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The journal of the President. Everything he sees, likes, dislikes, loves, and hates is detailed in this journal. Its contents are also filled with designs of walkers, starships, starfighters as well as prototypes of said technology, even nicknames he has attached to them.
—An unknown individual[src]

Jenkins Fall's Journal[1] was the personal journal of President Jenkins Fall who often wrote in its empty pages based on whatever happened in his day as well as writing in designs of future war machines.[1] The journal was kept within the vault of the President's home on Corellia—despite the Eclipse capital being Coruscant.[1]

The journal was known to the Eclipse Military personnel, but did not know of its contents or whatever was written inside of it.[1] Most speculated about battle plans, operations, procedures, contingencies, executive orders while some simply thought of it as his diary.[1]

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