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I am just an elder running the finest company in the galaxy, that openly and actively supports the New Empire.
—Jacques when asked about his opinion on the New Empire[src]

Jacques Tachibana[1] was a human Kuati male born on the Core Worlds of Kuat in 67 BBY to an unknown married couple. He was the father of Ruby Tachibana and Raven Tachibana, and CFO of Nakamura Industries, and the CEO of Tachibana Heavy Engineering. He was also affiliated with and led the secret organization, Eternal Guardians within the Galactic Eclipse Empire as Arachnid Overlord.[1]


Early life

Born on the Core World Kuat, Jacques was raised by a family of royalty who was mostly taken care of by family butlers and maids until he was four years old by then he had been taught to act formal towards everyone, including guests and other people he did not know. This had made him a very soft person inside for the rest of his life.[1]

Marriage years

After falling in love with a woman and marrying her in 47 BBY, Jacques moved away from his family and begun his new life on Corellia. While on Corellia, he had worked in business from 45 BBY to 32 BBY, the year he had helped his good friend, John B. Nakamura and his wife, Marie Nakamura, found Nakamura Industries which acted as a shipbuilding organization, constructing several starships.[1]

In 39 BBY, Jacques' wife gave birth to their first child, Raven, and he had took a long vacation in order to help his wife raise their newborn child. John B. accepted this and allowed him to leave.[1]

Clone Wars era

After the outbreak of the Clone Wars in 22 BBY, Jacques started to work a lot more as Nakamura Industries signed on with the Galactic Republic in providing starships for its navy as well as several ground vehicles. During the Clone Wars, Jacques was assigned by John B. to represent Nakamura Industries in the Republic's Military Defense Initiative.[1]

Imperial Period

When the Galactic Republic had reorganized into the Galactic Empire, the Military Defense Initiative was reformed into the Imperial Military Offense Program where representatives within started to produce war machines than defensive vehicles and warships. This had gotten Jacques to resign from his position as representative, which then fell to someone else.[1]

During this period of time in 16 BBY, his wife gave birth to another daughter and she was named Ruby, the name of her grandmother.[1]

Throne as CEO

Later in 4.3 ABY, after the downfall of the Galactic Empire and Alliance at Endor, Jacques was called upon by Jenkins Fall to lead Tachibana Heavy Engineering which also served as a sub-branch of the Eclipse Military and worked to design, produce, and construct warships, starfighters, ground vehicles, and aircraft for the New Empire's Military. Later he was offered to lead a secret organization, a position he had accepted from Jenkins and served as Arachnid Overlord.[1]

Behind the scenes

The first name and physical appearance of this character is based on Jacques Schnee from the RWBYverse.


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