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I was once a Jedi Knight, the same as your father.
—Obi-Wan Kenobi to Luke Skywalker[src]

A Jedi Knight was a member of one of the various Jedi Orders throughout the history of the galaxy.

The rank followed the title of Jedi Padawan and came before the rank of Jedi Master. A Jedi Padawan became a Jedi Knight when he or she successfully passed their Jedi Trials, which was the culmination of over twenty years of training. Such was the case with Selusda Kraren who became a Jedi Knight shortly before Operation: Knightfall.

After a Jedi Padawan passed their trials, they were knighted by the Jedi Council in a traditional knighting ceremony. Following the ceremony, they were commissioned as a fully active member of the Jedi Order, making them free to participate in peace-keeping, judicial and diplomatic affairs and missions. However, some Jedi Knights instead chose to immediately begin the training of a Jedi Padawan rather than participating in galactic missions.

Jedi Knights were the backbone of the various Jedi Orders as there were more Knights than those of any other rank. Jedi who held this rank were assigned standard Jedi missions, and because most of the members were of this rank the Jedi Order as a whole was often referred to as Jedi Knights. Even so, many if not all Jedi Knights were referred to as “Master” by others. Along with the standard missions, some Jedi Knights also became Jedi Watchmen, one example being Ussej Padric Bac when he became the Watchman of Onderon after the fall of Coruscant.

Known Knights

There were numerous known Jedi Knights throughout history, many of whom later became Jedi Masters. However, many also failed to achieve a rank higher than Jedi Knight, either due to their lack of promotion or by their deaths. The following individuals, sorted alphabetically by surnames, ended their time in the Jedi Order as Jedi Knights.








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