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I, queen of the Zarkan Kingdom and Empress of the Zarkan Empire, daughter of the White Dragon of Zarkania, do announce the withdrawal of the Zarkan Kingdom and Empire from the Union of Earth States with immediate effect on the grounds of Union betrayal of its founding principles and its unconstitutional acts of placing taxes and tariffs on nations without their approval.
—Jane Zarkan, future President of the Confederate States, announcing the secession of the Zarkan Kingdom and Empire from the Union of Earth States

Jane Zarkan I, the "Mother of the Confederacy'", popularly known by the Presidential honorific of Her Excellency, as well as by her royal honorific of Her Imperial Majesty, and by her somewhat rarer honorific nickname of the Overlady, or the Overlady of the Confederacy. She was also occasionally known by her poetic royal nickname of the Daughter of the White Dragon. She was also known by some as the Dragoness of the Confederacy/Dragoness of Zarkania, largely as a result of her general ferocity in combat.

She was less honourably nicknamed the Traitor Queen, Traitor President, the Sympathisers' Mistress, the Angel of Autocracy, the Great Traitor, the Belle of Treason and the Lady of Treason by Unionists, was a human female from the planet Earth, she was born in 61 BBY in Zarkan City, the capital of the Zarkan Kingdom, a nation-state of Earth, which was ruled by her family. She became queen in 28 BBY, at the age of 33, following the assassination of her father, her first act as monarch was to have her father's murderer tried and executed for regicide and high treason.

Once loyal to the Union of Earth States she began to feel disillusioned with the Union, especially with the oppressively high taxes levied by the Union Senate upon member states, she began supporting the growing calls for secession.

A loyal member of the Traditionalist Faction ("TF"), a faction of the Union Senate which believed in the preservation of the Traditionalist principles of the Union of Earth States, those of strong Nation's Rights principles and a weak central authority of the Union, Jane Zarkan was the first TF member to support President Jean-Louis Picard of the federal Republic of Erusea's "Western States Confederation", a military alliance formed from the TF in 23 BBY for the purpose unifying the Conservative Western nations against the "corrupting and hostile influence of Richard Williams".

When Separatist scouts discovered her world she hosted the CIS scouts in her castle in Zarkan City and invited them to a special session of the Confederate Parliament. After the Confederate Parliament heard of the CIS' goals of independence from the Republic, and the history and causes of Separatist feelings, they believed them to be an honourable and noble power, and gladly declared their wish for an alliance. The Confederate States of Earth then signed an alliance with the CIS.

She led the Confederacy as the President of the Confederate States of Earth against the Union and the Galactic Repulic during the Confederate War of Independence of 21 BBY - 20 BBY and in the Second Battle of Earth of 19 BBY, maintaining Earth's position in the Confederacy until the end of the war.

However the people of Earth were die-hard Separatist loyalists, and they refused to surrender, despite the fact that the Separatist Council had been massacred, the droid army shut down, and the Clone War finished. As one the last remaining Confederate planets Earth went into rebellion against the Galactic Empire, the successor to the Galactic Republic, her final fight was in the Third Battle of Earth in 18 BBY, in which she was killed, according to legend she travelled to the Hall of the Virtuous, the Afterlife of fallen Earthling warriors within Heaven, many soldiers nearly killed in battle reported meeting her there.

In response to her death the Confederacy went into a period of mourning for an entire month, General Samuel Harvey Tanner of the Confederate States Army was so saddened by her death he wrote a mourning song titled "Requiem to Jane Zarkan" (A Song of Mourning for our President), in which he expressed the nation's sadness at her loss, though also the hope that she had found eternal glory in the Hall of the Virtuous, and that, one day, God may grant them the ability to join her in the hall.

After her death, her close friend Ahsoka Tano took over as the provisional President, the Confederate States survived further few months before falling to the Empire and the Empire's Earth puppet government, the "Earth Empire", however a Separatist holdout rebel group called the "Force for the Restoration of Separatist Earth" (FRSE) was formed, which sought to return Earth to a Separatist power, and to reform the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Despite this failure to return Earth to a Separatist world, Earth rebels would later fight under the banner of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

The Empire would be kicked from Earth in the Second Earth Rebellion of 4 ABY, and both the Confederacy and Union of Earth States would be reformed, this time the Union accepted the Confederacy as a sovereign and independent nation state, and the tensions which the Union and Confederacy had endured over the Union's refusal to accept Confederate legitimacy prior to the Imperial conquest of Earth did not return.

Her daughter, Jane Zarkan II, would rule as president of the reformed Confederate States of Earth after the Empire left the planet and Earth joined the New Republic, Jane Zarkan II would later withdraw Earth from the increasingly-oppressive GFFA and join the Confederation, which would result in the Battle of Earth.


Pre-Separatist life

Jane Zarkan was born in Castle Zarkan, the home of her family, and seat of the Zarkan royal family, in 61 BBY. Her family ruled what was possibly the most powerful and strongest nation on Earth, the Zarkan Kingdom, for centuries the Zarkan family had been building up their strength, and ruled an empire, an empire which covered 1/7 of the whole world by 61 BBY.

In 45 BBY, when Jane Zarkan was only 16, she fell ill with a potentially deadly Viral disease known as the "Bloody Coughs", which affected the lungs, and caused the victim to suffer from chronic bloody coughs, hence the disease's common name. She was infected with the disease during the an epidemic which affected much of the Zarkan Kingdom. Within her native Zarkan City alone around 100,000 residents caught the disease, of which 7,295 died. Jane suffered from the disease for two months before recovering, though the experience had weakened her lungs, and she suffered from chronic post-infection coughs for the next 12 years.

In 37 BBY, when Jane Zarkan was 24 years old, the Zarkanian Parliament refused to accept the Tariff of 44, the "Tariff of Monstrosities", which placed a tariff on all goods which were produced by Traditionalist Faction nations for export to other TF nations, whilst at the same time putting a tariff on imports from other TF nations, this was designed to increase Union government funds as well as the profits of Eastern industrialists within the territory of the Federalist Faction at the expense of the Western nations' economies.

The declaration of the tariff began the Tariff Crisis, in which her father declared the tariff illegal and unconstitutional and passed the Ordnance of Nullification, which stated that the tariff was null and void within the national borders of the Zarkan Kingdom, and that the Zarkan Kingdom would refuse to collect the tariff.

In response the hardline Federalists threatened to invade the Zarkan Kingdom to collect the taxes, and the Zarkan Kingdom threatened secession in response, which was encouraged by Jane Zarkan, who was already a proud Western Nationalist. King Daniel IV met with the other leaders of the TF to discuss the creation of a "League of Independent Nations", a military alliance and trading bloc between the TF nations, independent of the Union, the other leaders said they would quickly join the Zarkan Kingdom in secession from the Union and provide support for her in the case of a Union attack, another destructive war seemed imminent.

As the Federalist military forces were heading for the Zarkan Kingdom, and the Zarkan Kingdom was preparing to secede, the Committee of Compromise, a committee set up by Unionists of the TF to negotiate with President Anderson Kinley a peaceful deal finally managed to be worked out in which the Union would reduce the tariff by 50% in exchange for the continued loyalty of the TF to the Union, President Kinley gave an executive order for the Union expeditionary force to be called back, the crisis had been ended.

Jane was married to Michael Zarkan, née Norman in 32 BBY, who came from the Zarkan Kingdom's oldest noble family, the Normans, taking the name Zarkan as was the tradition in the Zarkan Kingdom for the spouse of the future monarch to take the monarch's surname, regardless of sex. This was the opposite of the legal norm, in which the female spouse always took the surname of the male one.

Jane gave birth to her daughter in 31 BBY, at the age of 30, her daughter would later become queen following the Liberation of Earth in 4 ABY, and would go on to lead the Confederacy against the Union in their second war during the Second Galactic Civil War of 40 ABY.

Jane was the eldest child of her father, King Daniel IV, and therefore would be queen when he died, Zarkan royal law and tradition stated that the first-born child would be ruled, regardless of sex. Her father was well respected, he ensured the colonies of the Zarkan Empire prospered under his rule, and that the natives wouldn't be exploited. Despite his popularity, Daniel IV was assassinated in 28 BBY by a lone, insane gunman who called himself the "Liberator of the Colonies", after his death, Daniel IV, like all Zarkan rulers, received a lavish and grand funeral.

One week after her father's death Jane Zarkan was crowned Queen Jane I, the first Zarkan queen to be named "Jane", her first act was to order the death of the man who killed her father, for regicide and high treason. Like her father she was good ruler, but unlike her father could be ruthless, especially to natives who rebelling against her rule, her father adopted a more diplomatic approach with rebellious natives, Jane preferred to have them arrested or executed for treason.

In a rare moment of egotism and belief of superiority, which was uncommon for Jane, who viewed herself as a "mother" to her people, she angrily proclaimed in front of the assembled members of the Republic of Etora Party, who wished for the independence of the Etora from the Zarkan Empire, that she was their lady and mistress, their Goddess.

All of you natives who assemble before me, longing to leave me and go your separate way, let it be known that you kneel before me! You can, and will never, be able to abandon me, unless I, and I alone, give you that right! Remember who you are speaking to! You are speaking to your overlady and your mistress! You bow before me because your lands belong to me! Know your place! I am your Empress, I am your Queen, I am your Goddess! Show me the respect I deserve!
—The uncharacteristic fit of anger and superiority Jane Zarkan displayed to the members of the Republic of Etora Party

In 24 BBY Jane Zarkan was one of two TF candidates which took part in the Union of Earth States Presidential election, 24 BBY, however she was defeated by Richard Williams of the Federalist Faction, the faction opposed by the Traditionalists, the TF lamented this loss, saying that the Union was dead and their loss would mark the rise of the "Williamite Empire", the Traditionalists rightfully believed that their national sovereignty and independence was now in danger, and took measures to combat Williams' centralist policies.

One of these measures was the creation of the "Western States Confederation", an alliance between the Traditionalist nations of the Western Hemisphere which was proposed by Jean-Louis Picard, the President of Erusea, as would serve as a militarist replacement to the TF, and would prepare the Conservative West for open war against the Federalists when Williams inevitably began to employ "tyrannical policies and hostilities" in order to force the destruction of national states and force them to join his centralist federal global government.

Everything came to a head in 23 BBY when the, not only was the Western States Confederation created, and replaced the Traditionalist Faction, but the Nationalists of Leasath under Supreme General Diego Navarro began an uprising and attempted to take over the Leasathian government, Williams sent military forces to Leasath, much to the opposition of the Western States Confederacy, who sent their own forces, in the form of the Confederation Navy's First Fleet and the Volunteer Army for the Liberation of Leasath. Williams was furious at the open military support given to the Nationalists by the WSC, when the Leasathian Nationalists finally won the war in late 22 BBY Williams declared the Western States Confederacy a "hostile power" and, with the passing of the Western States Expulsion Act, expelled her senators from the Union Senate.

Angered by the expulsions, the delegates and the nobility of the Zarkan Kingdom, one of the most Conservative nations on the planet, organised the Zarkan Secession Convention, to discuss the secession of the nation from the Union, a specially made banner, popularly known as the "Motto Flag", or the "Convention Flag", in order to avoid confusion with the flag popularly known as the "Zarkan Secession Flag", flew over the Zarkanian Parliament building during the Convention.

During the Convention it decided that further negotiations would be fruitless, the opinion of the Convention was that President Williams was too close-minded to the arguments of the Traditionalists to warrant further talks of compromise, it was decided that instead the Zarkan Kingdom would secede on the first day of the new year. The Convention drafted the Zarkan Kingdom Ordinance of Secession, which detailed the secession of the Zarkan Kingdom, and the causes for it.

Jane Zarkan, the Queen of the Zarkan Kingdom, was present at the Convention, and acted as an overseer to the proceedings, she also ratified the Ordinance of Secession. After the work of the Convention was accomplished Jane Zarkan made a speech to the assembled attendants of the Convention.

My loyal and beloved subjects, we have come together these past few days to work toward the goal of independence and freedom for our dearest nation, our wondrous and noble people, and for our rights as a sovereign and free people. This drive for secession has been decades in the making, for many years we have debated and discussed ad infinitum with the Federalists to find a worthy and agreeable compromise for both parties, and until the election of President Williams, we had managed to find a tolerable solution.

However, Williams has undone all that work, and has wantonly violated the compacts agreed upon by ourselves and our sister nations to the Union government. We have tried numerous times to dissuade Williams from his tyrannical path, but it was not to be. And now we find ourselves longing to rend asunder the Union we, the Western and Conservative nations, helped birth. Personally, I feel that since we birthed the Union, we should have the right to dictate the Union's path, the younger nations of the Union do not share the experience with it as we have, but that shall never happen under Williams.

Henceforth, the Union has become intolerable, it no longer represents the Union we formed. The Union was our child, and now our child has betrayed its parents. Rather than have our own lives, freedoms, sovereign rights and our policies dictated to by a childish government our own forefathers unwittingly made, not that they could ever have the foresight to imagine the present Union as their posterity, we ought to remove ourselves from its grasp and oversight, and birth a new confederation in the manner our nations birthed the Union. Let us remake the Union in our own image, the image that the Union once had, but has since abandoned. You, my dear friends, stately delegates and nobles of this majestic nation of ours, have begun our God-ordained path towards this goal.

—Jane Zarkan to the Zarkan Secession Convention

Following the Convention, the secession of the nation was put to a referendum, the referendum passed in a landslide victory for secession. Many regarded the referendum as a mere formality, which in many ways it was, the people of the Zarkan Kingdom were so fiercely patriotic as well as angered by the Union during decades of disputes, ranging from the Tariff Crisis, the aftermath of Tony Lonsdale's Raid, and the Zarkan Tax Act, that the landslide victory for secession was effectively a foregone conclusion. The referendum was in reality merely a means to grant democratic legitimacy to the secession, the result meant that anyone who opposed the secession could be decried as being anti-democratic and not respecting the democratic wishes of the Zarkanian people.

After the close of the Secession Convention, and the successful referendum by the citizenry, Jane Zarkan conferred with her fellow members of the WSC to secede from the Union, 9 other states pledged their immediate support and declared that they would secede almost immediately after Jane Zarkan had tendered her nation's secession, another 7 states said that they would seriously consider secession in the not too distant future, and the remaining 42 states said they felt uneasy about secession, they would think about it, but would rather wait to see what would happen within the Union before making a decision.

On the 1st day of the new year Jane Zarkan announced the secession of her kingdom and empire, by the 3rd day the other 9 states had joined her in secession and forged the Alliance of Ten, on the same day they created and signed by the Declaration of Confederate Independence and the Constitution of the Confederate States of Earth, the Confederacy had been born.

The day after the Declaration of Confederate Independence and the Confederate Constitution were made and announced Jane Zarkan had her inauguration as the Provisional President of the Confederacy, her inauguration took place outside the Confederate Parliament building, following her being sworn in she made her Inaugural address, in which she stated her goals and desires for the Confederacy.

For being a driving force behind the birth of the Confederacy, the first President of the Confederacy, being "Mother Zarkan"/"Zarkania", the Confederate National personification and her caring and loving attitude towards the Confederacy and her peoples Jane Zarkan received the nickname "Mother of the Confederacy", in reference to Jane Zarkan being the prime advocate and activist for the birth of the Confederacy. The Confederates viewed their nation as the "daughter" of Jane Zarkan, which was part of the reason for their complete devotion to her.

Jane Zarkan is the mother of our nation, you could say that she gave birth to the Confederacy, she was the main reason why the Confederacy was born, we view our young nation as the daughter of President Zarkan, President Zarkan loves us as if we were her own children, and we are devoted to her as our mother.
—A Confederate on the Confederate devotion to Jane Zarkan

So loved was Jane Zarkan by her people that when she was killed in battle the Confederacy entered a month of mourning, this month of mourning coincided with a month's worth of rain across the Confederacy, which according to Confederate legend was the tears of Aersif, Dragon goddess of the Aermen, who was mourning the loss of her beloved daughter. Jane Zarkan also had a modification of the Confederate national anthem dedicated to her, this song was called the Ode to Jane Zarkan.

She was highly knowledgeable in Economics and of Politics, which was the result of her years of study and of guiding the economy and politics of a global empire. A strong believer in Free Trade and in Laissez-faire Free market Capitalism, her economic policies resulted in a very strong economic powerhouse with a lot of foreign investment, a Tax haven with low taxes in general, and very low tariffs, which helped foster investment in the national economy and trade. Such economic strength resulted in the Confederate States Pound being strong against the Union Dollar.

Encountering the Separatists

Greetings, I welcome you to the Confederate Parliament. These are the representatives of each Confederate nation.
—Jane Zarkan introducing the Separatist scouts to the Confederate Parliament.

After 7 years of being queen, Jane encountered the CIS in 21 BBY, when they discovered her world and landed near the largest city, which was Zarkan City, her capital, the greatest city on Earth. After an initial confrontation, Jane I decided to have the CIS scouts brought to her castle as her guests, where she would ask them about what they were doing there, and the backstory of alien history.

After learning the backstory of the Separatist Alliance she asked the Separatist scouts to accompany her to a session of the Confederate Parliament in order to discuss the possibility of an alliance.

After the Confederate Parliament learnt about the CIS, Galactic Republic, the Clone Wars and the events that set the war in motion, though with a heavy CIS slant, the Confederate Parliament believed the Republic to be a dishonourable, greedy and corrupt government that needed replacement, the representatives of the Confederate Parliament requested the scouts to report to their leader that they were willing and wishing to enter into an alliance with the CIS.

Allying with the Separatists

The scouts informed their commander, who then passed the information upwards, it then reached Count Dooku himself, Dooku was initially startled by Jane I's eagerness for an alliance and to enter the war and fight the Republic, but he saw a worthy and loyal ally, he decided to agree to her request of an alliance and admit Earth into the CIS.

He then had Jane and the other Confederate leaders brought to the Separatist capital, Raxus Secundus, to sign the Confederate-Earth Treaty of Alliance, in which the CIS garaunteed her support, in the form of weapons, droids, ships, technical missions, defence building, training, they also agreed to supply her with support for her plan to conquer the whole Earth, which would make her Separatist Earth a nearly unstoppable superpower in the galaxy.

Arrival of the Republic

Republic dogs! You may have turned our Union neighbours against us, and got them to invade us without a declaration of war or warning, but you will *never* conquer us! You oppressors cannot defeat us Separatists who are fighting for our freedom! Both Aersif and God are on our side!
—Queen Jane I's message to the Republic at the start of the First Battle of Earth

Upon hearing of Confederate Earth's alliance with the Confederacy, the Republic was greatly worried, they saw Earth's potential as a stronghold and manufacturing planet of the Separatists. The Republic put a plan into place to undermine Jane and topple her government, they would ally with anti-Separatist, anti-Jane parties of Union Earth to fight a proxy war against her.

In the end the proxy war didn't produce satisfactory results, so the Republic decided to resort to an invasion to conquer Earth.

As Republic ships launched their attack on the CIS/CSN fleet defending Earth, Jane was informed, she immediately took her personal Sheathipede-class transport shuttle from her castle to her flagship, Velociraptor, in orbit above Earth, there she and TX-29 took command of the naval forces.


Jane Zarkan left a legacy of celebration, honour and almost deification amongst the posterity of the Confederacy. She was widely regarded as the most important heroine in the Confederate memorialisation of their past. Confederates nationwide were unanimous in their effectual worship of their fallen President, the first President who was widely viewed as being the mother of the nation, and was foremost in her efforts to bring about the independence of the Confederacy from the tyrant Richard Williams. She was given the nickname "Mother Zarkan" in light of this.

Her religious conviction, strong moral compass, usually friendly and calm demeanour, motherly love of the nation she led, and her devotion to defend her nation's independence and freedom saw become a natural heroine for the nation to rally around. Her sacrifice in the defence of her nation from a foreign invading Galactic Empire was shown as proof of her undying desire to do her duty, even if that duty meant her death.

Within what remained of the Union, Jane Zarkan was more of a divided figure, amongst many Union Conservatives and their descendants, Jane Zarkan was viewed positively, even at the time of war, many Conservatives in the Union were sympathetic to the Confederacy, if only for the Confederates' stand against the forceful Federalisation and Centralisation undertaken by Richard Williams. Jane Zarkan was hailed as a true daughter and patriot of the Union who saw both her nation and her fellow allied Traditionalist nations remove themselves from the Union in protest of what the Conservatives and Centrists viewed as the rapid destruction of the Union by the hard-line Federalists who followed Williams.

To Union Nationalists, however, Jane Zarkan was a traitor who betrayed her oath to the Union and led a rebel nation into war against the Union, the fact that Jane Zarkan personally led the Confederate Grand Fleet in battle against the naval forces of the Galactic Republic and the remaining space forces of the Union present at the battle, were used as implication of Jane's treason, the Nationalists stated that since Jane had personally taken part in space combat against the Union, she was guilty of treason by the definition of having waged war upon the Union.


At least I will die for what I believe in, I will die for freedom! I go to the Hall of the Virtuous, to be with my honoured ancestors, GOD SAVE THE CONFEDERACY!
—Queen Jane I during the Third Battle of Earth in 18 BBY, calmly accepting her death upon realising her ship is lost, but not before shouting one last patriotic slogan

Extremely loyal to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, totally loyal to Count Dooku, and to the Confederate States of Earth, of which she was the elected President, Jane was a fiercely patriotic Separatist, viewing the Republic as evil, corrupt and greedy, she despised it, and vowed not to let her world become a colony of the "Republic dogs". She was so loyal a Separatist, she was ready to die for her Separatist beliefs, she personally led the CIS/C.S.E naval forces during all three battles of Earth, whilst most other heads of state would be as far from the battle as possible, Jane believed a head of state should be at the front of the battle, to improve the morale of those who were fighting for them.

As a member of the Traditionalist Faction, and subsequently, the Western State Confederacy, Jane Zarkan was a strong believer in the concept of "Nation's Rights", the concept which believed in the superiority of the nation state and national self-determination over that of the Federalist Union of Earth States.

She was also a very strong nationalist, and was extremely loyal to the concept of Western Nationalism, which was the belief that the Conservative nations of the West should break away from the Union and form their own nation, one of the national policies of Jane Zarkan's Confederate States of Earth was the nurturing of Western Nationalism, all Confederate children were taught to have absolute love, loyalty, and obedience for their Confederacy.

As the driving force behind the creation of the Confederacy, the Confederacy's national personification, the first President of the Confederacy and having the respectful nickname of "Mother of the Confederacy" Jane Zarkan was deeply devoted to the Confederacy, her people and her well being, for her caring attitude of her nation Confederate propaganda posters often depicted Jane Zarkan as a loving mother of her "daughter", the Confederate States of Earth.

Jane always maintained a "ready to die for what I believe in" attitude, meaning she had no fear during Republic attacks, she viewed death in battle as glorious, believing it would make her a martyr to the Separatist cause, she wasn't wrong in that regard, after her death in the Third Battle of Earth, she was a martyr to the Force for the Restoration of Separatist Earth rebel group, and gave them the courage and strength to take on the Imperial forces in their attempt to liberate Earth and return Earth to a Separatist power.

According to Confederate legend she headed to the Hall of the Virtuous upon her death, the afterlife of all true Earthling warriors, to be with her ancestors and with the mythical Aermen figure called God, from whom Aermen monarchs gained their divine right to rule, according to legend, the Hall of the Virtuous was itself a holdover of the N'Akkiarlian warriors' afterlife, the "Hall of the Glorious", from the time when Earthlings following N'Akkiarlian culture and religion, according to legend Jane was later joined by her good friend, Ahsoka Tano, within the hall when Ahsoka sacrificed herself in the name of Confederate liberty several months after Jane's death, stories from Earthling soldiers who had survived mortal wounds suggested that the legends were in fact true, the Hall of the Virtuous did in fact exist, and that Jane and Ahsoka were there to greet their kin arriving to the hall, along with the brave warrior ancestors of the Earthlings, in all of these near-death experiences Jane and Ahsoka tell the survivor to turn back and return to the land of the living, promising that one day they will meet again.

Jane was highly religious and believed in God, the Hall of the Virtuous and other aspects of the Aermen religion followed by her ancestors dating all the way back to the Northern Coast Culture of 50,000 BBY, she also believed in the legend that as an Aerman monarch, she had was the direct descendant of God, and had been given her divine right to rule by him.

I am a Zarkan, an Aerman sovereign, and as such I have the blood of almighty God in my veins, I am a Daughter of God, a child of the Lord!
—Jane Zarkan on her believed holy ancestry

Jane Zarkan was a believer in the "Divine Right of Kings", which stated that God had granted her a divine right to rule as Queen and Empress of the Zarkan Kingdom and Empire, Jane Zarkan took her perceived divinity seriously, and considered herself to be the overlady of her loyal subjects, who she encouraged to kneel at her feet and pledge their undying servitude to her. Jane Zarkan was happy to discover that her subjects loved her so much that they would happily kneel at her and submit themselves to her overladyship. Jane Zarkan particularly liked calling herself the "Overlady", an Overlady being a female who serves as a mistress to her servants.

Her love of having her subjects swear fealty to her was seen during her coronation in 28 BBY when she had the heads of her royal cabinet and government publicly swear their servitude to her whilst kneeling at the foot of her throne, publicly.

Edward R. Stephens: “I, Edward Robert Stephens, humbly proclaim my eternal servitude and undying obedience to my Liege Lady, Her Imperial Majesty Jane Zarkan I, Queen of the Zarkan Kingdom, Empress of the Zarkan Kingdom. I solemnly swear my fealty to Overlady Zarkan and declare my absolute adoration for my mistress.
Jane Zarkan I: “Yes, you good boy, kneel at the feet of your Overlady! I, Empress Jane Zarkan I, henceforth acknowledge the servitude of Edward Robert Stephens to my office as the sovereign of these lands as per the divine right given me by God.
―Edward R. Stephens, the Prime Minister of the Zarkan Kingdom, swearing his servitude and fealty to Jane Zarkan during her coronation

Aside from her well-known hatred of the Republic, she was also well-known for her hatred of the Jedi, this hatred only grew as the Republic invaded her world, under command of the Jedi, and killed many of her subjects, she publicly (and personally, which she relished) executed Maksi Hikar, the Jedi General who had commanded Republic forces during the First Battle of Earth, on charges of "Mass murder" and "Trying to conquer Confederate Earth", she timed his execution so that it would coincide with one of Count Dooku's visits to Earth, so she could invite him to the execution and impress him with her loathing of the Jedi.

Jedi slime, you are found guilty of mass murder, in reference to the many Confederates who died under your invasion, and for attempting to conquer, and deny the independence and liberty of, the Confederate States of Earth, my nation, and the free people which owe their allegiance to her, therefore on behalf of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and the Confederate States of Earth, I hereby pass sentence that you will be taken to Parliament Square in Zarkan City, there you will be put to death by the separating of your head from your body, by my hand. Guards, get this scum out of my sight!
—Queen Jane I passing sentence on Maksi Hikar

She had the execution of Maksi Hikar transmitted to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, so they could see what happened when the Republic tried to conquer her planet. She warned the Jedi that the people of Earth would kill every single Jedi and Republic soldier who set foot on her world, and that she would personally kill every Jedi and "Republic fool" taken captive.

Listen to me, Jedi and Republic scum, THIS is what happens when you try and conquer us! We have been fighting wars for the past 10,000 years, we are excellent warriors, and we will NEVER submit to your oppressive "Republic", I warn you this once, STAY AWAY! or else I will personally kill every Jedi and Republic fool we take captive, if any of you Republic animals dare set foot on my world again we will kill every single one of you Republic dogs! Now I will show you what happens when you try and take our freedom away from us! Pay close attention, Republic slime!
—Jane Zarkan to the Jedi and Republic observing her broadcast to the Jedi Temple and Republic Senate of Maksi Hikar's execution

Despite her loathing of the Jedi, she was not hostile towards ex-Jedi who had defected to the Confederacy, such as Ahsoka Tano, Jane considered these former Jedi to have opened their eyes to the fact that the corrupt Republic was using the Jedi to enforce their will on the galaxy, despite formerly being a Jedi, Ahsoka managed to become one of Jane's closest friends and trusted advisors, Ahsoka even managed to become a Field Marshal of the Confederate States of Earth Army, and was also personally proclaimed provisional president by Jane shortly before the latter's death in the Third Battle of Earth, to act as president until a new president could be elected following the passing of the emergency.

Jane resented being called a "traitor", as well as the Union having the gall to refer to her as such for leading the defence of her nation. She also felt resentment due to the fact that she considered herself to be the rightful mother of the Union, due to the Western nations having created the Union in the first place.

Richard Williams: “I have a simple question, would you like to surrender, traitor?
Jane Zarkan: “I'm afraid that I will have to reply in the negative to that question, you see, I am a true Confederate girl, and proud to be so, I am! As the Mother of the Confederacy I wish to ask if you would respect our freedom, invader? And besides, who are you to call who is by rights the real mother of your Union, by virtue of the Western nations being the parents of the Union, a traitor? By rights, I'm your boss, I'll have you know.
―Richard Williams and Jane Zarkan arguing during an attempted peace conversation

Jane Zarkan held a personal and bitter hatred of William Crest, Governor of the Earth Empire puppet state, William Crest had committed atrocities against the Confederacy, the most infamous of which being the Burning of Valley City, for the destruction of vast swathes of the Confederate border regions and the mass murder of Confederate citizens, many of which were killed in cruel and horrific ways, including burning them to ashes in the building fires his army started, and crushing them to death under the feet of his walkers, Jane Zarkan often expressed her wish to have personally executed Crest at the very mention of his name.

William Crest? Governor? Bah, to Hel with him! That tyrant is nothing but a coward and a war criminal! He naturally abandoned his own army and fled to save his own hide at Feldin's Field, he ran and hid to escape our justice for reducing our people to ashes from his fires and to bloody pulp from the feet of his walkers! I should've separated his head from his body myself three years ago! He can be an appointed "Governor" of some tin-pot dictatorship, and pretend that's some crowning accomplishment, but he can never crush our freedom! He relies on his Imperial puppet masters to win his battles for him, his puppet state wouldn't stand a chance against us without the Imperials saving them, he is a fool, a liability, a weakling, who flees from his own army with his tail between his legs at the first whiff of danger! He is not fit to even kneel at my feet! I would be ashamed and dishonoured to even recognise him as my servant, he is not even fit to lick my shoes clean! He will enjoy an eternity in the cold and darkness of Hel when he dies!
—Jane Zarkan in a rant about Governor William Crest, appointed head of state of the Earth Empire

Jane Zarkan was well known for her kindheartedness and deeply caring personality towards her people, she liked to compare her position as being like that of a mother caring for her children, and she often used this analogy when discussing her relationship between herself and her subjects, due to her loving personality she was one of the most popular sovereigns in the history of the Zarkan Kingdom, and she inspired the loyalty of the Confederate people with her kindness. Jane believed that every master and mistress should treat their servants with kindness and respect.

Whilst she usually had a calm and friendly demeanour, her personality could change to being very angry, aggressive and irritable, though was uncommon.

Despite her occasional fits of anger, her usually kind and friendly personality meant that the people of the Confederacy had such a love for Jane Zarkan that when she gave her life during the space battle above Earth in the early part of the Third Battle of Earth they were deeply saddened and the Confederacy had a month of mourning.

I have but one request for you should you take over the crown and the presidential chair from me, that you treat my subjects well, and with the respect they deserve, you see myself and my servants have an understanding and rapport, they do not work solely for my benefit, they serve me out of loyalty and love. You could say our relationship is like that of mother and child, they're like my children, and I am their mother, hence my nickname of "Mother of the Confederacy", they hold a genuine love for me, which is why they are only too happy to bow before me.
A lot of tyrants and cruel rulers make the mistake of seeking loyalty through cruelty and fear, the whip can only earn so much loyalty, your servants are far more loyal to you if you treat them with the respect and kindness than if you beat them.
Besides, my love goes far beyond inspiring loyalty and willing servitude, I genuinely do care greatly about those who kneel before me, for they are as much children of God as I am, my heart bleeds for every one of my children who gives their life for me and our nation on the battlefield, far too many condolence letters have been sent out, which is why I hope for a quick end to this war, but at least they gave their lives so my folks can be free.
I will personally shake every one of their hands for their sacrifice when I meet them in the Hall of the Virtuous, should Almighty God allow me to go there upon the end of my final hour. Oh, and should I die, please take care of my kitty, she will need a new mum who loves her just as much as I have.

—Jane Zarkan to Ahsoka Tano, her designated successor, discussing how to be a good and just ruler, and therefore inspire loyalty in the people, demonstrating Jane's loving personality towards her people

She was a starship buff, and was proud of her navy, she often viewed her nations' ships as female, she was very proud and fiercely defensive of her flagship, the Subjugator-class heavy cruiser called the Velociraptor, she viewed her flagship as being like a "daughter" to her.

Jane Zarkan had a love of flags, Confederate flags, especially, she owned an encyclopaedia for all different flags used through-out the Confederate States. When asked what her favourite flags were, she said her favourites were the 10-star "Stars and Bars", the "Blue Star Flag", her ancestral banner, the Dragon flag of Zarkan Kingdom, and the "Stainless Banner", the unofficial first national flag of the Confederacy, of her own design.

When asked to pick a favourite she picked the 10-star "Stars and Bars", even over her own national flag design, stating she believed the flag to be beautiful, the beauty of the national flag gave her pride in her Confederacy, Jane Zarkan spoke of the "Stars and Bars" flag with almost maternal love, when asked why she referred to the flag as feminine, Jane Zarkan said that the flag represented the Confederacy, to which she was the "mother" of, and that the Confederacy had a female national personification, that of Jane Zarkan herself, and the flag was a representation of her.

In the very early part of 21 BBY Alexander Martin Yarwood made a unique 7-star prototype of his new "Stars and Bars" flag design, even before all of the 10 Confederate nations had seceded, the flag was the very first "Stars and Bars" flag ever produced.

Alexander M. Yarwood, as fiercely patriotic and devoted to Jane Zarkan as his brother, Michael Yarwood, the "Songsmith of the Confederacy", later personally presented his flag to Jane Zarkan and gifted it to her, he was overjoyed when she told him how much she loved it and how she would treasure it.

Jane Zarkan II had the flag donated to the Museum of Confederate History in 25 ABY.

This is an incredibly beautiful flag, as indeed, is your 10-star variant that now proudly flies from almost every building in the entire Confederacy. You should be very proud of yourself. I adore your flag design, she perfectly represents our Confederacy in her true beauty. I swear to treasure this flag always, it is a great honour for me to be gifted the very first First National Flag ever produced. You should considered joining the Institute.
—Jane Zarkan to Alexander M. Yarwood, after being gifted his unique 7-star prototype "Stars and Bars"

Out of patriotic duty and her love of Confederate flags, Jane Zarkan donated her silk dresses to the production of flags, the very first 10-star "Stars and Bars" flag was produced from three dressed donated by Jane, these dressed were red, white and a dark blue. This flag was flown above Castle Zarkan until the flag was hidden by a loyal servant to prevent the flag's destruction by the Earth Empire, following the end of the Earth Empire the flag was retrieved and put in a museum.

Another one of her dresses went on to produce the personal headquarters flag of Michael Zarkan, the Grand Marshal of the Confederate States Army, and her husband.

Being a Zarkanian, Jane was a big drinker of Black tea. The Zarkan Kingdom had a big tea culture, Jane Zarkan usually had her tea with milk and no sugar. She was also enjoyed drinking Ale.

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