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The crystal is the heart of the blade.

The heart is the crystal of the Jedi.
The Jedi is the crystal of the Force.
The Force is the blade of the heart.
All are intertwined.
The crystal, the blade, the Jedi.
We are one..
Jaden Korr on Illum in 1 ABY as he silently recited, from memory, the Jedi Code that his father, Moran Korr, had written down on a sheet of paper.

Jaden Korr was a Human male Jedi Knight and rebel soldier born on the galactic capital planet of Coruscant in 11 BBY. A former apprentice to Kyle Katarn, Jaden was considered by his peers to be a notable Jedi. Before Jaden started his career as a Jedi, he was a soldier for the Rebel Alliance. Jaden fought in major battles; the most notable being the First Battle of Mon Calamari. For three years, Jaden learned to accept his Jedi heritage that he never fully knew about. In 14 ABY, Jaden and his fellow Jedi brethren later experienced a brush with the ancient Sith, but in the end, the Jedi emerged victorious. After Jaden's encounter with the Disciples of Ragnos, he took Rosh Penin under his wing and retrained him because Rosh was, in a way, a traumatized Force user that had to relearn what he had learned. Jaden participated in the Yuuzhan Vong War, which was a war that the New Republic and the New Jedi Order would never forget.

In 36 ABY, Jaden joined with his Jedi brethren as they fought against the Khillik Hive in the Swarm War. Four years after the Swarm War, during Mara Jade Skywalker's funeral, Jaden confronted and dueled Han and Leia's oldest son, Jacen Solo, who was secretly known as Darth Caedus. However, that duel ended with no casualties. Twenty-six years later, Jaden survived yet another attack from the Sith on the rich and lush planet of Ossus, that was a chosen spot for the new Jedi Praxeum after the Praxeum on Yavin was destroyed during the war with the Yuuzhan Vong. For the next ten years, Jaden fought against the Sith.


Early life

Jaden, I wish your father were alive so that he could give you his lightsaber, but that was not meant to be. May the Force be with you, Jaden.
—The old local presenting Jedi Korr's lightsaber to Jaden Korr in 0 BBY
Jaden Korr 0 BBY

Jaden Korr as he was in 0 BBY

In 11 BBY, Jaden Korr was born on the multi-layered galactic city called Coruscant. When Jaden was twelve, an old local, whom Jaden had known since he was a young boy, gave Jaden his old Z-95 Headhunter as a gift. Jaden Korr, having witnessed the deeds of the rebels, joined the New Republic in 10 ABY, just prior to the battle of Mon Calamari, known as Operation Shadowhand.

Beckoning of the Force

A year later in 1 ABY, Jaden followed a Force Vision to the frozen planet called Illum. Once he stepped onto the frozen terrain, he pulled out his lightsaber hilt, that was once his father's but was kept by the old local, and hiked all the way to the entrance of the cave. Once inside, Jaden searched endlessly for the purple lightsaber crystal that was in his vision. After an hour of hard searching in the enormous cave, he obtained a purple crystal out of a bed of hundreds of purple crystals. Trusting in the Force, he manually put the crystal in his crude hilt even though by doing so without the use of the Force, it was useless; however, for Jaden, the end results finished positively.

First Battle of Mon Calamari

Three years after the first battle of Coruscant, New Republic pilot, Jaden Korr, was assigned to assist a group of sea commandos in a raid against World Devastators that were terrorizing the watery planet, Mon Calamari. Jaden soon learned that mastermind behind the attack was none other than the resurrected Emperor himself, Palpatine.

Moments before the raid, Jaden put on the standard pilot outfit because he was one of a few people chosen to take command of V-wing airspeeders.

Jaden nearly lost his life at the hands of a couple of TIE pilots when one of them hit his rear deflector shield; however, with the use of precognition and his skills as a pilot, Jaden was able to maneuver his v-wing airspeeder around the devastators where their guns were located. The result was both TIE pilots were shot down by friendly-fire and Jaden's v-wing with minimum damage.

In the interior of the V-wing, Jaden could hear what sounded like explosions. Jaden wondered to himself on what caused one world devastator to turn on it's ally. He later found out that R2-D2, whom he had later ran into on Bespin in 14 ABY, was the cause of the turn of events.

Jaden Korr retired afterward from the military and spent three years waiting for the Force to guide him. In 13 ABY, Jaden received a vision of him as a Jedi, one that was strong in the Force. A year later, Jaden took the opportunity and boarded a transporter bound for the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV.

First encounter with the Disciples of Ragnos

Traveling to Yavin IV

I saw a huge flash of light and ran over to find you just lying unconscious.
—Rosh Penin describing to Jaden Korr about the encounter[src]

Fourteen years after the battle of Yavin, Jaden Korr was brought from his homeworld of Coruscant and taken to the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4. During the ride, Jaden met Rosh Penin. Penin informed him that Master Luke Skywalker had assigned both Jaden and himself to Master Katarn. Rosh asked Jaden where he had gotten his lightsaber. For a minute, Jaden began to drift into thought; thinking deeply on how he came to construct a lightsaber with no prior knowledge of the Force. While deep in thought, pieces of memory flashed in his mind; memories of himself as a young boy, constructing a lightsaber on the frozen planet, Illum. Jaden opened his eyes and began to tell him how he achieved the feat, but it was interrupted with intense vibrations within the transporter.

Their shuttle was shot down by none other than the members of the Disciples of Ragnos cult as it was flying towards its destination. After the crash, Jaden and Rosh were separated from the rest of the students and proceeded to the nearby Massassi temple, but ran into some stormtroopers and a member of the cult. After Jaden slew the cultist and the stormtroopers, he investigated the temple. There he saw three figures, one of which was holding a scepter that was glowing; they were later revealed to be the Kothos Twins and Tavion Axmis using the scepter to drain the Force from the temple. The sound of Jaden's presence was detected, and the Kothos Twins turned on him, knocking him out. Knowing that their presents had been detected, Tavion and the Kothos Twins made their way with the Scepter of Ragnos to an Imperial shuttle that they used to transport themselves to the outskirts of Yavin IV.

Jedi Hopeful

A Jedi, me? No, not yet, I'm one of Kyle Katarn's students.
—Jaden Korr to


Jaden Korr prior to his mission to Hoth in 14 ABY.

Upon awakening, Jaden was greeted by Jedi Masters Kyle Katarn and Luke Skywalker, who took their new student to the academy. Shortly thereafter, he and Rosh were assigned to Kyle as pupils, and they passed their standard Force abilities course. On the way Rosh, as a prank, set loose a lightsaber practice droid upon Jaden, in the hope of slowing him down so he could finish the course first, but Jaden got the upper hand and defeated the droid. After the training, Kyle gave Rosh a warning for this careless decision, stating that it was not a competition and that if the droid had been set to Luke's training regimen, it would have killed Jaden. Jaden was angry that Rosh could do such a thing, but Kyle warned him not to give in to his anger, and Jaden accepted Rosh's apology.

Jaden Hoth

Jaden after arriving on Hoth.

Jaden and Rosh were sent on a series of missions, helping to track down the growing cult. Jaden visited various planets, including Tatooine, Blenjeel, Corellia, Taanab, Bakura, and Chandrila. Later, Master Skywalker summoned all available Jedi to inform them that someone had broke in and sliced into his records and had stolen his journal containing names of places, some that were blue milk runs and some that were so hazardous that they were deemed dangerous, that had a very strong connection to the Force. Worried of what the slicer could be planning, he sent the Jedi to the various places mentioned in his journal. Jaden went to Hoth, where Master Skywalker saw the ghost of his former master Obi-Wan Kenobi shortly before the battle.

Upon landing on the planet, Jaden couldn't sense anything that was a possible threat to him, but as soon as he started investigating, he found that the Imperial Remnants were guarding Echo Base. Jaden infiltrated the base and overheard a Sith Cultist talking on a comlink to Alora—Tavion Axmis's apprentice—about Luke Skywalker having traveled to Dagobah because of the vision that he had prior to the battle of Hoth. Jaden slew the Cultist and confronted Alora. The two engaged in a lightsaber duel, and were at first evenly matched. After Jaden began to gain the upper hand, Alora retreated while at the same time taunting Jaden as she left. The accounts were documented in Jaden and Kyle's datacard report entitled "Tauntaun Feathers A1."

Trials and Temptations

Jaden, you handled yourself exceptionally well on Vjun. To confront three Dark Jedi and defeat them took bravery and skill. For your efforts, I feel that you are ready to join our ranks as a Jedi Knight.
Luke Skywalker to Jaden Korr[src]

After Jaden Korr returned from his mission to Hoth, he and his master, Kyle Katarn, were told that Rosh Penin was captured by the Disciples of Ragnos during his first mission to Byss, and Kyle chose to search for him alone while Jaden completed his training. Jaden, now promoted to Apprentice, was sent on more missions, until Master Skywalker assigned the Jedi to investigate other strong Force-sensitive places that weren't mentioned in his journals. The Jedi students were instructed to work in pairs, because if they did not work as pairs, Skywalker claimed that the students were prone to being turned to the dark side, or even killed if they refused to give into the temptation. Kyle and Jaden were then assigned to investigate Darth Vader's Bast Castle on Vjun.

Jaden Korr 14 ABY

Jaden Korr during the Disciples of Ragnos Crisis in 14 ABY

Kyle and Jaden infiltrated the fortress, but as they ascended the levels toward the second level of the Bast Castle, they became separated. Alone, Jaden fought his way through the fortress, eventually confronting his old friend, Rosh Penin. Rosh had been turned to the dark side following his capture by Tavion Axmis and her cult. He boasted to Jaden about the power of the dark side, and—with the help of the Kothos Twins—engaged him in battle. The battle seemed impossible for Jaden to win, as the twins kept feeding Rosh with the life energy that he needed to defeat Jaden, but Jaden gained the upper hand and killed the Twins, hoping that Rosh would stand down without their help. However, Rosh kept on fighting, causing Jaden to fuel his anger towards him again.

Kyle Katarn reached the room as Rosh lay disarmed on the floor, and Tavion chose that moment to appear, declaring her role in the cult. After criticizing Kyle, Tavion used the Force, ripping Jaden's lightsaber from him, threw it at the ceiling and brought the weakened ceiling down on the Jedi with the Scepter of Ragnos, which destroyed Jaden's lightsaber in the process. Thanks to Kyle's quick thinking, Kyle held up the rubble with the Force as Jaden took his master's lightsaber to cut a hole in the floor for both to make their escape. Unfortunately, Tavion and Rosh had slipped from the grasps of the Jedi. Kyle and Jaden returned to the academy and told Luke what they had discovered, including Tavion and her cult. Jaden even came up with a theory that Tavion might be using the scepter's power to also fuel her followers with the power of the Force, which Kyle and Luke found to be probable. Luke, impressed with Jaden's actions, promoted the young Jedi to the rank of Jedi Knight. However, Kyle warned Jaden that he felt his anger towards Rosh, and that he must still beware giving in to the dark side.

Jaden, with the help of the Force, constructed his second lightsaber—with a green blade—and similar to Luke Skywalker's lightsaber as a sign of respect to the Grand Master. Jaden, as a Jedi Knight, became even stronger in the Force. He continued working to thwart the cult's operations on Chandrila, and other planets. Jaden was called to the Academy when Luke Skywalker discovered the cult's intentions, and was told by Luke to serve as part of a Jedi strike team that would stop the Cult of Ragnos from attempting to restore Marka Ragnos to life. However, Kyle pulled Jaden aside and informed him that he had received a message from Rosh, who had repented for what he had done under the influence of Tavion and wished to rejoin the Jedi Order. Instead of joining with the Jedi strike team, Kyle and Jaden traveled to the lava-covered planet Taspir III to rescue Rosh from the cult.

Jaden made his way to Rosh, but once Jaden saw him, appearing unharmed and in the presence of Alora, his mind was again fueled with anger at the presumption that his former friend, who was always trying to beat Jaden, had lured him into a trap. With the help of Kyle's mental warnings, Jaden let his anger subside and, realizing he had let his anger gain control of him, chose not attack Rosh. Right when Jaden and Rosh were about to make their escape, Alora attacked, severing Rosh's left arm. Jaden fought Alora in a fast paced duel and slew her.

After the duel, as Jaden helped Rosh up to his feet, Kyle told Jaden to help Luke and the landing party on Korriban, he also told Jaden that he was glad that Jaden had made the right choice. But Jaden told Kyle that Rosh was the one that helped him understand what the right choice was. Leaving Rosh in the care of Kyle, Jaden flew to the Sith world of Korriban, where he joined up with the Jedi strike force to stop the cult once and for all. He reached Ragnos' Tomb and confronted Tavion before she could resurrect Ragnos.

Tavion fought with both the Scepter of Ragnos, to boost her advantage, and her lightsaber. However, Jaden gained the upper hand and defeated her, but Tavion refused to cower before Jaden as she had done so before Katarn. She managed to resurrect only as the spirit of the Ragnos, who possessed her lived body. After a duel with the ghost of Ragnos, Jaden sliced the scepter in half and Ragnos left Tavion's body. Her body could not survive the corruption and she died shortly thereafter. Jaden departed from the tomb and sealed the entrance with his lightsaber. He later joined Luke and Kyle on the steps of the mausoleum. There, they proclaimed him to be a true Jedi Knight.

Operation:Drug Overdose

At least these drug lords have one thing in common; Blaster Shields.
—-Jaden Korr talking to himself while confronting the Corellian drug lord, Jeric Tarkin.
Jaden Korr in his old rebel suit 22 ABY

Jaden Korr on the planet Corellia in 22 ABY.

Eight years after the Disciple of Ragnos Crisis, in 22 ABY, Jaden was sent back to Corellia on a secret mission, handed to him by Mon Mothmawho only revealed the name as, Operation: Drug Overdose. As he landed on the Corellian starpad, he stood looking around for his contact that he was suppose to meet in order to get information on the whereabouts of local drug lord. Jaden spotted his contact and walked over to him, but after talking with the contact, a sniper took aim and killed him.

Jaden knew that time was against him, and, without haste, made his way to the drug lord by utilizing Force Sense. As he made his way into the drug lord's office, Jaden confronted the drug lord and told him that he was given orders by the New Republic to arrest him. Seeing his cue, the drug lord pushed a button which, in turn, activated the blast shield. It took Jaden only minutes to take out a couple of assassin droids who were kept in a storage room.

The drug lord raised the blast shield to check on how his droid minions had done. But by the time the blast shield was half-way up, the drug lord was staring at a blade of green energy which came from Jaden's lightsaber. However, instead of giving up, the drug lord pulled a blaster pistol from behind his back; however, Jeric underestimated Jaden , and was executed by Jaden's lightsaber. Jaden pulled out his comlink and reported to his master, Kyle Katarn, the results of the secret operation.

Yuuzhan Vong War

Seige of the Jedi Praxeum

Just prior to the Yuuzhan Vong galactic invasion in 24 ABY, Jaden Korr took Rosh Penin as his Padawan, and trained him as best as he could; the training continued even when the Yuuzhan Vong War had started.

In 26 ABY, Jaden and Rosh received word from Luke Skywalker that the Jedi Praxeum was being attacked by the Yuuzhan Vong, and that the Jedi children were to be evacuated. Minutes later, Jaden and Rosh landed on Yavin IV and proceeded by killing any Yuuzhan Vong that they came across. Hours passed, Jaden and Rosh were told by a few Jedi who were escaping that defeat against the Yuuzhan Vong Peace Brigade was near. Jaden and Rosh made their way to their personal transports and flew to Coruscant, where they were later briefed on their next mission; the mission to defend Coruscant at all costs.

First battle of Coruscant

Two years after the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, Jaden and Rosh, with their assignment, flew to Jaden's home planet Coruscant to defend the planet at all costs against the Yuuzhan Vong. The Vong would have then taken over and terraform the planet had Jaden and Rosh not been there. Once Jaden and Rosh landed on the planet's surface, they ignited their lightsabers and fought against sparse groups of Yuuzhan Vong warriors. While battling against a Yuuzhan Vong warrior with his lightsaber, Jaden's lightsaber was knocked out of his hand by one stroke of a Vong's amphistaff.

During the fighting, Jaden realized that the battle against the Yuuzhan Vong was doomed for the New Republic. Jaden retrieved his lightsaber, and then Rosh and he utilized Force Repulse against the Yuuzhan Vong warriors and ran to his Z-95 Headhunter and an X-wing that Rosh borrowed from the Jedi Praxeum, and they escaped their fate. Two years later, Jaden and Rosh later returned to once again recapture Coruscant.

Second battle of Coruscant

In 29 ABY, Jaden and Rosh, along with their small group of Jedi brethren, arrived at the Yuuzhan Vong Citadel, which was a palace that was capable of returning to space if needed. But once they reached the door, they were confronted by Slayers, who then showed them into the Citadel, not knowing that the Slayers, who were created by the Yuuzhan Vong, were used to slay the Jedi. The Jedi ignited their lightsabers as the Slayers charged towards them. Jaden was grabbed by two Slayers while a third Slayer tore Jaden's clothing and stabbed Jaden with the Slayer's melee weapon.

Rosh attempted to rescue Jaden after he saw that his master needed help, but was stunned by one of the Slayers that were apprehending Jaden. After Jaden saw his apprentice knocked down, he centered himself with the Force and utilized Force Wave in order to aid his apprentice. Jaden and his apprentice Rosh continued to fight against the Yuuzhan Vong until they called for peace.

The war with the Yuuzhan Vong had cost some their lives; it also had cost the Jedi that left the New Jedi Order the opportunity to protect the New Republic against any threats that were yet to come. But the friendship between Jaden and Rosh only strengthened. Jaden Korr was recognized by the New Republic and the New Jedi Order for his deeds in defending his home-planet Coruscant against groups of Yuuzhan Vong warriors.

Desperate times

The Search for Kyle Katarn

In 30 ABY, Jaden and Kyle Katarn's partner, Jan Ors, searched long and hard for his former master Kyle Katarn who went missing in action while searching for a Jedi Knight named Daye Azur-Jamin who had disappeared since the beginning of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Jaden and Jan found Kyle in the custody of Jedi Knight Daye Azur-Jamin who had turned to the dark side. They were able to rescue Kyle from the captor and also bring Daye Azur-Jamin back to the light side of the Force.

The Killik Crisis

Invasion of the Murgo Choke

Five years after Jaden rescued his master Kyle Katarn, Jaden and a group of his fellow Jedi brethren were assigned StealthX starfighters that proved useful in the battle against the Killik hive than his Headhunter, Far Wanderer. The StealthX that Jaden piloted was described as being smaller than the XJ-series X-wing. Jaden and the other Jedi pilots fought against the Killik hive while knowing the risk which was death. Consequently dissolving the truce between the Killik hive, the Chiss, and the Jedi; with the treaty broken, the Swarm War had begun.

Defending the Killik home planet Tenupe

Between the invasions of the Murgo Choke stars and the Killik planet Tenupe, Jaden traveled back to the Jedi Academy on Ossus to meditate in order to control his emotions and thoughts so that he could prepare to defend himself from the Killik hive mind which effected other beings besides the Killiks. Once Jaden finished meditating, he departed the Jedi Academy on Ossus and traveled to the planet Tenupe where he helped defend the Republic ships including a hospital ship. After the conclusion of the Dark Nest Crisis, Jaden traveled back to the Jedi Academy on Ossus to continue sharpening his skills with both the Force and the blade. Jaden saw more action four years later as he and a raiding party made up of mainly Jedi were briefed on the mission. In addition, the Galactic Alliance requested the assistance of Toval Seyah, who was a scientist, in gaining access to Centerpoint Station.

Raiding Centerpoint Station

Four years after the Swarm War, Jaden along with a small group of Jedi were briefed about the plans to raid an ancient space station called Centerpoint Station. Right when the briefing was over, Jaden fitted the hood of his Jedi robe over his head as he headed to the personnel transporters moments before departure. Minutes passed, the raid team; along with Galactic Alliance scientist Toval Seyah, who had worked on the station in the past, arrived near the station, and cleared the station of any threat to themselves. Toval Seyah was able to transmit the destruction coordinates upon it. Within moments, the raid team, along with Toval Seyah, evacuated out of the station in order to not be among any of the fallen that had not survived the destruction of the station. After the raid, Jaden dyed his hair dark blond because he chose to go with a new hair color.

Confrontation with Darth Caedus

Grand Master Skywalker JATM

Jedi Knight Jaden Korr before his confrontation with Darth Caedus in 40 ABY.

Darth Caedus, why leave if you're so powerful?
—Jaden Korr to Darth Caedus

In 40 ABY, while returning from the incident of the Centerpoint Station, Jaden Korr received word from Kyle Katarn about Mara Jade Skywalker's death at the hands of her nephew Jacen Solo who proclaimed himself Darth Caedus, and was told to scout around for Mara's killer while the funeral was taking place in order to catch him. Jaden discovered who the culprit was. The culprit was none other than Darth Caedus who was standing by his uncle Luke Skywalker. Minutes later, Jaden noticed that his former apprentice lying motionless and his former master lying in pain after being slammed in the back by a GAG speeder and stabbed in the front by Darth Caedus which caused Jaden to make the right choice in helping Valin Horn hold Darth Caedus off by engaging him in an intense duel, lightsaber to lightsaber. After about an hour of intense fighting, Jaden and Valin were relieved by Luke Skywalker who confronted Darth Caedus and tried reasoning with his older nephew. But that was not the case, instead of being detained by his uncle, Darth Caedus fled the area. Jaden ran to his apprentice Rosh Rosh, who was mortally wounded, and told him, just as Luke Skywalker had told Jaden, that he was a true Jedi Knight and a good friend.

A second apprentice

Marr Idi-Shael: “Master Korr, I would be honored if you would train me to become a Jedi like you.
Jaden Korr: “Seeing as I lost my apprentice and best friend at the hands of a Sith Lord, I see no other alternative but to train you in the ways of the Force.
―Jaden Korr and Marr Idi-Shael on Ossus

Marr Idi-Shael (Star Wars Fanon)

Marr Idi-Shael as Jaden Korr's new apprentice in 41 ABY.

In 41 ABY, even though Jaden Korr had chose not to train another apprentice in the ways of the Force on account of the loss of his best friend and apprentice Rosh Penin, Jaden agreed to take Marr Idi-Shael as his new apprentice after Marr's master's unexpected death aboard the ship Harbinger during the incident in which Jaden participated in. To start off on the bond between Master and Apprentice, Jaden went with Marr on a few of Marr's missions, helping him just as Kyle Katarn had helped Jaden whenever he needed help. While Marr went on his challenging missions, Jaden went on a mission in search of Kam Solusar's mad clone. Once Jaden located the clone on a frozen moon in the Unknown Regions, the Jedi Knight engaged Solusar's mad clone in a duel; the result was, Jaden was minus three fingers on his right hand, and Kam Soulsar's clone was minus his life because he was annihilated by the Jedi Knight. After Jaden lost his lightsaber, he took up the clone's unstable red lightsaber and traveled to the Jedi Academy on Ossus in order to learn from Luke Skywalker on how to become a Force ghost after death.

Jaden's Quest

There be dragons...
—Jaden Korr on his doubts in himself, the Jedi and the Force[src]

Six months later, Jaden was living in a Coruscant apartment, away from his friends and fellow Jedi, outside the Jedi Temple, when he received a vision from the Force. In his vision, Jaden found himself on the surface of a frozen moon in the Unknown Regions surrounded by the voices of dead Jedi and Sith calling Jaden's name. One of the voices, belonging to Mara Jade Skywalker, told him, "What you seek can be found in the black hole on Fhost". The vision ended with a explosion in the sky that rained down dark side energy, leaving Jaden stricken with sickness and someone yelling for help. Hoping to find answers that would bring him peace of mind, Jaden left for Fhost without informing Luke Skywalker or Kyle Katarn. Upon his arrival, Jaden learned that the crew of the salvage vessel Junker had stumbled on a automated distress beacon in the Unknown Region; convinced that it would lead him to his quest, Jaden approached Junker’s captain Khedryn Faal in the Black hole of Fhost Cantina. Obsessed with finding an answer to his moral confusion, Jaden even used a Jedi mind trick on Faal, but was interrupted by his first mate Marr Idi-Shael, who urged Faal to participate in a Sabacc game, during which they lost the moon's coordinates to a local criminal. Sensing that the game was rigged, Jaden helped Faal by using the Force in order to win it back during a double-or-nothing round, and then helped Junker's crew to escape the following firefight. They then agreed to bring Jaden to the frozen moon of his vision, but just after arriving in the system they witnessed the arrival of the Harbinger that had miscalculated in jumping 5000 years through time. Rescuing Jedi Master Relin Druur, who had caused the miscalculated jump 5000 years ago, Jaden learned that the dark side energy he felt in his vision and from Harbinger was caused by the cargo of Lignan crystals. Even though Jaden felt Relin falling to his anger over the death of his Padawan and Relin in turn felt Jaden lost in doubt, both agreed that they had to go their own way.

After convincing the crew of the Junker that the Force had brought them to the moon, they decided that Marr would fly Relin in Harbinger's landing bay to destroy the ship while Faal would land Jaden on the moon. There they stumbled upon a secret imperial research station where the scientists had combined the DNA of Jedi and Sith to create clones. Later, the clones had killed all the scientists and stormtroopers. Faal voted for leaving the moon at once, but Jaden was too curiously hungry to turn around now and continued alone to the lower levels. Hoping that clones who could use dark and light side like himself would provide Jaden with answers to his dilemma, Jaden advanced through the carnage till he reached the Spaarti cloning cylinder “Mother” which the clones had filled with the remains of the scientists and Troopers. Here, Jaden encountered a clone of Kam Solusar who informed him the clones would use Jaden's ship to leave the moon. Jaden and the clone fought until the clone took three fingers off Jaden's right hand with his lightsaber and tried to drown him in the cloning cylinder. Faced with his fear of death, Jaden unleashed Force-lightning and incinerated the clone. Exhausted, Jaden left the cloning cylinder just to run into Kell Douro, an Anzati assassin who had been hunting Jaden since Fhost, believing that he would find revelation by consuming a Jedi's Soup. Too weak to fight back, Jaden was saved by Faal, who had returned to help his new friend. Leaving the station, they witnessed the remaining clones and their children leaving in the assassin's ship, as well as the destruction of the Harbinger. Marr related Relin Druur’s last words to Jaden, that there is no certainty just the search for it and the danger is if one thinks he found it. Jaden realized that he will not rid himself of doubt but rather embrace it. He accepted that his role as a Jedi personally involved the acceptance of doubt. He suspected that his Master had known this all along and that his ordeal with his new friends was designed to teach him this lesson. Jaden, Khedryn and Marr then decided to hunt the remaining clones together.

Trouble on Coruscant

Jaden Korr: “(Silently) I don't trust Chief of Staff Natasi Daala!
Male Human Jedi: “Master Korr, you know as well as I do that Master Skywalker's verdict was legit.
Jaden Korr: “It's not that. (turns to fellow human male Jedi) What makes me not trust Daala is that I sense much fear and hatred in her.

— Jaden and a human male Jedi Apprentice having a conversation in front of the entrance of the High Council Chambers in 43 ABY

Jedi Master Jaden Korr 40 ABY

Jedi Knight Jaden Korr in 43 ABY.

Three years after Mara Jades Skywalker's funeral, Jaden was stationed outside the High Council Chambers alongside a male Human and a female Mon Calamari apprentice by order of acting Grand Master Kenth Hamner while the High Council discussed how to proceed with the arrest warrants against Jedi Bazel Warv and Yaqeel Saav'etu. When Jedi Knight Leia Organa Solo and her husband arrived in the foyer to the chambers, Jaden barred the entrance to everyone. However, the Solos soon told him that they had evidence of an attack by Mandalorians on the Temple, and he let them pass. Jaden would later assist in moving the Jedi affected by the mental disease called Force Psychosis and, along with Avinoam Arelis, helped the Solo's defend against the Mandalorians in a lower level hangar in the Temple Precinct.

Attack on Ossus

Twenty-three years after being stationed on Coruscant, Jaden, having sensed a disturbance in the Force for sometime, departed for the Jedi Academy from his homeplanet Coruscant in order to confront the unknown threat. Once Jaden landed on the outskirts of Ossus, a small handful of Dark Side adepts attempted to ambush him, but with Force Precognition Jaden was able to sense the threat beforehand. Jaden slayed all but one which knocked his lightsaber out of his hand, leaving Jaden with lightsaber cuts on his legs. While centering himself with the Force, Jaden utilized Force Pull on his lightsaber and fatally stabbed the Dark Jedi, and then broke his neck by focusing Force Combustion on the Dark Jedi's spine, where it connects the head to the body, before Jaden was totally exhausted. Jaden was later rescued by his old friend and master Kyle Katarn and taken back to the Jedi Academy on Ossus to rest from his recent and most deadly confrontation with Dark Side users.


The Force will always be with you
—Jaden Korr's Force ghost confronting his old Jedi friends

After Jaden Korr was fully healed and rested, he continued to fought along side his fellow Jedi brethren against the Sith.

Jaden Korr had lived a full life, but his legacy had surpassed him for centuries to come because of how young people both Jedi and non-Jedi had observed his deeds. Jaden Korr left behind not only a legacy; he also left behind his lightsaber which he entrusted it to the New Jedi Order.

Personality and traits

Jaden Korr was considered to be more of a quiet person because he did not have a friend to talk to until he met Rosh Penin. However, Jaden also had a tendency to get overly frustrated, as shown when he confronted Rosh Penin on Taspir III.

During the war with the Empire, Jaden was skilled in using the A280 blaster rifle due to using it during his time with the Rebel Alliance. This skill helped him in using the DL-44 blaster pistol and the E-11 blaster rifle that he was given during the Disciples of Ragnos crisis.

In 14 ABY, Jaden's pilot skills were put to use during the Disciples of Ragnos crisis when he went from planet to planet on different missions that were given to him by Luke Skywalker.

Jaden was considered one of the best by his peers because he set extreme goals as a Jedi initiate; goals that he had successfully completed in order to get to where he was years before his passing until his death on Osseous.


Kyle Katarn

Jaden Korr and Kyle Katarn's bond ran deep throughout the years. One example of how deep their bond went was during the Disciple of Ragnos Crisis, when one of them was in life-threatening danger, the other would help out the one in danger. The other example was after the war with the Vong, instead of celebrating the victory in Coruscant; Jaden stepped up to the plate and joined Jan in the search for his former master.

Rosh Penin

Jaden Korr's bond with Rosh strengthened throughout the 'Disciple of Ragnos Crisis' and the wars that followed. He even risked his life to save Rosh on different occasions. When Rosh was slain by Darth Caedus, no one was more saddened by the loss than Jaden was which showed how much Jaden loved Rosh like a brother and best friend.

Mar Idi-Shael

As Master and Apprentice, Korr and Shael's bond strengthened as the years went by. And to add what Anakin Skywalker had not been taught at the beginning of his Jedi career, Mar Idi was taught to be patient and not to expect to be Jedi Master overnight.

Powers and abilities

Thanks for the assistance, Jaden. Luke tells me you're going to be a great Jedi.
Wedge Antilles[src]

Jaden Korr was considered by his peers as a powerful Force user. However, Jaden was not as powerful as the redeemed and renowned Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker because Jaden's midichlorian count was over 12,000, 12,200 to be exact. Nevertheless, Jaden was able to master most of the Force abilities not all, and he demonstrated a high level of telekinesis and Force Speed during the Battle of Korriban. But perhaps the most notable skill of his natural abilities was the power in mastering both powers of the Force but mainly the Light Side of the Force. This can be in part attributed to the teachings of his master, Kyle Katarn.

Jaden echoed his master's swordsmanship and utilized the medium style, the fast style, and also the strong style with great precision. Jaden manifested masterful use of the lightsaber when he defeated Alora, Tavion, and the Sith Spirit of Marka Ragnos. Jaden was notably skilled in fighting against multiple lightsaber and Force-wielding enemies, even up to a three-on-one match, as manifested with his duel with Rosh Penin. Jaden was also able to hold his own against famed Jedi killer and bounty hunter Boba Fett. He also had skill in utilizing a wide variety of blasters and other weapons, as demonstrated during his encounter with Imperial warlord Rax Joris.

Jaden was a skilled pilot; he traveled in his Z-95 Headhunter. After the Raven's Claw was stopped by the tractor beam, the Raven's Claw was pulled into an Imperial Dreadnought. Jaden also showed moderate skill as gunner when he destroyed some flying TIE Fighters. During his mission to Zonju V, he showed skill as he used mounted lightsaber combat techniques against a small group of Sith Cultists.

Jaden was also able to understand Shyriiwook when he met Chewbacca during his mission to Mos Eisley.

Behind the scenes

In the game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, the playable male character Jaden Korr was voiced by Philip Tanzini. This article and the rest of the Fanon continuity details what would have happened if Jaden stays on the Light side in the game.


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