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We are the Force who will bought to that planet. The Force is strong within that planet, that's lasting over thousand of years since we're rebuild a new life, a new order that will change history forever. We are the Jedi and we are the protector of our home.
—Jedi Admin

The Beginning:

The information about the Earth Jedi was said by the modern Jedi that the original Jedi was founded in 6,000 B.B.Y (BC) where the first Jedi Temple was very hidden for very long time and yet none of them have no idea where the First Jedi Order come from. Many historian Jedi are trying to figure where it so that the piece will put together so that history will never be forgotten, but the legend say that the First Jedi wielding the lightsaber in glowing blue (sapphire) that they're believe in Ancient Time that the First Jedi was actually the bringer of Hope across the entire human nation that's lasting over 1000 of years.

The Jedi are not warrior before they can construct thier own lightsaber, they were monk to understand the peace and harmony in spiritual ways and how to write in thier own chronicle ways to pass down for generations so that all Jedi will understand the Ancient Ways.

The Jedi Code:

When the Earth Jedi are struggle to known thier own Jedi Order Code. A Code that will live for over 1000 years that all future Jedi will never forget and it will never fade away. The Ancient Jedi wrote in the chronicle words in thier own tongue to understand to all future user.
The Force is who we are. The Force will guide us. Only peace without involve from our ambination. There is no emotion, only peace and harmony. We are serve to the Force, we serve our ally to the Force. The Force we will forever serve to all Jedi.

Those are th ancient Code that will forever forward to all future Jedi and understand the chronicle ways of the Jedi Order.

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