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A mirror shall tell the secret or truth of a single person. It shall tell if you are good or evil. But in my case, your all evil.
—Paoloura Shadek — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Jen'jidai is a formiddable empire ruled by Paolora Shadek.


⊂||[Jen'jidai is a corporation that seperated from the NOVA years has lead to be the galaxy's most feared and dominating Empire. We have rebelled against NOVA because Hypith Prowis was using us as pawns in his game. He does not care for us..But then now..A new leader too lead us..He is..Paloura Shadek..He shall lead us to power..This is.."Jen'jidai"...

Known Jen'jidaiEdit

The President: Paloura Prowis/Shadek

Vice President: Hyprith Prowis

CEO | Admiral: Shadiakein

First Agent 01: Derk Ryuuzu

Second Agent 01: Joeseph Ryuuzu

(Female) Agent 02 | Royal Advisor: Raphaell

Agent 00: "Fluffy man"

Agent 04: "Ninja"

Agent 05: Conan

Agent 06: Dona

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