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Lieutenant Jaren Odact was a young man with a promising career. He had the misfortune of being picked to go on a mission against two Jedi, two grandsons of Darth Vader. He did not live long enough to see his superiors humiliated or the Imperium to which he gave his life destroyed.

Lieutenant Odact had a rather normal background for a Stellar Imperial officer. He grew up in an area initially part of the Imperial Remnant, although his home planet was taken by the New Republic when he was a child. These borderland worlds changed hands often, and eventually fell to the growing Stellar Imperium, who was in charge by the time he was old enough to join its Imperial Academy in 22 ABY.

The Stellar Imperium ignored the Shadow Academy, as Empress Shira thought of them as little more than pretenders, although she quietly sent out a few spies to see if there were any true Sith, or at least potential Sith, in their ranks. Meanwhile, she also kept an eye on the Academy, and made sure that the most worthy students were the ones that were promoted. Odact graduated in 26 ABY and went on to become a Lieutenant, serving with the Stellar Imperial ground forces.

Since he was not Force-sensitive, he led similarly non-Force-sensitive troops, while those who had a little bit of ability (short of that required to become full Sith Lords) trained separately. In 28 ABY, he was instructed to take eleven other warriors and go with General Melany Baclaw and her eleven Force-trained warriors to G0-CVII to kill two Jedi who had escaped a Stellar Imperial attack with potentially damaging information.

They went to G0-CVII, following Lord Welk, and attacked Jacen and Anakin Solo. The brothers, however, were trapped between the Imperials and a herd of walkers, and the walkers, who had been threatening Jacen and Anakin, turned instead to the more numerous Imperial troops. They killed and devoured twenty-three of the original twenty-five, and Odact was one of them; only Melany and Welk escaped the first wave.

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