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I am grateful for you for putting your faith in me to lead this great nation, I hope I may lead this most beloved nation as well as my mother did, I wish my pure and absolute love for my Confederate motherland shall be demonstrated though my presidency. I know you loved my mother with all of your hearts, and were only too happy to pledge your loyalty and obedience to her. I pray to God and Aersif that I may earn such respect.
—Part of Jane Zarkan II's inaugural speech upon becoming the President of the Confederacy, 4 ABY

Jane Zarkan II, the "Daughter of the Confederacy", was the daughter of Jane Zarkan, the "Mother of the Confederacy", as with her mother Jane Zarkan II became Queen of the Zarkan Kingdom, as well as the President of the Confederate States of Earth, an alliance of 95 of Earth's nation states which broke away from the Union of Earth States.

Born in 31 BBY, Jane Zarkan II was born to a 30-year old Jane Zarkan in the Royal Zarkan City Hospital, in Zarkan City, the capital city of the Zarkan Kingdom and Empire, unknown to Jane Zarkan and those around her King Daniel Zarkan IV, Jane Zarkan II's grandfather, was almost assassinated on his way to see his new granddaughter. The would-be assassin was insane, delusion Samuel Sutton, the self-proclaimed "Liberator of the Colonies".

A week after the birth Jane Zarkan was released from the hospital, and she brought Princess Jane Zarkan II back to Castle Zarkan, the home of the Zarkan royal family. Everything was largely quiet for the next 3 years, Daniel IV was sometimes away on state visits, and Jane Zarkan was busy caring for young Jane Zarkan II.

Tragedy struck the family in 28 BBY, when Samuel Sutton was finally able to successfully assassinate Daniel IV whilst he was walking through Parliament Square, Jane Zarkan II saw her mother cry and be angry for the first time. Though Jane Zarkan II was too young to understand what was happening, so all she could ask is where her grandfather had gone, to which Jane Zarkan told her that he had gone to be with her grandmother, forever. A week after the assassination Jane Zarkan became the new Queen of the Zarkan Kingdom.

Over the next few years, as Jane Zarkan II grew older she began to understand her position in society and what was going on around her, her mother taught her basic politics at first, gradually getting more complex, in order to begin Jane Zarkan II's eventual rise to the position of Queen of the Zarkan Kingdom and Empress of the Zarkan Empire, Jane Zarkan explained to her daughter about nations, governments, politics, how to act and behave in polite society and how to behave with her subjects.

My formative years were essentially what you'd expect for a young princess, I was taught by my mother and father about how to be a good queen, lectures included politics, economics, etiquette and society.
—Part of Jane Zarkan II's 70 ABY interview, on her young years

On the first day of 21 BBY Jane Zarkan announced the secession of the Zarkan Kingdom from the Union, when a 10 year old Jane Zarkan II asked why her mother had done this her mother explained that she had done it because it was necessary to defend the freedom of her nation, and to strike a blow in the name of liberty for all.

Over the next three days another 9 nations seceded and Jane Zarkan met the heads of state of these nations in her castle, on the third day of 21 BBY Jane Zarkan and the other leaders wrote and signed both the Declaration of Confederate Independence and the Constitution of the Confederate States of Earth, Jane Zarkan II was witness to this event, and was one of the very few Confederates to personally witness the officially recognised moments in which the Confederacy was born, in the room of the Confederacy's birth. Even as a 10 year old girl Jane Zarkan II recognised the importance of the event, and that she was watching history in the making.

Following the Second Earth Rebellion in 4 ABY, in which Rebel forces led by Luke Skywalker assisted the Earth rebels in defeating the Earth Empire, the Confederacy was refounded, Jane Zarkan II was elected the President of the Confederacy by a large margin.

Luke Skywalker: “You remember the Clone Wars? Wasn't your nation a member of the Separatist Alliance? I once had a good friend who served in that war, he was a Jedi who served the Republic. I was born shortly after the war ended.
Jane Zarkan II: “Yes, we were allied with the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars, I remember those days well, we fought to defend Confederate freedom, and the Separatists greatly helped us in defending our freedom. Count Dooku was our hero, my mother was extremely loyal to him and his movement. My mother was highly distrustful of Jedi, and she loathed the corrupt Republic, which she viewed as oppressive, I mean no offence or disrespect to your Jedi friend, but you must understand my mother was an idealist who believed in the cause of Separatist freedom, it was the Republic who chose to invade her motherland and kill her people, as well as conspire with the oppressive Union.
Jane Zarkan II and Luke Skywalker, following the Second Earth Rebellion of 4 ABY

In 15 ABY Jane fell seriously ill from an agonising and potentially deadly Bacterial disease called Bonebreak Disease, an ancient disease which killed 1/10th of all of those infected, which had killed millions over the millennia, and for which there was no cure. She was infected with the disease after pricking her thumb on a thorn infested with the bacteria.

Symptoms appeared a few days later and she could hardly get out of bed from the pain, which felt like all of her bones snapping in half. She also suffered bad muscle aches and a headache. Whilst there was no cure for the disease her doctors were able to bring the disease to a manageable level for her immune system by giving her intravenous antibiotics for a fortnight.

I had Bonebreak Disease, that most ancient and deadly of dieases. It was horrendous. It felt like all of the bones in my body were simultaneously snapping in half. I also suffered from very painful muscle aches and a headache which felt like someone had dropped a brick on my head. For a full fortnight I was confined to bed, barely able to get out of it from the pain, whenever I did it felt like my legs would snap! I was infected by a Bacteria-infested thorn, which pricked me on my thumb. I was given an intravenous Antibiotics for a fortnight, which helped bring the Bacteria to a manageable level for my immune system.

In the midst of my diseased stupor, I could feel my death approaching. In my mind's eye I travelled to the Hall of the Virtuous and met my mother. She welcomed me and told me that it was not my time yet, I had to return, though that I would one day see her again. I have absolutely no fear of death, because I know my journey was real, and that she is waiting for me to join her.

—An elderly Jane Zarkan II recounting her experience with Bonebreak Disease during her 70 ABY interview
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