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Jadian Star was known to most as Jade. Starting her life on Abregado-rae she was a pick pocket and thief. She was the Padawan learner of Ye'keb Millennium, later becoming a Jedi Knight for years. Although not a well known Jedi for anything, she did have a reputation for being a bit hot headed. A Force user who left the Order, she became much stronger after finding herself unrestrained to the teachings.


Early life (176-100 BBY)

Jade was born into a rather colorful family, her father being a somewhat well known Bounty hunter and her mother being from a somewhat remote clan of Drakonus exiles. She had one brother who was nearly 70 years older, Reeso and a number of half siblings from her fathers prior marriage that she never interacted with. When Jade was only a toddler, her home life was shattered when a fellow Bounty hunter disguised himself as a Jedi and slaughtered Jade's mother. Her father was badly injured and played possum until the man left. Jade had been hiding under the kitchen table, and had seen her mother fall. It was a memory that would haunt the woman for the rest of her life.

Her brother had been out at a friend, Tyr Reytal's house. Coming home to the slaughter he located his sister and took her from the terrible place. After that he took her from the rural hills they had grown up in and down to a nearby city. Over the next few years Jade and Reeso were raised by a set of Moochers. Reeso left Jade there after only a few months, angered by their mother's death he vowed to pick up his fathers trade as a bounty hunter and find who had done this. Jade on the other hand refused to speak at all.

Her vow of silence lasted for a number of years at which time Jade appeared to take an interest in the career of her new family. Thieving. Knowing nothing of her ability to connect with the Force, Jade was quite apt at thievery, stealing from people and from various businesses in order to contribute to her new family. Being a curious child she wandered throughout libraries, museums, and art galleries. Finding an ancient Sith saber, Jade was intrigued and stole it from the museum. Having no idea what she had taken Jade kept it hidden from her comrades knowing it would have to be sold if they found out. Keeping her precious artifact well hidden, Jade spent years learning the trade of thievery and deception.

Moving on (99-79 BBY)

Having stayed with her Moocher family for some years and risen beyond all expectations as a thief, Jade decided to leave her home world. Finding nothing there for herself on the planet Jade stowed away with what few credits she had and the saber on a freight ship. Ending up on Coruscant she wandered off into the streets, hiding safely within the lower levels. Continuing her streak of thievery she was fascinated with the Jedi Temple. Never being able to enter in as a Padawan she simply watched on between things. Sleeping where she could in the alleyways Jade tried to take bets, any extreme things she could she would in order to gain a few credits. Finding that Coruscant was highly urbanized, she made her towards the Western Sea. Finding the water to be relaxing and almost homey, she stayed there for a number of years, working on taking things to the various floating islands. It was here that the young woman met a man by the name of Marcus Zhek, who was a small time crook.

Leaving everything she knew behind she traveled around for some time with Marcus, who then traded her to a Sith in order to get out of his scorn. Jade spent thirty years under the tutelage of the Sith before she discovered that there was a different path she could take. Escaping the grasp of her Sith Master Jade escaped to Naboo where she returned to her natural career of stealing. It worked at first, she had managed to sleep in the swamps and steal from a restaurant by using her Force abilities. However things did not last for her, and she was caught by the restaurant owner. The owner of restaurant was not a cruel and bitter an and instead put Jade to work. The young woman could not break the habit of thieving though and it continued to get her into trouble. The straw that broke the camels back was when she managed to pickpocket a saber off a Jedi. Running for her life she headed into the swamps only to bump into a different Jedi, Millie. Begging the woman for help she would be taken in as a padawan, learning a different side of the Force. It didn't come easily to her and she struggled but she moved to the swamp, living out there with her Master, fighting Sith and trying to work towards bettering herself.

At this time of her life she was reunited with her brother, who filled in the gaps of their childhood, letting her know she wasn't the only one of her kind out there. He taught her of her people and the culture she had missed. He also brought news that their father had died, finally being killed by the bounty hunter that had killed their mother. Reeso had taken revenge for this though. For a short time Jade was happy, it seemed her life was coming together. Sadly, the bond with her brother did not last when he told her that she should join him in bounty hunting, she did not want to. This sparked a large argument in which Reeso used his superior knowledge of their species to pin Jade against a tree, taking the very sword he had given her when they were kids and letting it rejoin his own. After that the man took up a bounty on Jade's Master just to keep her on her toes.

It was at this time that Jade met another Jedi, named Servo and quickly became taken with him. In only a few months the two were married and for the first time in her life she moved to a home in the city. Not long after she was pregnant with their child. Servo was called off world to a mission but he called daily, keeping up with his soon to be family. Jade had her child while Servo was still away. It was a girl she named Cerasi. Unfortunately there were complications with the birth and by the time she got her daughter to the nearest doctor they had to do surgery. The child did not survive. Shattered Jade boarded the next flight out to her husband and did not even tell her Master. Six months she lived on the planet with Servo, recovering and taking up her role as a Jedi once more.

One Day in the market place Jade and Servo came across a thief who was trying to hold up a food stand. He had a few helpers with him. When Jade and Servo tried to intervene, three Jed showed up. The situation quickly became out of hand and the pair took off, trying to escape with their lives. Splitting up the pair tried to get back to their small home. Jade was dashing through alleyways when she came around the corner, only to see Servo on the ground in a pool of his own blood. Rushing to her beloved's side she only had enough time to realize he was dead before looking up. The last thing she saw was the blue blade of a saber before her world disappeared.

Jade awoke in a posh house, owned by a wealthy businessman. He had bought and paid for the woman to be his slave, the entertain him and his guests. She hated the work but the slave chip in her, kept her docile. For n unknown number of years to the woman, she was broken down until the fight was taken out of her, a perfectly docile servant, the home had been littered with a number of exotic creatures including yslamari to void her Force abilities. Jade didn't know what it was, but the stress of who she had been and who she had to be finally caused her to snap. Lashing out at her Master, Jade only managed to strike him once before she was subdued by his guards. In punishment he sold her to the Kessel mines for the remaining years of her life for hard labor.

Jade worked, hard. With her family gone, her life was pretty much in pieces. She did not silently accept her fate however. Her time on the planet of Kessel was not long though. In only a few years Jade had regained some of that old fire within her. She lead a mutiny against the guards and escaped with nearly two dozen other prisoners on the planet. What happened to those two dozen she never checked but Jade quickly sold herself to the nearest of the guards at the local bar. In exchange for her services Jade had him fry the slave chip from her former Master in her left shoulder blade. Her next step was to trick a pilot out into getting her off the planet.

It was at this time that Jade met the man known as Jevan Cyern. he was a local smuggler. He also had the one thing she needed, escape. Together the pair took off across the galaxy, smuggling and binging. It wasn't until one of their shipments exploded and hey crashed that things really turned for Jade. They were bypassing a planet when the cargo blew and their ship plummeted into the jungle planet. Jade's eyes seemed to be damaged and Jevan was injured. Somehow they managed to patch the hole on the ship and get back to orbit. When they landed on Nar Shaddaa, Jevan proposed, feeling that if they had been through that much together that they belonged together. Jade told the man yes and went to go contact her "family". She jumped ship, returning to Naboo and the only place she felt was home once more.

Oddly enough she was reunited with her old Master, Millie once more. She tried to return to the path of the Jedi, looking to gain Master status. She met Tak Sakaros at this time, a threat to her old Master and the last thing she had she could even consider family. Trying to protect her family she ended up dually Tak but lost an arm in the process. She retreated to Millie's side, agreeing that she wasn't going to be ale to continue with the Jedi. Instead she turned to protecting the only family she had left. To escape the threat of Tak for a short while Jade and Millie set out to travel the galaxy, stopping first at Millie's home world. Jade's drug habit would get her once again into trouble. Letting it slip that Millie was a native things got tight and a hunter nearly collected Millie for the credits. Shooting across the galaxy the pair traveled to the canyon that Jade's family was finally from. Leaving Millie in what was her families dwelling Jade had gone out to talk with the village leader when Millie was approached by the hunter from her home world. This young girl with the pale eyes turned out to be none other than Jade's daughter, who was thought dead. Millie was fortunate enough to escape with only having words with the girl. Though when Jade found out her daughter was alive she dropped everything in order to go searching for her daughter. She found the young woman with her mentor, and there was no talking. Jade shot the man dead without a word in order to reclaim her child.Sadly, Cerasi was raised with the belief that her mother had sold her for drugs. Cerasi left, wanting to hear none of it now that her mentor was deceased. Jade packed up with Millie and they headed back across the galaxy.

It was a month more of simply planet hopping before Jade received a call that her daughter had been kidnapped. Even though the pair were not getting along at all Jade was furious. She followed the kidnappers instructions perfectly, killing who was required, traveling to the designated places and being torn down all along the way. By the time she finally got to the final spot, she was back in her parents house on Abragado-rae. It was her sister-in-law. Her fathers first daughter who had been exiled from the family before Jade was even born. Trying to convince Jade that this was all Millie's fault, Millie ended the conflict by simply crushing her organs with the Force. Having never seen that side of her Master, Jade fell into a silence.

Finally, after weeks of her daughter recovering, Cerasi packed up her bags and returned with her mother to Naboo. After another argument Cerasi left and Jade was left once again in her home in the woods. It was during this time that Millie ended up having a one night stand with Tak. This caused her husband Viprous to go into a rage that got him killed. Atop all of this, Millie had ended up pregnant. Jade had nothing else in her life going and dropped everything, to protect Millie and her child. Her promise to help lead her to work for Tak, making sure that she kept the woman and child safe.

They traveled back to Nar Shaddaa, staying put in the medical bay of one of Tak's friends. Through no fault of her own, Jade's wanderings lead her back to the very man she had run away from on Nar Shaddaa, Jevan. A man scorned Jevan had hired hunters to kill Jade. Seeing her again made him realize his error though and begged for forgiveness. She was a little too quick to forgive the man, getting herself into some trouble with fights and Jevan left for a time after striking Jade. Devastated that her new love would crush her so Jade fell ill, a disease that was designed for her species specifically, Cerasi came to watch over her mother for a time. As she recovered and Jevan returned, once again terribly sorry the pair worked to rekindle their relationship. With Tak away on business and everyone going stir crazy, Jade and Millie headed to a secluded planet in order to relax for a time. Jevan was still smuggling though and work called him back. However he let Millie and Jade stay in his home. Millie was getting farther along in her pregnancy and the baby was becoming an increasing strain. To add to the stress Jade was pregnant with twins, her body though, could not handle the change and she lost one of the babies in early pregnancy. Once again Jade was crushed but she carried on, using her ability with the Force to suck the energy of other to insure that she kept her other child alive. When Millie went into labor finally, Jade helped to deliver the baby, giving much of her energy to keep the woman alive. For the first few months she would raise the child, Kathryn as best she could. A few months later she would have her son, Jextar Cyern Starrz. Cerasi came to help her for a time but left again, continuing the career of her mentor and bounty hunting.

Tak returned a while later to collect Millie, Jade and his daughter. He never knew of Jextar because Jade had contacted the Jedi Temple to take the boy and raise him. Someone in the family needed to get ahead in life and being around the Sith would be a close death sentence. Returning to Naboo, the woman helped to train Ryn until she was taken back Tak to be trained as Dark Lady of the Sith. At this time, when she had taken the mantle of the leader of her Drakonis clan, that she received a suitor. Jevan had left, growing tired of Jade's dedication to Millie and the Jedi. Having no interest in the idea of settling down, Jade allowed the man who's father was her second to stay with her. His name was Tekk and in only a matter of hours did Jade find herself in bed with the man. To her people this was marriage and Millie assisted in keeping things quiet until Jade could come to accept that after a few weeks she was in love with the man.

Cerasi returned at this time, and confronted Jade, still angry over the death of her mentor and never being able to let go of the anger that her mother had never saved her. The two had a final fight, and Jade, who's will to survive was apparently stronger, killed her daughter by accident in the fight. Rushing to Tekk's arms Jade agreed to become a greater part of her people's lives.

Over the next few years Jade's life seemed to become simple, traveling to talk with her people and helping Millie. It was on one of these trips home where Jade felt the loss of Millie in the Force. Tak having killed the woman so her daughter would have one less soft spot. Devastated by the death of her friend and Master, Jade never returned to Naboo. She remained with her people, trying to keep the remaining Qua and Drakonis alive. Somehow it was discovered where her people were and a group of bounty hunters stormed in, killing almost everyone they could not capture. Even as Jade tried to save the remaining people, an air strike went through, nearly killing her. When Jade awoke it was only to rubble and ruin. Searching for Tekk, she could find no bodies, and assumed they were taken to be sold or their blood to be drained. This broke the woman on some core level and she severed her connection with the Force, smashing it. She left the remains of yet another home behind and began to travel the galaxy, wandering with no point.

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