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Jaina Solo Fel was a Jedi Master of the New Jedi Order, member of the Jedi High Council, and Empress of the Fel Empire.



Duel aboard Star Destroyer Glory

While Jaina Solo Fel and Jagged Fel were away trying to get the planet Laud to join the Fel Empire, Darth Vidious and the Protectorate covertly took over the Fel Empire's capital ship, Glory. Jaina and Jagged unsuspectingly returned to an enemy controlled Glory and were led to Darth Vidious by Royal Troopers that were disguised as Stormtroopers.

Darth Vidious demanded that both the Emperor and Empress surrendered, however, they refused and Jaina engaged Darth Vidious in a duel so that Jagged Fel could escape. Jaina was defeated when Darth Vidious's lightsaber clipped her lightsaber hilt which destroyed her focusing lens. Jaina was captured and moved to the Antaeus.


Both Luke and Ben arrived aboard the Antaeus and discovered Darth Vidious on the bridge. After Darth Vidious revealed that his reason for starting the Vidious Campaign was to destroy the Galactic Alliance and the Skywalker bloodline, he moved to the side revealing that Jaina had been behind him with her hands bound. Jaina used the force to pull one of Vidious's lightsabers from the Dark Lord's belt and hurls it at him while his back is turned, Vidious was able to sense her tapping into the force and grabbed the lightsaber by the hilt while performing a back flip, after landing Darth Vidious stuck Jaina through the back with the lightsaber.


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