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Jaina Solo Fel, born Jaina Solo, was a Human female Jedi Master of the New Jedi Order, member of the Jedi High Council, Empress of the Fel Empire, leader of the Imperial Knights, the wife of Jagged Fel, the twin sister of Jacen Solo and the older sister of Anakin Solo.


Heir to the throne

A few months after thier marriage, Jaina was pregnant with her child and gave birth to a son back on Bastion. Sensing how strong her son was in the Force, Jaina hoped that her son will be a noble emperor like her husband. While her husband still remained as Imperial Head of State of the Imperial Remnant and would one day organize the Fel Empire, Jaina abandoned the Jedi Order and formed the Imperial Knights. She would gather young Imperials that were Force-sensitive and loyal to the Empire, and former Jedi that abandoned the Jedi Order also. After gathering the Imperial Knights and returning to Bastion, Jaina and her husband announced the new declaration for the Imperial Knights. The Knights would swore their honor and loyalty to the Head of State, and always serve as followers to the light side. For five years while her son was growing up, Jaina would teach her son how to harness the light side and learn how to control the emotions around him.

First Order War

Aiding the Confederation

After her husband declared himself as the first Emperor of the newly-formed Fel Empire on Bastion, Empress Jaina, Ark Poinard, Arien Yage, Dorch Vangur, Tol Getelles, and Vitor Reige learned that Vana Dorja, who was presumed dead during the Yuuzhan Vong War, returned and pledged her support to the First Order that had emerged from the Unknown Regions and started to terrorize the Confederation. When her mother contacted her and Emperor Fel of the situation, Jaina was the only person to agree in helping the Confederation to fight back against the First Order. However, her husband was undetermined whether that the Fel Empire should get involved since they didn't state that the First Order could be that dangerous.

Hoping that her husband would come to determine the right choice, Jaina and her followers provided their aid to the Confederation during their travel to Corellia. She was very happy to see her cousin Ben, but had been unhappy since he married Vestara who had recently betrayed them six years ago. Since she saw that Vestara was pregnant with her and Ben's child, Jaina showed some sympathy to her cousin and Vestara and was hoping to see the child if the war ever ended. She was shocked to learn from her mother that Kylo Ren, who had recently fallen to the dark side due to Jacen's fall and had been responsible for her sister-in-law Tenel Ka Djo, was actually her cousin "Ben Solo". She still believed that there was still good in him like there was in her brother.

Incident on Jakku

As the conflict against the First Order continued to advance during the first year, Jaina assisted her mother.


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