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Part 1

A Jedi Master In The Republic. He Lead his own Militia Instead Of Clones. Jay Fon Kin's Armor was Mandalorian armor that a Mandarlorian gave him. He Sensed something dark and power that 1 day Knowing he had to get out of there. Jay knew about order 66.

Part 2: Order 66

Jay finally knew what was happening. He found a Jedi holocron. He received Obi Wan Kenobi's Message. Jay went into hiding in Tatooine.

Part 3: Galactic Civil War

Jay found out Anakin Skywalker was Darth Vader. he decided to hunt him down and kill him. In Battle Of Endor. Jay Saw Darth Vader. Jay and Darth Vader Fought. But Vader's First Strike was powerful. Jay Destroyed a piece of his helmet seeing Vader's face. Jay Left Vader and he went to ship and he went far away.

Part 4: The Return of Jay (First Order Era)

Jay finally went out of hiding and revealed himself to the first order in jakku. Jay Ignited his lightsaber. He killed a lot of First Order Troops. Kylo Ren Saw Jay. Between Jay and Kylo Ren. They Fought. Jay Slashed his armor rapidly. Jay walked off never to be heard of again.

Part 5: The 2nd Last Jedi.

Jay saw a group of First Order Stormtroopers. he ignited his Lightsaber and he fought the troopers killing them. Rebels Recruited Jay to be their General.

Part 6: Death Upon Force (Finale)

Jay went to a unknown planet where he heard of a voice of palpatine. Jay went more into the sith temple. He noticed there was a throne. Palpatine all the sudden showed up and Jay Ignited his lightsaber, and they both fought, Palpatine killed Jay in his last strike,


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