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Jayfon Tau, or simply as Jay, was a male Human Force-sensitive who lived during the Third Galactic Civil War. A member of the Corellian House of Tau, he had a falling out with his family and subsequently became a smuggler of the Fa'athra kadijic where he became friends with Rik Stark.
In 222 ABY, Jay caused the firing of his co-pilot Corso Marek from Azalus Industries after having left their ship unlocked while disembarked, resulting in its cargo being stolen. He later gave Marek a ride to Ord Sedra aboard his freighter, the Zenith as a partial apology, but the bitter former employee simply held deep resentment.[2]

A year and half later in 223.5 ABY he would come across Marek again, now a Mandalorian warrior, and played him in pazaak. After several matches and a decent amount of credits on both sides, Marek asked for Jay's ship, the Zenith to be wagered to make things more interesting, though Jay initially declined, but he felt Marek may hurt him as payback for getting him fired and reluctantly agreed. After another match, Marek won and claimed ownership of the freighter, renaming it the Crusader, in front of its previous owner.[3]

Behind the Scenes

Jay first appeared in the sketch story, Star Wars: Rise by author A.J. Bryant. He subsequently appeared in a prequel One Night and in the prequel Dunamis. He later made an appearance in the series titled Star Wars: Kellan as one of its protagonists.


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