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"It's are Nature.We will all make Mistakes.But,we cannot allow those mistakes to weaken us.As we are Jedi,the Galaxy's protectors.And for every mistake we made, a lesson we learn from those mistakes.Those mistakes make us who we are.And,we are not Perfect but that will not stop us.And from all my years of being in the order,I'm proud to say I'm here,I'm one of you,I'm a Jedi."(Alpha giving a Inspirational Speech.)

Jacob Marek codenamed Starkiller II was a Male Human Clone of the Powerful Jedi Master Galen Marek.An Extremely and Infinitely powerful Force wielder who lived during a Reality Warp between the Era of the Galactic Empire and Jedi and the Sith and Seperatists.Marek originated from the Earth as the Sole offspring of Jacob Marek and Amanda who fought in the Order.Although,Darth Vader later appeared and killed them off while he was a child.Though,only a child he still had a Very powerful connection to the force.
250px-Galen deathstar

Alpha Marek

Powers and Abilities


Lightsaber Training

Jacob Marek early Lighsaber Training consisted of a simple tutorial in the Basics,before Darth Vader took to fight him in brutal sparring matches,the goal was to encourage Jacob to develop his own Forms,Styles and methods.He frequently sparred with his master as well as engaging in many viscious duels with a Upgraded Proxy droid and won every time.An Extremely skilled Lightsaber duelist,he was able to beat Obi-Wan Kenobi,Darth Maul and Yoda.He could even beat Darth Vader,Darth Sidous and even every Lighsaber duelist programmed by Proxy upgraded by 600%.He can also overwhelm Shaak Ti.He also could identify the opponents style and technique.He created Three Forms of his Own.The First is Inferno:a variant that he use Sudden and Rapid attacks combined with fast movements to bring a opponent down quickly.The Second is Barrier as he goes on the Defensive and blocks all the opponents attacks and strikes their weak points and head area to cripple them and make them to fight sluggishly to get the upper hand or tire out opponents.The Third is a form where he attacks the opponents Vital and Weak area's and attacks the opponent with every bit of his Strength and Unrivaled Precision.

Universal Force Abilities


His Force powers are strong enough to pull a Imperial Star Destroyer out of the Sky.

Jacob was a Infinitely powerful Force User with the potential to become the most Powerful Force User of all time.Emperor Papatine belivied his power to exceed his own.As a young Adult,his abilities had Increased and Developed to the point he could defeat Darth Vader and Darth Sidous in single combat with no effort.

Breath Control:He can numb his body's instinct to shut down and go off without Oxygen for long periods of time,allowing him to be able to go almost Unlimited periods of time without Air and can reserve the Air inside him.He can use the Force to hold his breath than others with Knowledge of this ability.He can hold his breath for Decades and even Century's without Air.If he uses this ability at it's Maximum he can hold his breath for a Unlimited amount of time.

Detoxify Poison:He can detoxify any type of Poison,Gas or Toxin or purge himself of any impurites in his body at a much shorter time than normally possible.He can also use this power to cleanse his body or others of Alcohol.

Force Body:He could pust his body's Endurance and Health way past it's normal limits.He can survive through attacks and obstacles that would otherwise kill him with this power.He can also sacifice the Life Energy of the Environment to avoid sacificing his Life-Force to extend and sustain his connection to the Force.

Force Comprehension:He can gain and transfer Large quanties of Knowledge and Wisdom rapidly by speeding up his Neural process.

Force Enlightment:He can concentrate on the Force and can push all Defensive Force abilities to it's highest and absolute Maximum degree.

Force Ghost:If he dies he will manifest as a Light Blue Ghost that is capable of Interact with the living and choose to do so Physically.

Force Healing:He can use the Force to accelerate the Natural healing process rapidly.With this power he can Regenerate almost any wound.

Force Speed:He can run and sprint at SuperSonic speeds using the Force.He can also Dash at SuperSonic speed.He also jump at SuperSonic speed.Also can speed read and can attack with a higher success and attack rate.

Other Force Abilities:He can use Force Stealth,Force Listening,Telepathy,Shadow Vision,Comprehend Speech,Force Sense,Force Meld,Force Sight,Force Vision,Force Empathy,Battle Precognition,Farsight,Psychometry,Shatterpoint,Alter Damage,Alter Environment,Force Cloak,Animal Friendship,Combustion,Droid Disable,Drain Knowledge,Force Lightning,Force Bellow,Force Blind,Force Destruction,Force Deflection,Force Defend,Force Drain,Force Insanity,Force Flight,Force IIiusion,Force Light,Force Orb,Wall of Light,Mind Trick,Force Scream,Force Stun,Force Pull,Force Push,Force Stasis Field,Wormholes,Force Breach,Force Throw,Force Travel,Force Repulse,Force Weapon,Force Whirlwind,Force Wound,Force Crush,Leviation,Ray,Revitalize,Plant Surge,Sever Force,Midnight Black Spear,Telekinesis,Phantasm,Thought Bomb,Pyrokinesis,Force Barrier,Phase,Force Absorb,Force Rage,Force Maelstrom,Force Plague,Force Sphere,Telekinetic Lightsaber combat,Saber Sheild,Saber Barrier,Saber Throw,Mind Control,Force Corrupt,Force Confusion,Force projection,Force persuasion,Chain Lightning and Lightning Sheild.


Alpha LightSaber:Unlike most LightSabers his Saber's Metal was made out of Cortosis and Mandalorian Iron making his Lightsaber Invulnerable.Also due to being made with Cortosis he could Momentarily short out a Lightsaber rendering inoperable for a brief period of time.Also due to his being a Upgraded Lightsaber the effect cannot be cancelled out.His Lightsaber is durable enough to break other Lightsabers.His Lightsaber can parry other Lightsabers.Also his Lightsabers can operate Underwater.

BR-12m Blaster Rifle:This Rifle can fire and shoot up to 1200 meters.He also has a Sniper Scope to fire and hit far away targets.He also has a Sniper mode so he can fire up to 5000 meters and can fire Advanced Sniper ]Bullets that travel at Mach 5 speed.He also has a hidden Glowrod in the Left side of the Rifle.The Rifle also has Heat-seeking Scopes and See-through scopes.He could turn the Rifle in a Complete Sniper mode allowing it to fire and hit targets 10 to 15 Kilometers away.It also has a Total of 5,000,000,000 bullets and can fire up to 5,000 bullets a minute.

E-67 Heavy Attack Rifle:This Rocket Rifle has a Standard Ammo Clip of about 6,000 shots,but this was used up quicker than he expected due to the weapons very Incredible rate of fire.It was also equipped with X-ray vision and Infrared Scopes.Also it has two modes:Close-range Decimation or Long-range.

Stun Sheild:He has a large Blue Sheild that discharges Electricy when hit stunning any living organism that tounches the Energy Sheild.

C-52 Blaster Pistol:This Pistol has the Total capacity of 50 bullets and 5,000 Laser capability.Also it has a Scope and a Laser Pointer on the top.

B1-5 XR Gemini/Laser Anti-Armor Gun:His Gemini Rifle was a High-powered support Laser Anti-armor rifle designed for destroying Vehicles and other heavily armored objects and can be used against Infantry.The Laser Cannon also has a Infinite Energy and can decimate Entire Building.

Defender-series tactical shotgun:He has a Large Shotgun that can fire Mellet pellets to Sabat Slugs.Also it could transform into a Grenade Launcher.


Alligiance and Decreto-class Super

His Capital and Leader Starship

Star Dreadnought:
52 point-defense
250px-Allegiance SD

His Battle Star Dreadnougths

Laser Cannons,100 Medium Dual Turbolaser batteries,100,000,000,000,000,000 Torpedo Cannons,540 Heavy Dual Turbolaser turrets with a Sniper mode to hit a target 10 light mins away,15 heavy Proton Torpedo tubes,1 Axiel SuperLaser,Anti-Capital Ship Turbolasers,2000 Ion Cannons,1,000,000 At-At's,5,500 Turbolasers, and Tractor beam projectors.Also it had 500,000 Arc-170 starfighters,500,000 Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-Wing ships,1,000,000 ETA-2 Actis-class Light intercepters,1,000,000 Laat's,Five Thousand Shuttles,can carry up to 80,000,000,000 troops,crew:500,000,Cargo capacity:1,000,000,000 tons,consumables:up to 80,000 years,Power Setting function,Power Distribution function.Length:120,000,000 Meters,Width:120,000,000 meters.He also has a 5,000,000,000 count of ASN-88's and 1,000,000,000 count of Krath lightsaber combat specialist droid's.He also has a 500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 count of Exterminator-class war robots,BD01-M01 'Kreptor' droid walker's,Elite A-1 Armored Droid's,B4 super battle droid's,Carbonite War Droid's,Incinerator War Droid's,Gigantor-class battle droid's,Aqua droid and Mark II Droideka's.He also also has a Ragnarok type Power Armor for himself and all of the Crew and Troops.He has Near-Infinite Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wings,FireWing-class interceptors,N'Akkiarlian Star-Dancers,TIE Talons,TIE/ew Electonic Warfare Starfighter Z-95 Headhunters,X-14 transport ships,Victory II-class frigates,Ardus-class stealth ships,Kaston-class battleship analogs,Ardent-class fast frigates,Anathema-class Battlecruisers,Charlatan-class Battleships,Hound-class patrol ships,Krayt-class Capital Ships,Praetor II-class Star Battlecruisers,Venator-class Star Destroyers,Revenge-class Star Dreadnaughts,Ironhog armored troop carriers,Monitor-class helicopter gunships,Airhammer-class battle hovercopters,Crabfish-class attack submersible,Rogue Shadows and Executor-class Star Destroyers.

Malevolence:A massive ship, the Malevolence was over four times the length of the Republic's Venator-class Star Destroyer. This vessel was intended to be the first of a new class of dreadnaught's able to engage and destroy entire battlegroups of enemy ships. In addition to the massive ion weapons the vessel carried a sizable amount of battle droids and fighters which transported throughout the ship using a an internal rail system. The ship was equipped with two massive ion cannons mounted on both sides of the vessel's hull, these cannons were able to disable entire fleets of enemy warships. After these cannons rendered enemy ships dead in space, the Malevolence's sizable array blaster cannons opened up and annihilated the opposing forces. The ship's entire combat strategy revolved around the use of these ion cannons, but the Malevolence also had at least two tractor beam projectors which could be used to ensnare smaller vessels. The ship also employed hundreds of twin turbolaser batteries which on their own were more than capable of keeping many enemy warships on the defensive.

Clone Legion 

Before the Clone Wars,he had the most Fortified,Strongest,Loyal and Bravest Clones.Even after the Clone Wars,he and his Army alone was able to repel and defeat the Galactic Empire.These are the Ranks,Soldiers and Equipment in his Group/Army.

Army Armors

  • Phase 1 and 2 Heavy Clone Armor:Due to the Phase 1 being Bulky and Inflexible,Jacob thought to use Heavies for Phase 1.They are perfect for very the Slow but powerful armor.Also,his version of Phase 1 is alot  more Durable than Phase 2.For all Heavies,It comes with Extra Padding,Micro-Bionculars,Visors,Lights,Jetpacks and Pistol Holders.Breather Filters,Utility Belts with Ammo pockets and Small Explosives and High-Traction Boots.
  • Phase 1 and 2 ARF Trooper(Advanced Recon Force Troopers):These troops were designed to Recon and Scout.They are also good Vehicle drivers.the are Excellent Vehicle pilots and Allies.In addition to these New Units,they also have Modified Helmets and different Ranking pattern.The Phase 2 version of this armor includes more Durable Armor,Padding,Sensor Arrays,Analysiers,and additional Ammo pockets.
  • Special Ops Phase 1 and 2 Clone Armor:
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