by the Council for training. All of the Council members recognized that she had darkness within her, but helping her overcome it was why the Sage Master had chosen to train her as his Padawan. As they began training, Cordatus taught her many aspects of a Jedi's life and the philosophies behind them, including the Eightfold Path to Transcend the Dark Side, which were central tenets he believed a Jedi was wise to follow.[3]

Despite Cordatus' training, Andraste believed that she had a chaotic monster within her, one that continued to cause her to do harm to others. While on Empress Teta, she attacked a group of Padawans and nearly mutilated them. Fearing that this was because of an inherent darkness within her, she left Empress Teta and Cordatus behind, ultimately joining the Sith.[4]

Looming war

This is not a job a Jedi wants. This holds true with me. I am a sage and a healer, not a politician, so my duty now is to ensure a swift transition to a new administration.―Interim-Chief of State Jhon Cordatus[src]
Lord Judicar

Darth Judicar, whom Cordatus witnessed become Sith Emperor in a vision.

In 1,011 ABY, Cordatus saw a vision that told him that Darth Aevum, the Dark Lady and Empress of the Sith, had been killed and then succeeded by her apprentice, Darth Judicar. Based on what he had seen in his vision, Cordatus relayed to the High Council his feelings that Judicar was much more eager for war than his late master, suggesting that a conflict between the Galactic Alliance and the Empire was soon to come.[5] Per a Jedi Council request, and the approval of Chief of State Valafar Lamartine, Cordatus addressed the Alliance Congress about his vision and requested that Alliance intelligence operatives be sent to confirm his vision. The vision was ultimately proven correct.[6]

As preparations for war continued, Chief of State Lamartine unexpectedly suffered a near-fatal heart attack. His father had died of a heart attack around the same age, so, concerned for his own health, the Chief of State chose to resign from office and focus on other aspects of his life, including his health.[7] Standard transitional procedure was for the Prime Envoy to become interim Chief of State, but then-recently appointed Prime Envoy Bacilla Kane was unable to fulfill the role due to other commitments. The Jedi Council elected Cordatus to assume the temporary posting in her place, and Cordatus assured the Congress that his goal was to oversee a transition to a new Chief of State, not to remain in power or coordinate military policy.[8]

The looming threat of the Sith caused stress amongst members of the High Council, as well as a desire amongst some members to remove any hint of the dark side from the Jedi. One such case was when Battle Master Augustus Primus Leonus walked in on a fight between a group of Jedi where emotions such as anger were in use. Two Jedi, Kalen Conner and Kelly Cross, were called before the High Council. Grand Master Beric Kanasur deemed that Conner would restart his Jedi training, whereas Cross would face immediate exile from the Order due to her lashing out in anger against Conner during the fight. Cordatus protested the decision, as they were not given a chance to defend themselves, but the decision stood and Cross chose to leave. Cordatus, however, requested that she meet him on Coruscant.[9]

In the aftermath of the Council session, Cordatus continued working on the transition to a new administration when a number of Jedi requested a meeting with the High Council. Because Cordatus was still a member of that body, he attended the Tython-based session via hologram, where a group of Jedi issued a vote of no confidence against Grand Master Kanasur and Prime Envoy Kane. Although Cordatus would have preferred it not have happened, he did not object when it was issued. The Grand Master, Prime Envoy, and the Battle Master—the latter a close friend of the Grand Master—all stepped down.[10] Lore Master Lecchamemnon became Grand Master, while Cordatus remained Sage Master. Further promotions saw Daisuke Sonam Fuyu become Battle Master, Virzivil Axgar become Prime Envoy, and Nuju Leafskipper become Lore Master.[11]


The Will of the Force was the Jedi flagship prior to its destruction by the Sith.

It was not until after the vote of no confidence that Cordatus was able to meet with Kelly Cross on Coruscant. When they met, Cordatus offered to propose to the new High Council that she be allowed to re-enter the New Jedi Order, pending additional training that would help her to control her anger. Cross accepted the offer.[12]

Soon thereafter, an Imperial attack on the The Will of the Force, the flagship of the New Jedi Order, led to the vessel's destruction. In the aftermath, Cordatus used his authority as interim Chief of State to call an emergency session of Congress. After consulting with military advisers, Congressional leaders, and the High Council, the Sage Master requested that Congress declare war against the Empire, a resolution that Congress approved.[13] Furthermore, to ensure that the Jedi were not left without a defensive vessel, Cordatus issued Executive Order 9287, transferring command of an Alliance military vessel to the New Jedi Order. The ship was re-christened Light of the Force and replaced The Will of the Force as the Jedi flagship.[14]

Recovering from destruction

Serve the people and follow the Way. That’s all we can ask of ourselves.―Jhon Cordatus in the aftermath of the Jedi Temple bombing[src]

Once a new Alliance administration was chosen, Cordatus relinquished the position of Chief of State and returned to Empress Teta. While there, he attended a meeting of the Jedi Council via hologram where a former Jedi turned Sith, Aÿisha Remy, stood before the Council on Coruscant seeking answers for why Jedi she had known were killed at the hands of the Sith. Unknown to the Council, Remy had smuggled a plasma bomb inside of her lightsaber. Although Cordatus attempted to convince her to remain with the Jedi and seek redemption, she chose to leave the Coruscanti Temple and left her lightsaber behind. Once she left the temple, the bomb exploded, killing the Jedi Council members in attendance—Battle Master Fuyu, Prime Envoy Axgar, and Lore Master Leafskipper—and destroying the Coruscanti Temple. Cordatus and the Grand Master, who also attended via hologram, were left unharmed.[15]

Cordatus remained on Empress Teta, and from there he helped the Grand Master coordinate the rebuilding of the Jedi leadership and deal with the aftermath of the bombing. He met with Zsaekriel Dtoahfre'Vuun, an Imperial Knight who briefly served as their Knight-Commander after their former leader, Bellatrix La Rouge, was killed in the Jedi Temple bombing. Dtoahfre'Vuun chose to join with the New Jedi Order in order to fight against the Sith, and he was appointed as one of two Battle Masters, with a focus on offensive combat, and given a seat on the Jedi Council.[16]

In addition to Dtoahfre'Vuun, Bektar Vor Tulon was chosen to serve as the second Battle Master, and he was placed in charge of defensive combat and security. As Cordatus prepared to travel to Coruscant to meet with Vor Tulon, who was overseeing the damage assessment on the galactic capital, the Sage Master sensed that Andraste, his former apprentice, was on Empress Teta. He found her outside the Sage Hall grounds, where she told him of how she had become a member of the Sith leadership but that she had kept the security of Empress Teta a secret from them.[4]

Although Andraste was insistent that she was a bad person who would surely bring harm upon others, Cordatus told her what he had always believed—that whatever her flaws, she was a good person. Before she chose to leave, the Sage Master sensed that she was pregnant. Cordatus allowed her to leave, reminding her to hold on to the good things in her life in order to find redemption.[4]

Cordatus left Empress Teta aboard the Light of the Force once Andraste was gone, and he arrived on Coruscant to meet with Vor Tulon and assess the rubble of the Jedi Temple for himself. Cordatus gave Vor Tulon approval to begin rebuilding the Jedi Temple and increase security there and at other Jedi locations. They also began discussing increased security for Alliance worlds, for which Cordatus gave Vor Tulon approval to begin pursuing.[17]

Leading the Jedi

Upon the completion of the meeting, Cordatus returned to Empress Teta aboard the Light of the Force. During the return trip, he briefly entered a training class designed to better Jedi fighting abilities led by Dtoahfre'Vuun. Cordatus knew that the methods the former Imperial Knight planned to use would be more intense than what the Jedi were used to, so he entered the class via hologram in order to assure the participants that he had full confidence in Dtoahfre'Vuun. Cordatus left the class once he was finished speaking.[18]

The Jedi continued to train and rebuild in the aftermath of the bombing, while the Sith turned their attention towards the Mandalorians, who occupied space that the Sith wanted for themselves. In order to claim it, the Sith issued an ultimatum demanding that the Mandalorians vacate the territory or be destroyed. [19] In order to save their civilization, the Mandalorians chose to leave, and the Alliance offered them worlds to settle on in Alliance territory. A treaty was put together to formalize this, and Cordatus was chosen to sign for the Alliance, as neither the Chief of State nor the Grand Master could attend on short notice. The Sage Master traveled to Tython, where he met with Mandalore the Indomitable and the two signed the treaty.[20]

Cordatus met with the Grand Master after the signing of the treaty, where Lecchamemnon informed him that he was stepping down as leader of the Jedi. As the most senior Jedi left on the High Council, Cordatus rose to the position of Grand Master. Ebberla Daw was appointed Sage Master and Adalii Jenarian became Lore Master, completing the appointments of new High Council members.[21]

When the new Council was in place, Cordatus and most of the other Councilors traveled to Coruscant, where a candlelight vigil was held at the ruins of the Jedi Temple in honor of those who were killed in the bombing. Hundreds of thousands of Jedi, civilians, and political and military leaders attended in order to pay their respects. Recovery crews continued to work during the vigil, and Padawan Urufu Nekare was rescued from the rubble during the service, giving hope to those in attendance.[21]

Personality and traits

The Jedi are guardians of the peace, but we are also guardians of those who need us even when they don't know they need us.―Jhon Cordatus while teaching a class on Right Conduct[src]

During his time as a Jedi Padawan, Cordatus was focused on being a Jedi warrior, wanting to fight against the enemies of the Jedi using skills with a lightsaber rather than skills with the Force. He had the ability to sense the currents in the Force, suggesting he would be fit for the role of a Jedi Sage, but instead he wished to use that ability in battle against his enemies. These abilities caused him, by his own recollection, to become arrogant and over-confident in his own skills.[1]

It was not until the war between Ardos and Ondos that he realized the negative traits that dominated his personality. Through his exile and his training upon his return to the Jedi, he came to realize what his master had taught him years earlier, namely that the strength of a Jedi came not through defeating enemies on a battlefield, but through the strength of their character and the convictions with which they wielded the blade of a Jedi. The self-doubt that he felt over his actions in sparking the war led him to ultimately believe that the life of a Jedi was one continuous mistake, and he could use his faults and failures to learn and improve himself. These realizations led him to become a Jedi Sage and, ultimately, the Grand Master of the New Jedi Order.[1]

The evolution of his views about the Jedi also led him to being a proponent of forgiveness and understanding amongst the Jedi leadership when he was on the High Council. He did not believe that exiling Jedi was appropriate except under the most extreme circumstances, and he opposed arbitrary exiling of Jedi without accused Jedi having a chance to defend themselves.[9] One of his core beliefs in this same regard was that of redemption and the goodness of Human nature, which he saw as something that was inherently good. While Human nature could be corrupted, he also believed it could be redeemed.[4]

As a teacher, Cordatus taught what he called the Eightfold Path to Transcend the Dark Side. He believed that those who followed the dark side could be redeemed, but that it was even more important to teach Jedi students what he saw as the proper way to live the life of a Jedi and, through it, avoid corruption and inspire goodness in other beings. This philosophy included such concepts as Right Speech, Right Conduct, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration, Right Intention, and Right Understanding. Cordatus stressed, however, that these concepts and philosophies were not rules, but rather ways for a Jedi to avoid the dark side while living naturally and true to themselves in order to do what they knew was right.[1]

All of his philosophies, particularly as a High Council member, related to what he referred to as “the Way,” namely the Way of the Jedi. He taught that commitment to the Way meant giving up selfish desires and showing a willingness to help those in need, including those who had fallen to or were struggling with the dark side.[22] He also felt it was important to teach Jedi to follow the Way in a manner that suited their particular life and needs, as well as the lives of all beings.[3]

It was critical to Cordatus to remind the Jedi, particularly his fellow High Council members, to follow the Way after the war broke out between the New Sith Imperium and the Jedi and the Alliance. He saw the Jedi involvement in the war not as a militaristic endeavor, but as an extension of their duty to protect the people of the galaxy.[17] He recognized, however, that being a Jedi in a time of war could be difficult and cause conflict within themselves, but that they could remain strong individuals if they held true to the Way.[21]

Despite his many strengths, he did view one flaw within himself, and that was himself. He believed that the greatest flaw of all beings was themselves, namely the corruption that they could inflict upon themselves. Cordatus, for example, was once full of pride, which resulted in the deaths of others. He would later teach that thoughts like pride could consume a Jedi, and that all Jedi, himself included, had to work to avoid it.[1]

Powers and abilities

[Luke Skywalker] did not triumph over Palpatine over the moon of Endor, he triumphed over himself. He refused to fall to temptation and became a true Jedi, and he redeemed his father in the process using the greatest weapon of any arsenal: love.―Jhon Cordatus on what he saw as the true strength of a Jedi[src]
Force Flash

Cordatus uses the Force.

Cordatus viewed the most important ability of a Jedi to being one who was able to overcome themselves and be a better person for it. The evolution of his abilities from a Guardian to a Sage was as an extension of this belief. He had trained as a Padawan to become a duelist, but after the war between Ardos and Ondos he chose to become a Sage. By the time he was the Sage Master, he was looked upon by his fellow Jedi as a master of the Force.[1]

As Sage Master, one of his roles was to be the Chief Healer in the Hall of Healing, located in the Sage Halls of Empress Teta. He had the abilities of a healer, though he did not see himself as the best healer of his time. His ability to detect the currents of the Force also led him to being the Council’s interpreter of visions and dreams, roles that he fulfilled when he first saw the return of the Sith and the death of Darth Aevum in visions.[1]

Behind the scenes

Very rare that you see well-written Jedi on here tbh, it's very good Bac.―Constantine[src]

Jhon Cordatus is a role-playing character created by role-player and fan fiction author Brandon Rhea for Star Wars Legacies, the fifth and current role-playing timeline on TheStarWarsRP.Com. The character was posted on the website on July 21, 2011.[1]

When developing the character, Rhea chose to use what he called an "obligatory tragic past for a Jedi" by creating the deaths on Ardos, which the character was responsible for. Rhea wanted to show that the character once had a desire to find adventure and excitement as a Jedi but later had to face the consequences of that choice in order to become the Jedi he currently is in the role-play. It was also to give Cordatus' teachings about Jedi philosophy a backing in the character's own experiences. According to Rhea, he did not want the character to have "learned philosophy in terms of just having it taught to him," but rather "he needed to learn it through the result of his own actions," thus giving his teachings more weight.[23]

The character was well received by Rhea's fellow role-players. One role-player, Quill, enjoyed the coherent story. HunterOrdo was satisfied the character as well, while wishing that Cordatus had started as a Jedi Padawan in the role-play in order to see all of the events of the biography unfold and how the character would react to them. Constantine noted that he believed it was rare to see a well-written Jedi character on the website, so he was pleased with Cordatus' profile. Laurent Bastien also applauded the character and felt that the writing style was very personal.[1]


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