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The Jedi Order was an ancient Order of Force users who usually strove to help the less fortunate beings in the galaxy.



A youngling was the first ranking in the Jedi Order; they would be like a student to all other rankings. The youngling would learn about the Force and how to follow the Jedi Code respectfully. The Jedi Youngling was not permitted to go outside of the Order at any times, other than having to evacuate. A Jedi Youngling would be placed into a bear clan, which was a group of other younglings being taught by a Jedi Master.


A Jedi Initiate was a youngling who had passed their trials. These were minor trials. For example:

  • They had to explain the Jedi Code.
  • They had to give a short meaning of the Force*
  • They must understand the three pillars of a Jedi.

After taking these trials, they were given the rank of Jedi Initiate, which after a period of time, a Jedi Knight or Jedi Master would come and take them as their padawan (Apprentice).


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Braynar Kortis, Jedi Padawan

After a Jedi Knight or Master has declared them their apprentice, they would now train with their master, and not in clans. They would learn more things about the Force, and they would build their first lightsaber after a period of time. They would learn more about the code, and they would go on missions with their master. They would then take their trials to become a Jedi Knight.

Jedi Knight

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The Jedi Padawan would take their Jedi Trials, and if they passed, they would become a Jedi Knight. They would then be sorted into subrankings (See Below) and would be able to take one apprentice. They would receive more respect, would be sent out on missions by themselves, and would be allowed outside the Jedi Order at their free will.

Jedi Master

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Jedi Master Jaden Korr 40 ABY

Jaden Korr, Jedi Master

If a Jedi Knight was seen that he was very knowledgeable, and had a lot of strength within the Force, he or she would come before the Jedi Council. If the Council agreed on the Knight’s strength and knowledge, he or she would then take the Jedi master trials. If the Knight passed, he or she would be given the Jedi Master ranking. They would receive more respect than a Jedi Knight would, and due to their knowledge within the Force and outside of it, they could take up to three apprentices. They would then be allowed to join the Jedi Council, if they agreed on it.

Jedi Grand Master

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Vleslan, Jedi Grand Master

The Jedi grandmaster was the highest ranking in the Jedi Order. They were the most respected being within the Order. Even though during times their was no grandmaster, this rank was considered power hungry, and was given to people from time to time during times of crisis.

These were the only people to officially hold the grandmaster rank, even though mostly not accepting it, or having it a short period in order to help around the order.

Jedi classes

There are three classes for a Jedi Knight/Master:

Malachai Darkblade Specialist

Malachai Darkblade, Jedi Specialist

  • Consular–the Jedi Consular was very knowledgeable within the Force. A Consular would rarely enter combat, and if he or she did, they would use mostly their power within the Force. Jedi Consulars wielded a Green Lightsaber.
  • Sentinel–The Sentinel was mainly a knowledgeable Jedi. They would usually use hand-to-hand combat in fights, and they wielded a Yellow Lightsaber.
  • Guardian–A Jedi Guardian was not as knowledgeable as the other two rankings, but he or she was very skilled in fighting. They would usually be in charge of a war or anything of the likes. They wielded a blue lightsaber.
  • Specialist–A Jedi Specialist was the name given to a Jedi whose knowledgeable in both a Guardian and Consular. Jedi Specialist mostly wielded a Purple Lightsaber.
    Jedi Mission Giver

    A Jedi Mission Giver, stationed on a Jedi Temple

  • Mission Giver- A Jedi Master who gives mission to young Padawans, and assists them on their assignment.

Millitary Rankings

  • Jedi Captain-a Jedi who was not trusted enough to lead his own troops, a Jedi Captain instead served as an advisor.
  • Jedi Commander–A Padawan serving as a Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic, the Jedi Commander is assigned to follow/accompany a Jedi General until knighthood. Once a full-fledged Jedi, the Padawan is then referred to as a General.
  • Jedi General–a Jedi who had been placed in command of a Republic army. This would often consist of the Jedi leading the army into battle.
  • Senior Jedi General–a high-ranking Jedi serving as general in the Clone Wars. The Senior Jedi General was typically a Jedi Master who was very experienced in warfare and battle tactics.
  • High Jedi General–A member of the Jedi Council serving as a Jedi General during the Clone Wars. The Jedi High General would not only command their own army, but also supervise other Jedi Generals and offer insight, strategies, and tactics to them. They also lead and organize the armies to battle.
  • Jedi Lord–A Jedi who served as a commander in the Army of Light during the New Sith Wars. The Jedi Lord assumed this title mainly out of political motivation. The rank was abolished after the war.

Guardian positions

  • Jedi Ace–a Jedi who had specialized in starfighter combat, combining piloting skills with mastery of the Force.
  • Jedi Brute–a Jedi being responsible for guarding the Jedi Temple, the Jedi brute would focus on physical strength and aggressive lightsaber combat.
  • Jedi Gatemaster–the Jedi who served as the keeper of the main entrance at the Jedi Temple.
  • Jedi Sniper–another class of Jedi specializing in long-range telekinetic lightsaber combat.
  • Jedi Weapon Master–a Jedi Master who focused solely on battle, the Weapon Master was among the greatest fighters of the Order, but also had very limited insight into philosophy and non-combat-related Force skills.

Healing rankings

  • Jedi Healers–Some Jedi would focus on the more humanitarian aspects of the Force, specializing in Force powers based on Force healing. In addition to knowledge of such Force powers, Jedi healers also had extensive knowledge of medicine and medical technology.

Knowledge rankings

  • Jedi Archaeologist–a Jedi who had specialized in gaining historical knowledge through archaeology, the Jedi archaeologist was often a member of the Explore Corps and involved in expeditions of various kinds.
  • Jedi Historian–a Jedi who had specialized in chronicling the history of the Galaxy and the Jedi Order. The Jedi historian knew virtually everything about the past of the Jedi Order.
  • Jedi Librarian–a Jedi who had specialized in administrating vast databases of knowledge, the Jedi librarian was in charge of an important Jedi library, such as the ancient Great Jedi Library, the library of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, or the Jedi Archives.
  • Jedi Geologist–a Jedi who had specialized in geology.
  • Jedi Consular/Sage Master–a Jedi Master dedicated to the mysteries of the Force, the Consular (Sage Master at master level) had deep insights into the philosophies of the Force and was a highly skilled user of many Force powers.

Diplomatic ranks

  • Jedi Watchmen–were in charged with overseeing a particular system or sector, thus serving as a type of liaison officer between the system or sector and the Jedi Council as well as the Republic in general. Jedi Watchmen were often highly skilled in diplomacy and possessed knowledge of the culture of the system or sector they oversaw. Often Jedi Watchmen originated from the system or sector they were tasked with overseeing.

Training positions

Jedi Krad

Krad Erron, Jedi Battlemaster

  • Jedi Instructor–a Jedi accountable for giving general teachings to Younglings, Padawans, or the occasional older beings. Sometimes Council members who were frequently at the Jedi Temple, where initial instruction commonly took place, served as Jedi instructors. However, most such mentors were stationed at a Jedi Praxeum or academy.
  • Jedi Battlemaster–a Jedi highly skilled in lightsaber combat. The Battlemaster was the lightsaber combat instructor of a Jedi Praxeum or academy.
  • Jedi Trainer–a Jedi student or Jedi Knight responsible for teaching and instructing a certain aspect of the Force, the Jedi trainer was a vital component in the education of Jedi Knights in the early years of the New Jedi Order.

Investigation and crime fighting

  • Jedi Investigator–a Jedi specially appointed by the Council to uncover hidden and obscure threats to the Galaxy such as powerful criminal syndicates, corruption, conspiracy against the Republic, and other shady menaces. The Jedi investigator would often work alone. They usually would work undercover in order to infiltrate suspicious organizations, or they would be busy investigating some act of crime.
  • Jedi Protector–a Jedi Protector was a Jedi Assigned by the Council to protect an individual whose life is threatened. They would usually possess great combat skills in order to fight off any attacker. An example of this would be Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi being assigned as Protectors of Queen Amidala of the Naboo. Later, Anakin Skywalker was assigned to be the Protector of Senator Amidala.
  • Jedi Sentinel–a Jedi Sentinel strived to achieve balance between the Jedi Guardian and the Jedi Consular, possessing skills in lightsaber combat as well as knowledge in the Force. This type of Jedi functioned like both the Jedi investigator and the Jedi Shadow, rooting out and destroying both crime and the dark side of the Force. In addition, the Jedi Sentinel also had skills in various other studies.
  • Jedi Shadow–a Jedi whose job was to seek out and destroy any sign of the dark side of the Force, the Jedi Shadow was the Jedi Order's primary weapon against the dark side up until the Clone Wars.
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