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Jarvik Procon was a Rebel X-wing pilot who served during the Age of the Empire and the Galactic Civil War, Procon was originally a Headhunter jockey for a pirate gang known as the Blood Griffons. After the Blood Griffons were decimated by the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Lictor in 4 BBY, Procon joined the fledgling Alliance to Restore the Republic as a starfighter pilot. With previous experience and natural talent under his belt, by 3 BBY Procon was already leading Aqua Squadron.

Procon would end out the Galactic Civil War in 5 ABY with sixty-four kills, making him one of the top aces of the Rebel Alliance. After the formation of the New Republic, Procon would serve as a General in the New Republic Starfighter Corps for several years. In the face of Republic demilitarization and the growing threat of Imperial Remnant factions, such as the Vancil Dominion and the First Order, Procon resigned his commission and spent almost the next two decades training and equipping various system defense forces. In 28 ABY, Procon was one of the first to join Leia Organa's Resistance against the First Order, but elected not to join her main force on D'Qar, deciding to instead build up forces throughout the galaxy as a contingency. When most Resistances forces on D'Qar were wiped out following the attack on Starkiller Base, Procon set about putting his plans into action, planning out a campaign against the First Order and other Imperial Remnant groups that had begun to mobilize.


Early LifeEdit

Jarvik was born to Horluv and Lirendru Procon, two wealthy spacers, on the Core World of Chandrila. Because of his parents' wealth, Jarvik was able to live a life of relative luxury on his homeworld, attending some of the best schools and spent his free time exploring the tranquil beaches and forests near his home. He also spent a considerable amount of time learning to fly starships with a simulator his parents purchased for him in hopes of becoming a spacer like his parents. Even with the outbreak of the Clone Wars, his family's fortunes only increased as the demand for supplies increased on worlds caught in the crossfire. Unfortunately, with the rise of the Galactic Empire in the aftermath of the Clone Wars, their luck began to turn. Under new shipping regulations, his parents' business began to wither away as clients opted to deal with smugglers who could get their cargo past Imperial authorities rather than deal with the mountains of bureaucratic paperwork associated with legitimate shipping. His family soon found themselves deeply in debt to several groups, including the pirate group known as the Blood Griffons. The Blood Griffons were particularly impatient when it came to being repaid and so decided to take Jarvik as collateral until his parents could pay them back properly.

He spent several months in the company of the Blood Griffons until word finally reached him of his parents. Apparently, shortly after he had been taken by the pirates, his parents were both killed by one of the other lenders.

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