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Jacen Skywalker Organa Solo, the son of princess Leia Organa of Alderaan and General Han Solo, was a legendary force-sensitive human male Jedi Knight during the New Republic Era.

Born at the end of the Galactic Civil War in 5 ABY, Jacen Organa was the heir of the Skywalker bloodline, possessing raw amounts of power within the Force and had the potential for limitless power. His mother, Princess Leia Organa, was considered a great hero of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, as was his maternal uncle, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. During the New Republic Era, Solo was part of a new generation of Jedi apprentices trained by his uncle. Among all the padawans under Skywalker, Solo was the most gifted, surpassing every student in Force powers and lightsaber combat.

In 28 ABY, Skywalker's Jedi Temple was destroyed sending the Jedi master into exile, and Solo was the only surviving student of the devastating attack from the Knights of Ren. His brother, having fallen to the dark side of the Force as Kylo Ren and becoming apprentice of Supreme Leader Snoke, Jacen gave up the ways of the Jedi Order, and became a smuggler and bounty hunter to make a living. In 34 ABY, Solo joined his mother's resistance movement to fight the First Order after the destruction of the New Republic, and began searching for his long thought to be dead uncle, Luke Skywalker.

After the passing of his mother and redemption of his brother in 35 ABY, Solo joined in the final battle against the First Order. At the end of his life, Jacen acknowledged his Skywalker lineage once more, considering himself Jacen Skywalker Organa Solo, and sacrificed his life to save the future of the Jedi Order, peacefully accepting his death and becoming one with the Force.


Birth of a Prince

In 4 ABY, Princess Leia Organa was among those who led the Alliance to Restore the Republic in a decisive victory over the Galactic Empire at the Battle of Endor. Their victory resulted in the deaths of the Emperor, Darth Sidious, and Organa's biological father, Anakin Skywalker; Skywalker ceased to be Darth Vader when he saved his son, Luke Skywalker, and redeemed himself after decades of subjugating the galaxy. These events set in motion the destiny of Anakin's grandson, yet to be born, a force wielder who would rival the Chosen One in power and hold the future of the Force in his hands.

Soon after the battle, Leia's son, Jacen Organa, was conceived by the midichlorians within her. During her pregnancy, the Force-sensitive Organa could sense her son through the Force, and felt the light side of the Force within the young innocent child, a great capacity for compassion, and potential for greatness. Jacen was born in 5 ABY, one year and four days after the Battle of Endor, in Hanna City, Chandrila. His birth was on the same day that the Galactic Civil War was formally ended with the signing of the Galactic Concordance between the Empire and the New Republic, the government that arose after the Battle of Endor. Due to the prominence of the newborn's mother, rumors circulated regarding the circumstances of his birth. Solo was Force-sensitive and possessed prodigious strength by virtue of his Skywalker lineage, a trait that he shared with his mother, uncle, and grandfather.

Due to his mother not being married at the time of his birth, Jacen was given her adoptive family surname, Organa. In addition, as the son of an adopted Alderaanian princess, Jacen Organa would have inherited the title of Prince of Alderaan if that planet and the House of Organa that ruled it had not been destroyed by the Empire before he was born. Upon his birth, however, as Organa's son, he was considered a member of the Elder Houses and entitled through hereditary succession to ceremonial titles held by distant royalty relatives of the Organas.

Early youth


Jacen Organa was prone to crying as an infant, particularly in the first months of his life, and had difficulty falling asleep. He would settle to sleep when his mother snuggled him or upon sensing the presence of his uncle Luke Skywalker or his mother's friends, Han Solo, or Solo's first mate, Chewbacca. Jacen's mother was present for multiple milestones: when he took his first steps, when he said his first word, and when he first instinctively harnessed the power of the Force to telekinetically throw a toy across the room in anger. As a toddler, Organa continued to demonstrate his ability to use the Force without either anger or training to bring objects to himself.

When Jacen was around two years old, his mother began dedicating herself more to her career as a New Republic Senator, and had active life in this respective profession, routinely occupied by senatorial duties and political disputes. To this end, his mother's increasing reliance upon a droid caretaker and her busy life contributed to Organa developing a sense of loneliness. Although he was told Leia was away doing important work, a benefit his mother hoped he would realize and appreciate in time, the child had difficulty accepting this for what it was and believing what he was told.

Expanded family

In 8 ABY, Organa married Han Solo, her long time lover and companion during the Galactic Civil War, the smuggler becoming Jacen's his step-father. Despite not being a Solo by blood, Jacen was accepted by Han and loved by the man as if he were his own child. Jacen called Solo "dad" and was mentored by the latter in piloting a starship and allowed him to help fix the hyperdrive on his vessel the Millennium Falcon. In addition, Solo grew close to his step-fathers old friends in his childhood; in particular, he showed great affection toward Chewbacca, whom Solo referred to as "Uncle Chewie," mentored him as he learned how to fly a speeder and fire a blaster, and he sometimes provided childcare when the boy's parents were occupied with their respective careers.

In 12 ABY, Solo became an older sibling to his half-brother, Ben Solo, whom was born to his mother and step-father. Jacen was thrilled when his baby brother was born, making a promise to his mother to "always protect and watch out for his baby brother," and made a personal vow to never let anything happen to the child. Like both Jacen and his mother, Ben was force-sensitive.

Jedi training

Apprentice of Luke Skywalker

In 15 ABY, prior to his tenth birthday, Solo decided he would begin his Jedi training and joined Skywalker's initiative to restore the Jedi Order. Even at the beginning, it was apparent to Skywalker that his nephew was inherently powerful with the Force despite his lack of training in the Jedi arts. As master and apprentice, the pair traveled across the galaxy as they searched for lost lore of the Force, accumulating artifacts and forgotten knowledge of the Jedi Order’s ancient history in hopes of full restoring the faction to its former glory; together the Jedi found holocrons from forgotten bygone eras of history and ancient texts filled with arcane writings.

Through his training, Jacen developed a strong sense of devotion to the ways of the Jedi; he endeavored to gain greater knowledge of the Force and ways of the Jedi Order, desired to prove himself worthy of inheriting the mantle of a Jedi Knight, and learned a great deal of the teachings about the light side of the Force while being dedicated to preserving it. Shortly to his twelfth birthday, Organa also constructed his own blue-bladed lightsaber, and became skilled with its use.

Organa grew to idolize his Jedi Master, respecting his status as a living legend and knowledge of the Force, considering him to be a good teacher for all he had learned under his tutelage. However, he had several misgivings about Skywalker’s methods, as it seemed to him that the man never wanted to utilize anything they had learned, and privately disagreed with the fact that they just locked away the recovered knowledge in Skywalker's temple.

Clash with Shadows

In 18 ABY, when Organa was thirteen, he accompanied his uncle on a mission to a Jedi Temple on Ossus.

New Generation of Jedi

Aside from his mother, whose Jedi training was cut short, Jacen was the first student in Skywalker's initiative to rebuild the Jedi Order. Over the course of the pair's travels, they recruited several like minded individuals lost in the galaxy with no way to harness their force-sensitive abilities as a result of the Jedi Purge, who came to also look to Master Skywalker for guidance as a Jedi mentor. Over the next decade following the conclusion of their quest for knowledge, Jacen remained with Skywalker and studied the Jedi arts while honing his Force abilities.

Based at a secret location known to those only in the fledgling order, along with the roughly dozen other students under his uncle, Organa learned all his master passed on from his own training, including, studying the light side of the Force, lightsaber combat, and telekinesis, all traditional Jedi techniques, at the New Jedi Temple. From tutelage, Skywalker often preaching about patience and balance, Jacen learned to obtain control over his emotions and keep his ideals of honor centered around his heart, demonstrating the discipline of a Jedi Knight. Out of all these students, Organa was the strongest padawan, the most skilled with a lightsaber and powerful force abilities, a virtue of his mighty Skywalker bloodline, leading his uncle attempting pass on his own strengths as a Jedi Master to his nephew, Jacen having the hope of the Jedi future placed within him by his master.

Despite believing in his destiny as a Jedi, Organa struggled to live up to the legacy of his family, feeling pressured by their own actions and legends; as the Grandson of a prophesied Chosen One and Nephew of the legendary last Jedi Master, Jacen Organa felt he was constantly compared to his heroic uncle and influential mother, that he was only known as "Skywalker's apprentice," or the "son of the Princess," and not actually known for his own raw strength in the Force or own accomplishments as a Jedi padawan. As neared his early twenties, he himself even couldn't help comparing himself to his legendary uncle, who by that point had been hailed as a rebellion hero, credited for destroying a Death Star, defeating and redeeming Vader, and viewed as a living instrument of the Cosmic Force.

Rise of Kylo Ren

Dark revelations

In 28 ABY, Jacen, now 23, was still in the care of his 47-year-old uncle, traversing the galaxy on his path to becoming a Jedi Knight. Elsewhere in the galaxy, his mother still served as a prominent senator within the New Republic senate, campaigning to become first Senator to the Chancellor. During this, the truth about the parentage of the Skywalker twins was revealed by Organa's political enemies in the New Republic Senate. Organa had yet to tell her son about Darth Vader and she worried about how he would react after finding out about it in such a public way. To honor his sister's wishes, Luke Skywalker had likewise avoided to provide Solo an honest account of Vader's redemption.

Just as Organa expected, upon becoming aware of the truth across the HoloNet, Jacen was shocked; the revelation felt like a betrayal for him and crushed the image he had of Anakin Skywalker by realizing that his mother and uncle never shared the truth with him despite knowing it for decades, leaving him to discover the Skywalker family's most carefully guarded secret along with the rest of the galaxy. By this point, despite having over thirteen years of training as a Jedi, Jacen was enraged with his mother, lashing out in a bitter display that rivaled some of his grandfather's during the Clone Wars, showing dangerous amounts potential for the dark side of the Force. Though he still loved his mother, Jacen lost all respect for her and the once great view he held of her was defiled to almost nothing. For his Jedi Master and uncle, Jacen though angry with him, forgave him, as he was just honoring the wishes of his sister and trying to protect the view of the father he had redeemed.

As a result of his own turmoil, Jacen was oblivious to the impact it had on his younger half brother, Ben. He believed that if he had perhaps payed more attention to his sibling in a way their uncle could not due to his attention being split amongst multiple students, his fall to the dark side and rise as Kylo Ren could have been prevented and the Jedi Order never destroyed.

Ultimate sacrifice

Final Battle


I am Jacen Skywalker, Jedi Knight. You are all criminals and terrorists. The First Order will not rule this galaxy as long as I stand. Darkness will not consume existence in a way as the Sith have. I will not allow it.
—Jacen Skywalker's last stand

On the hull of the Supremacy, Jacen summoned all of his power within himself, tapping reserves he didn't even known he possessed, conjuring a wave of Force energy more powerful than any ever recorded, decimating several star destroyers, dispatching storm troopers, and tie fighters, ultimately obliterating more than 1/3 of all forces present at Mortis. Drained from his first attack, Jacen picked himself up and prepared another wave of energy, conjured this time solely from his willpower alone. This second was just as potent as the first, but held more punishing strain on Jacen's body, leading to dire consequences on his physical health. Utilizing his powerful force energy in such a way more than once with no physical strength, began to slowly kill him, a second time starting the process, three nearly killing, and four cementing one's death. Uneven able to stand, Jacen's strength atrophied with his wounded body, he summoned every ounce of sheer will power he could muster and prepared for a third discharge, soon forcing himself up to face his enemies, and pulsated the next wave, surpassing the first two in rawness and power in ways that had never been recorded. Finally, another wave of storm troopers, this time in a legion, Jacen prepared to release one more wave of energy, this time he knew would be his last. Calling upon all the power of the light side of the Force, the Jedi Knight bursted his own spirit across the planet's surface, disintegrating the legions of troopers and nearly all of the star destroyers, effectively destroying the bulk of the First Order's forces. Recoiling from the effort, Jacen clung to the surface of the Super destroyer, holding on through the Force as his life had been mortally damaged, to a point he was almost certain to perish if he didn't utilize the mystic energy to sustain himself.

Despite this fatal strain, Jacen clung to life for a little while longer. With the Supremacy split in half, Jacen plummeted to the surface of the planet in a blaze of fire, crashing into the crust of the ancient world, and layed incredibly exhausted within a crater. He crawled from his fire crusted landing sight, pulling himself to the cliffside. He rested, gazing the world, beautiful and teaming with life, and he began to hear a voice through the force he did not recognize, yet felt a sense of a warmth and inviting familial love, thanking the Jedi for restoring balance "as I did" and urging him to "let go" and "come home." And so he did. Feeling a sense of peace, Jacen Skywalker Organa Solo, Jedi Knight. Prince of Alderaan, Heir of the Skywalker bloodline, and Savior of the Resistance, passed away with no regrets and as a true hero of the galaxy, becoming one with the Cosmic Force.


Rey. A thousand generations live in you now. So it's your turn. Pass on what you have learned, the way Luke did with me, and his masters did before him. You may be alone but remember something. The Force will be with you always.
—Jacen's spirit, to Rey

Death reunited Jacen with his mother, Leia, who did not pass into the Force until she was joined by her son. Their corporeal forms vanished simultaneously, allowing mother and son to rest in peace together.

In the realm after life, Solo finally met the man that was his grandfather, Anakin Skywalker, in the truest version of himself, who expressed his pride for his grandson, telling him he had done good by his bloodline and was a better Jedi knight than he ever was in back in the days of the old Jedi Order. Having reunited with all his family, Jacen took comfort and pride within himself, resting in peace as the last of the Skywalker bloodline.

After his death, Rey felt lost and confused, unable to find the courage to continue her path as a Jedi, but Solo, sensing her turmoil, spoke to her through the Force, comforting her with the knowledge that he, Luke, and Leia along with the Force would always be with her and guide her path.


Jacen Skywalker. The man you know as the bane of the First Order, or the last great walker of the sky. He was a true hero and savior to many in his age of existence. Nowadays we can find a hero within ourselves. Champions like him showed us that. Many like him.
—A historian

Jacen Skywalker Organa Solo's death consequently cost the galaxy the Skywalker bloodline, him dying before siring any children, therefore rendering the legendary family extinct. His actions as a Jedi Knight ascended into the records of history in mythic capacity, he, like his uncle and grandfather before him, becoming a figure of legend, spreading hope and inspiration to the peoples across the galaxy to rise up and finish the war against the First Order, leading to the faction being permanently destroyed. Ultimately, despite his negative actions in giving rise of the First Order, was remembered by the galaxy and future generations as one of the best of the Jedi Knights, having redeemed himself for walking away from the Jedi Order and enabling Kylo Ren's creation.