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Jarr was a terrestrial planet in the Outer Rim.

Society and culture Edit

The Kiraxian government was set up in 3,045 BBY. At the time the only sentient beings on Jarr were Kirax. They set up a weak government that fell in 789 BBY when Humans came. They had several battles with the Humans. The largest of which was the Battle of Ak’Sharrn. The outcome of this battle resulted in victory for the Humans, and a five-year peace, but this battle also destroyed all technology, rendering both Human and Kirax to a truly barbaric age. After the five-year peace the Kirax attacked in the Battle of Shiv'Akar. These battles continued in the Kor'Dej War. When Droma Starchaser landed with his wife in 29 BBY, they brought with them technology. The Humans of Jarr finally were able to leave once more.

Terrain Edit

Jarr was a frostbitten world on the Outer Rim. Its temperature ranged from a minimum of –100 to a maximum of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Its diameter was 20,917 km. Usually, the planet was frozen solid, but during the brief Summer of Jarr, rivers unfroze.