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I am the Empire.
—Jagged Fel

Jagged Fel, known as Jag to his friends, was an ace starfighter pilot, who much like his father, General Baron Soontir Fel dedicated his life to military service. He served in the Empire of the Hand, the Chiss Ascendancy and the Imperial Remnant military, before becoming Head of State of the Imperial Remnant and eventually the first Emperor of the reconstituted Galactic Empire.

His ascendance to the post of Emperor began the rebirth of the Empire. Though it was founded on the ideals of Palpatine's Empire, it did not share in it's shortcomings: institutionalised xenophobia, the Tarkin Doctrine and the tyranny and megalomania of the Emperor. With the aid of his wife, Empress Jaina Solo Emperor Fel created the Imperial Knights an organisation of Force-users loyal to the Emperor, whose methods were partially based on that of the Jedi.


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