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Jacob Starkiller or formerly known as Darth Armageddon was a Dark Lord of the Sith who ruled the Sith Empire of Armageddon for 6 years during the Kalastian-Sith War, and during the Core Galactic War before, but after the Kalastian-Sith War; he was redeemed and fell in love with Allie Skywalker and married her during the Sith Extinction War. He was soon the Supreme Commander of the Clone Army of the Galactic Republic during the Great Blackout War.



Armageddon began his training when he was young. Before his training was over, he was sent on missions to sabotage Shadow targets.

Sith apprentice

After his training was complete, he was then sent to prove himself a Dark Jedi by destroying a Republic Destroyer with the force.

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